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 Emma Morgan

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PostSubject: Emma Morgan   Emma Morgan I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 29, 2014 10:55 pm

::[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]::

Character Name: Emma Morgan

Species: Human
Age: 24
Gender: female
Occupation: FBI agent (still in the FBI Academy)
Status: government/student(not sure how to describe this..)

Hair: long, wavy, dark brown. Comes down to the middle of her back. She usually wears it up, but occasionally she wears it down, either in a headband or loose. Most commonly it's in a bun or ponytail.
Eyes: soft brown eyes that, if you look close enough, show sadness and some hurt, along with a bit of loneliness. Usually she keeps her feelings well in check, however.
Height: 5'6"
Figure: slim, athletic build.
Other: many scars all over her arms, legs, torso, back.. everywhere except her head, neck, and hands.
Clothing: She always wears long sleeves and keeps her legs fully covered at all times, as well as her torso, to hide her scars. She tends to wear dark colors most often. As a young teen she dressed a little gothicly.

Mr. and Mrs. Moss[Adoptive parents]: Deceased
Biological parents: mother: Julianna[Lia] (Gideon) Morgan
father: Unknown
Stepfather: Derek Morgan
Elena Morgan
Michael Morgan
Megan Morgan
Elisha Morgan
Nicklaus Morgan
(forgot) Morgan (deceased)
Alexandriia (forgot)
Grandfather: Jason Gideon
Uncle: Steven Gideon

Emma has a very complicated sort of personality. She is shy, yet kind and friendly. She is motherly from having raised her younger siblings. She has a very low self esteem when it comes to her appearance, but is confident in her knowledge of behavior analysis and other skills that she possesses.

She tends to seek acceptance from people such as parental figures or potential friends and people who represent role models, and when she feels unaccepted or rejected, has a tendency to work harder and harder to gain acceptance, which is usually evident in her taking on jobs for the person, doing anything she can for this person, and putting this person's wants or needs before anything else, to the point she has left no time for herself and becomes stressed and overworked from trying to do everything for someone else.(basically, feeling like she's trying to 'earn her keep' or something similar). Often, this is a result of that she feels like she's not good enough and tries to work harder to be 'good enough'.

Emma is also very brave and devoted to those she cares about, or even those she feels responsible for. She sometimes has moments of insecurity or feeling like she's nothing important, but other times she stands up for herself and remembers that she is intelligent and is important at least to some people. She usually keeps the insecurities and other stuff hidden behind an outward appearance of confidence and slight sarcasm.
Strengths: Excellent cook, hard worker, brave in dangerous situations, smart, friendly and caring.
Weakness: low self esteem, sometimes stubborn, works too hard, tries too hard to be accepted at times.
Likes: Cooking, reading, stargazing, Autumn
Dislikes: Bullies, alcohol, drugs, knives, child abusers, scorpions
Dream: Since she was 16, Emma's goal in life has been to become a BAU Profiler just like her mom and stepdad, but more recently she's been wanting more to just have some enjoyment and not have to be responsible and constantly working, but she isn't totally sure how to achieve that.

Lia, Emma's mother, was a teen when Emma was born. She gave her up for adoption, and due to getting amnesia, forgot that she had a kid. Her father, however, kept tabs on his granddaughter, and requested regular reports on her so that he would know how she was doing and all. So not to distress Lia, he didn't mention the baby to her.

When Emma(adopted name Moss) was 5, she was kidnapped. The man was an assassin/hitman who was wanted in several countries. He got the idea that, being on the run and trying to hide, if he had a kid that his pursuers wouldn't find him because they would be looking for a single guy, not a father and his kid. So he went to a park and kidnapped a kid: Emma. She later could only remember that she was playing in the park and the ice cream truck came, and she ran with the other kids to get some ice cream. Someone took her hand and she assumed it was her daddy's hand, too distracted by the ice cream to bother to look. She recalled that the ice cream that he got her tasted kinda funny, and she didn't remember much after that.

