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 The Tulvan Assassin

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Archiving and Artifice
Archiving and Artifice

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PostSubject: The Tulvan Assassin   The Tulvan Assassin I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 8:31 pm

Siren walked down some oddly named road in New York, New York. The country was the United States of America, the planet was Earth, and the year was 1993. She had been walking the roads of Earth for ten years now. It hasn't become anymore exciting than the first year spent doing it. Siren lifted her head to smile at a homeless man, and drop a twenty dollar bill into the cup he was holding out, before moving on after giving a "your welcome" following his "thank you". She missed the days when kindness wasn't a rarity. Siren buried her hands in her pants pockets as she shivered. It was a cold day. On this particular day of January, Siren was wearing jeans, black combat boots, and an equally dark hoodie.
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The Tulvan Assassin
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