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 The Dathvaen

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PostSubject: The Dathvaen   Thu May 01, 2014 12:19 am

Name: Dathvaen (Pronounced: Daath-va-een)

Appearance: Small and slug-like, two mouths full of small, sharp teeth and twelve small legs like a centipede. the body is black as night and shifts its color slightly to match whatever shadow they hide in. They can vary in length, it is believed that the oldest are the ones that grow to the largest size. As they age, they never stop growing, and can be as large as a medium sized dog (Ancient), and as small as the tip of a needle. (Newly hatched)

Attitude: Ruthless, they lost their planet many generations ago and desire nothing more than to find another to live, take over and eventually decimate all of the planet's substance. (Foods, water, plants, ore) Then move to a new planet to continue the process.

Technology: Of all the species they have conquered, they acquire the bits of technology they need to continue on, or their favorites they have found, then scrap the rest if they do nothing to help their cause.
Of the technology they have: They have the ability to create jump ships- (A small ship capable of crossing a single galaxy within only ten years.) The only problem with the Jump Ships, they can carry small cargo, a crew of three, and nothing more. So when they leave a planet, they only have three keep their forms, (The 'Commanders' of sorts) while the rest shed their shells to be carried easier.

They have the knowledge to build lazer cutters- useful if unable to slip into a body unnoticed and they are in need of forced implantation.

And- their favorite- organic tracking chips. Once they make new planet fall, they choose their bodies, implant the chip, and wait until the time comes where their prey will be unaware, (Usually while sleeping). Once the implantation is complete, the chip disintegrates upon contact with the Dathvaen's natural fluids.

Backstory: Living in the darkest reaches of the universe, the Dathvaen use their chameleon like abilities to their advantage as they look to inhabit natives from planets they wish to invade. One reason due to their vulnerability to foreign planet atmospheres and the other because of it's strategic advantage it gives them.

They call this process 'becoming'.

While going through becoming, they slip into a mouth, ear, nose, small cut (If they are small enough, each entry depends on the size of the Dathvaen.) Then proceed to stretch their body to fill all the parts, wrapping around muscles, attaching their own nerve endings to the body's until they are bound into one creature. The creature, whatever is taken at the time, is fully asleep and unaware of this.

Depending on how long the Dathvaen stays within it's host, the host will be left behind unscathed. After a certain amount of time, they begin to break down the muscles, bones, internal tissue of the body to feed their own. A Dathvaen can go as many as five years between a feeding, giving any host held during that time hope of being left without loss of their life when the Dathvaen leaves.

After their home planet was lost many generations ago, the Dathvaen are unsure as to what had happened. The stories suggest that a race of hyper-intelligent lizard people had once made planet fall upon their home, only to discover the Dathvaen and declare them a scourge. Upon departing the planet, several 'families' of Dathvaen had boarded the Lizard men's ship and hidden in the darkest places until the time came where they could take over.

Once the were able to control the creatures, the discovered their planet had already been destroyed, leaving only the families on the ship left of their entire race. The females of each family gave their lives to create more, splitting themselves in two and allowing the eggs inside to hatch upon meeting the open air in order to build their race back up once more.

Present: All they desire is to find the race that had destroyed their planet, people and way of life. While they search, they destroy any planet they come across, depleting each one of it's natural resources, killing the hosts if they stay too long, then move on to another planet to continue the cycle. Many races call them the 'Black of Death' as when they move across the ground as one group, they look like a rippling, living shadow.

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PostSubject: Re: The Dathvaen   Thu May 01, 2014 12:24 am


Of course Razz

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The Dathvaen
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