He convinced her that he was her dad, and used brainwashing methods to make her forget her other parents. For the next 9 years, she believed him to be her dad, and her name to be Ruby Corvino. He told her that her mother abandoned her because she didn't want her, and he was very mean and abusive to her. He yelled at her a lot and she was forced to learn to cook for him when she was 7 years old. If she didn't cook well enough, he would hit her and yell at her. She spent most of her childhood being terrified, locked in a closet at night, and used as torture practice. She is covered in scars from where he used to cut her for his own amusement. He would also say cruel things like she was stupid and worthless, and tell her she was ugly because of all the scars that he had given her.

When she was 14, she was walking home from school and witnessed a crime. She went to the nearby FBI building to report it, and as a result, she was rescued from him. With the help of the FBI's tech analyst, she discovered and remembered that her name was not Ruby, but Emma, and from that they discovered what had happened when she was kidnapped. Unfortunately, her parents were dead, but then they discovered that she had been adopted.
As it turned out, her biological mother was now working for the FBI, on the very team that had rescued Emma. However, she was in the hospital at the time, giving birth to twins, Michael and Megan. She was married now, and had a five year old daughter, Elena.
Emma was hesitant to meet her mom, unsure if she really wanted her.. partly from her 'dad's' lies and partly from the fact that she had been given up for adoption. She did go meet her, however, and found that she liked both her mom, little sister, and her stepdad. She met her baby twin siblings and held them for the first time that day. Right from the start of Emma living with them, she began to take on almost all of the cooking/cleaning for the household, as well as taking care of her siblings.

Over the next couple of years, Emma and her family changed a lot. Emma became more self confident and, being told she wasn't stupid as opposed to being told she is stupid, began to advance in school and put more effort into her grades, which improved greatly. She became more confident in taking care of her little siblings. However, she was very hurt when her mom and everyone else forgot her 15th birthday, which was the first she had spent with her family. Her schoolmates, however, remembered and did their best to ruin it. Her parents went out of town on a case, and she had just put the kids to bed when her classmates came along and pushed their way in after she opened the door in answer to their knocking. They tried to have a party(with alcohol and loud music) and she tried to make them leave. The kids woke up and were crying, and she became angry and firm, and made the classmates leave. Later she discovered that one of the jerks had put a webcam set up in her room, hidden, and the next day they had a video of her coming into her room and crying, then changing her clothes, which showed her scars on the camera. At school the next day everyone was laughing at her and she was horrified when she found out why. She called the tech analyst where her mom worked(who was a friend of her parents) and begged her to take the video off the internet, and luckily she was able to do so.
When she was 16 she, along with her siblings and the children of all the members of her mom's FBI team, were kidnapped by a psychotic killer who wanted revenge on the team. Emma took it upon herself, as the oldest kid kidnapped, to do all she could to protect and defend the other children. She stood up to the kidnapper and took a beating to protect the others, and then helped the FBI locate the missing kids the best she could. She risked her life to save one of the kids who was trapped in a burning building, nearly getting killed while getting him out.

Meanwhile her stepdad was becoming more like a dad to her, than her mom was a mom to her. Her mom showed little interest in her other than her babysitting and housekeeping abilities, and when Emma was scared and thought she might die, she wanted her mom to help her stay calm but her mom, currently pregnant, was too busy whining about feeling sick.

Later, when she was 17, Emma was close to graduating high school and taking a few college classes alongside of high school. She came to her parents, upset because one of her professors had strongly hinted that she would be getting a bad grade in his class unless she slept with him. Her mom became very angry and went after him to try and get proof of his intentions, which involved her acting like she was interested in going to bed with him. She got the necessary proof but then felt guilty for how she got the proof, and Emma found her on the roof of the FBI building threatening to jump off. Emma managed to talk her down but she slipped and fell a short ways off of the ledge and onto the roof, becoming injured. (she had recently given birth to twins, but apparently there was still another baby which was late in being born. The third was killed because of this incident, and was born dead. Even though it wasn't her fault, Emma feels like it was, like she should have done more, somehow.)

When she was 18 the family went on a vacation to the beach. Emma took on the responsibility of watching all the kids so her mom and stepdad could have plenty of time to relax. The kids had a great time, but Emma didn't have much fun because she was babysitting the whole time and had to act as lifeguard when the kids were swimming, so she didn't have any chance to have fun herself.

