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 Espen's Arsenal(Kinda)

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6th Doctor/Espen V.

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PostSubject: Espen's Arsenal(Kinda)   Wed May 07, 2014 7:25 pm

Name: Screecher

Abilities:  A Screecher, when activated via an app Espen created on his phone, creates a sound of varying pitch, volume, and duration decided when they are activated.  The pitch can be so low or high that an average human couldn't hear it, the volume may be as quiet as a baby mouse's laugh or as loud as an airhorn through three megaphones, and the duration can be anywhere up to and including 15 minutes.  The actual effect of the sound is dependent on what hears it, but in general if it doesn't have ears then there won't be much more of an effect than ripples in water.  However, if used at high pitches and high volumes, it has the ability to temporarily incapacitate most things that accept sonic input (microphones may be blown, living beings can become disoriented).  Bumping those levels up to extremes, and used on living beings, could have short or long term adverse effects, and in the worst case it can cause death with prolonged exposure.


The speakers look like penny sized computer chips, and not much else.  Within their casing is a tiny battery which can sustain up to 15 minutes of continual use and a small speaker which has been modified slightly using some low-level alien schematics that Espen stumbled across in his explorations of the internet.

The app is actually very rudimentary, and allows for adjustments in decibels, hertz, and seconds.  There are also options for playing recordings and speaking directly through the speakers through his phone.


Name: "Forever Phone"

Abilities:  Slightly a misnomer, rather than being a phone, this small, black box is a mobile backup battery.  When charged in direct light, it stores a very large amount of power.  This power can then be output into any USB device, while it is designed with a micro-usb plug on it, it can also have any usb cord plugged into the other side.  The chart below lists how much power per hour the Forever Phone gets while exposed to different light levels, as well as the approximate translations to how much additional time that translates to when used for a phone.

Standard lightbulb:    100 mAh/hr   (~20 minutes)
Flourescent lighting:  200 mAh/hr   (~40 minutes)
Dim sunlight(cloudy): 250 mAh/hr   (~1 hour)
Normal sunlight:        1000 mAh/hr  (~4 hours)
Bright sunlight:          2000 mAh/hr  (~8 hours)
Extreme sunlight*:     4000 mAh/hr  (~16 hours)
MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 16000 mAh     (~64 hours)

*Extreme sunlight is generally direct or less filtered sunlight, and is not often found.


More or less exactly what it looks like, but inside is a battery he scrounged from what looked to be a crashed spaceship, before UNIT or Torchwood or whoever swarmed it. The back side, when uncapped, has a retractable micro-usb male end and a full usb female port.

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PostSubject: Re: Espen's Arsenal(Kinda)   Fri May 09, 2014 4:57 am

All looks fine to me. Approved.

The Master:
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Espen's Arsenal(Kinda)
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