After going back home, she continued being more of a nanny/housekeeper than a big sister, and finally she came to her mother(who constantly whined about how hard it was for her with all the stuff she had to do, complaining she never had any time to relax or just have alone time with her husband) and told her how she felt about stuff, and how she felt unappreciated and like she wasn't a real member of the family, and she even told her mom that she was selfish and ungrateful. Lia apologized and promised to do better.

Some time later, Emma helped her little brother Michael to dispose of several razors and syringes and other drugs that they found hidden around the house.. which belonged to their mom. Emma knew about her mom's drug/cutting problem, and had been upset by it but tried to hide it from the little kids. She was upset to find out that Michael, at least, knew about it and was upset by it too. She tried to get her mom to get help but it didn't seem to work.
When she was 19 she found out that there was a creep at the park who had been bothering her little brother Michael, and Emma went after the guy. She found him in a police interrogation cell, but no one could get him to talk. She went in and lied to him, saying she was a CIA agent and qualified to make a deal with him in return for a full confession. She was very convincing, and after she got the confession and his admission that he was intending to do awful things to Michael, she made sure that it was caught on tape. He asked for a deal, and she just smiled and told him she wasn't really CIA but that if he came near her little brother ever again that he would regret it very much.

As it turned out, while Emma was doing that, her mom found out about Michael as well, and went after the creep too. However, she was abducted by a psycho whom she had once had a relationship with. He wanted her back, and he kidnapped her to get her back. While Lia's FBI team was looking for her, Emma went off on her own and found the guy's HQ. She came up with a plan to rescue her mom, and risked her life to do so. She brought her some stuff that if drank, would make Lia become as if dead(like in Romeo and Juliet) and smuggled it to her with instructions, so that she could fake her death and he wouldn't bother her anymore. When the psycho discovered her 'dead', he was furious and took his anger out on Emma, nearly beating her to death. The FBI team, following a trail that Emma had left for them, managed to get there just in time to save Emma.
Lia had another baby by this guy, which she named Alexandriia.

A few months after Alexandriia was born, Lia went to visit Ian in prison, and helped him to escape. Emma was very hurt by this, because Emma had risked her life to help her escape and convince Ian that Lia was dead, only to have her go right back to him and let him know that she wasn't dead, which was like a statement that Emma's life meant nothing to Lia. On top of this, she made plans to run away with Ian and take Alexandriia. Emma met them at the airport to try and stop her. She wanted to beg her to stay, but instead, trying to do the best thing for her family, Emma gave Lia an ultimatum. Forget Ian and stay with Derek and the kids, and never see Ian again. Or, go with Ian and never try to contact the Morgans again. She told her that she was hurting the family with her actions and she couldn't keep doing this stuff to them, and if she was going to leave it was best to stay gone, not keep stringing them along with false hope, only to have her run off on them again.

Lia listened to Emma's request and said 'Ok, fine.' and then turned and went into the plane with Ian and Alexandriia, without a backwards glance.
Emma just stood there feeling stunned while the private jet took off, then she went to the library to try and figure out what she was going to say to her family. She finally went home and broke the news to them as gently as she could, trying her best to reassure the kids that it wasn't their fault that their mom had left them.

Emma was there for her family as much as she could to try and make up for the lack of their mom. A couple of weeks after Lia left, Emma graduated from college. She had a hard time feeling happy because she was so hurt by her mom's abandonment, and kept remembering her promising to be there for her graduation. Emma's ambition to join the same FBI team as her mom was hindered by her responsibilities to her family, and she stayed home to take care of the kids, rather than joining the FBI Academy as she had planned.

A year after Lia had gone, she and Ian returned in the night and kidnapped Elena, Michael, Megan, Elisha, and Nicklaus. Emma tried to stop them but was knocked unconscious by Ian. They took the children away to another country, and Ian used his influences with powerful people to make it impossible for Derek to get the kids back legally, and it would be impossible to try and sneak in and take them back, even if they knew where to look for them. Emma felt like it was her fault and felt crushed by the loss of her little siblings, whom she had raised as if she were their mother, not Lia.
After a while, since she no longer had five kids to take care of, Emma enrolled in the FBI academy and began working toward becoming a member of the BAU- Behavior Analyst Unit, as she had wanted to do since she was 16.

Currently, Emma is close to gaining that position on the BAU team. Unfortunately, her grandfather has just died, and she is feeling devastated by his loss, as well as angry with her mother for not even bothering to show up for his funeral. She is still dealing with the loss of her siblings, and trying to be there for Derek, who is still heartbroken over Lia's abandonment and kidnapping of his kids.

Extra Info:
Emma's stepdad Derek, who does hand-to-hand training for the FBI academy, began training her shortly after she came to live with them. She learned quickly and by now is rather good at defending herself.
She's also fairly proficient with guns, and she's very talented with computers. (once Emma filled in for the BAU's tech analyst when she was sick and couldn't work)

Emma can also speak Italian fluently, and can kind of manage a conversation in both Russian and Norwegian.

She drives a motorcycle but is unsure how to drive a car, having never been taught.

Emma also doesn't know how to swim and being underwater frightens her.

Further info:

Due to Aleksei's constant abuse and torture of Emma, she began to teach herself to retreat into her mind. It started one day when she was about 4 years old, and she had seen a beautiful picture on a calendar, and she thought it was so pretty and peaceful looking there, that she wished really hard that she could be there. Her wish didn't come true, but she began to think on that picture any time she was being yelled at, beaten, cut with a knife, or sometimes have her head held under water.

Young Emma tried to imagine that scene any time she was hurting or scared, and she would pretend really hard that she was there while trying to block out what was happening in real life, until after a while, it began to become a real place in her head. Over the years, she got better and better at blocking out reality while hiding in her mind's haven, until it had become so real that any time she was feeling endangered or enduring pain, by her preteen years it was an automatic instinct to retreat.

By the time she had reached the age of about 12, Emma had added another feature to her imaginary haven. There is a thick forest full of briars and underbrush that surrounds the clearing where her sanctuary is, keeping dangers out of her 'safe place'. She is unaware of this, but if someone were trying to get into her mind, they would encounter the forest and have to fight through the briars that surround the sanctuary, before they would be able to access her mind.

Because of the things she's been through in her childhood, Emma tends to subconsciously keep this place near to the front of her mind, almost like she's hovering near it waiting just in case she needs to run into the safety of the sanctuary. Since leaving Aleksei and during the during the emotional years as a teen, she found that she sometimes slipped away into her mind a bit too easily, so she has tried to be more careful since then. Emma has been working on facing her fears instead of running to her mind's haven, and she has gotten much better at holding back the instinct to hide, but something very drastic or something catching her off guard, might set her off into her mind again.

While in her sanctuary, Emma seems to pass out and lies still, with her eyes close, bodily unconscious though her mind is active. Because the purpose of this was designed to shut out what was happening to her outside, she is almost completely disconnected with her body while she's hiding in her mind. She seems to shut down and becomes unresponsive to everything around her. In her mind, however, she is conscious and seems to be in another world, one of beauty and safety, where no one can find her and therefore, no one can hurt her. As a child, she would often repeat to herself phrases like 'no one can hurt me here' 'I'm safe here' and the like.

As she grew up, Emma began to learn how to deal with things more, instead of letting herself hide away in her mind, but she learned from her past, but some sort of severe trauma may cause her mind to process it before her body and bring her back to the sanctuary. Her safe haven is still there and waiting to step up if her mind is being invaded or she's in trouble, or suffering extreme amounts of pain. Most times, she has a hard time knowing when it's safe to come out because she has no sense of what's happening outside while she's hiding away in her mind.

Sometimes, when suffering an emotional blow or dealing with someone who has hurt her, Emma may adopt a blank expression which hides any emotions she is feeling, and can sometimes be a sign that she's fighting to keep from slipping away into her mind.

For additional info: https: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I searched Google for a doctor who roleplay site and decided to try this one. It looked like a good one so I clicked on it and checked it out a little before deciding to make an account.

This section is for you to show us your roleplaying skills. What is going to happen is you will read a standard problem for your character to react with. What we are looking for is a proper Roleplay reply, standard character, explaining what you would do in the situation.

   Rules: Please make your response at least a six to nine sentance paragraph.
   Please make your responses in 3rd person (ex: Sonya blinks her eyes.)
   You need to explain your roleplay, use as many details as you possibly can to describe what you are doing and what is going on around you.

The Doctor is stuck under a flickering streetlamp, you are on the opposite side of the street. It's midnight, no moon or stars, the only lights around are the lamp the Doctor is under, and the light in front of a closed store you stand under.

The only way to the Doctor is to cross the dark street, easy, right? Wrong. This planet is well-known for being infested with Vashta Nerada. Any shadow anywhere could be infested with them. You have a small pack on your back with several items in it that you could use to get to him.

   A carrot
   The Doctor's Sonic screwdriver
   A chicken leg
   A flashlight
   Book of matches
   A rubber duck
   a raincoat

    Emma stood tensely in the small area of light coming from some store she stood in front of.  She glanced around while she thought rapidly of a plan to get to the Doctor across the street, feeling a sense of urgency to get to him and free him of the street lamp that had him trapped.  Problem was, were any of these shadows safe, or were they all death waiting to happen?  Or it could be a mix of both options, but there weren't many ways of finding out which were safe and which weren't.  She only had a few things to help her, but would any of it be useful?  She took a deep breath and bit her lip as she began to form a plan.  First, of course, she would need to check and see what she had in her backpack.  So, kneeling on the sidewalk, she took a look inside the backpack.

    "What's this doing in here?" She wondered to herself, pulling out a rubber duck.  Weird, but whatever.  She next pulled out a raincoat, a carrot and a chicken leg.. intended lunch maybe? She found some matches and, thankfully, a flashlight. And the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, though she wondered why it was here and not with him.  Step two, figure out how any of this could be used to help.  She wondered if the VN were carnivorous only or if they'd be interested in the carrot.  Because if not she'd hang onto that for a snack later.. no point wasting it right?  But there was only one drumstick and many shadows, so she'd have to try and make it go further.  Somewhere in the world there was a one legged chicken, apparently, because she had its other leg right here.

    The flashlight would definitely be useful, and probably the matches too.  First, she checked that the flashlight worked, and nearly blinded herself in the process because she forgot to point it away from her face when she tested it.  
    "Flashlight works.. that's good."  She said to herself, blinking.  Now, could any of this other stuff help, or was the meat and light enough?  She considered whether the raincoat might have any beneficial properties in this situation, but she couldn't think of any.  Apparently the things could get inside an airtight spacesuit, so what good would a raincoat do?  

    Standing up, she stored the excess stuff back into the backpack and tore off a bit of chicken meat from the leg.  She aimed her flashlight around and considered exactly how to do this, then tossed it into the first chunk of meat into the nearest shadowy area. She moved the light over to see if it was still there, and smiled because it was there.  That was good, she was sure.  She took a deep breath and began to walk carefully.  She got nervous when she had moved away from the area illuminated by the store's light, and tossed another chunk of meat into the nearest shadows.  She froze when it disappeared in the blink of an eye.  Not good, not good at all.  She checked the shadows on the other side and found it safe, so she adjusted her course to the safer path.

    Before too long she had only the bone left, with a few pickings on it, but fortunately she was nearly to the pinned Doctor.  She dropped the bone into the shadows near her and bit her lip when it became much cleaner of meat. She glanced around and thought for a bit.  She was feeling like she was on a tiny island of light, surrounded by deadly shadows.  Then she got a glimmer of an idea.  If only she could figure out the right setting...

    Emma took out the Doctor's sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the street lamp which the Doctor was pinned under.  Hoping it would do what she wanted it to do, she pushed the button.  She smiled when, after a couple of seconds of sonic buzzing, the lamp stopped flickering and became much brighter.  That solved the 'surrounded by shadows' problem, as now the circle of light included Emma in it's area.  She quickly closed the distance between herself and the Doctor and breathed a sigh of relief that she'd made it.  Now, to attempt to get this lamp post off of him...

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PostSubject: Re: Emma Morgan   Emma Morgan I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 29, 2014 11:05 pm

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My only thing would be her age. Maybe have her be a little bit older than 21 because it takes a long time to get to that level. I would say mid 20's at the earliest, towards the later 20's and early 30's as the more probable. But besides that, completely fine.

Great job with the details. Loved it.


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