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 Admin's + Mods MUST READ

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PostSubject: Admin's + Mods MUST READ   Wed May 07, 2014 7:40 pm

Hello everyone, both Admins, Mods and members.

With the loss of Nat, for either the foreseeable future or...forever. There must be some adjustments that need to be made.

First off, our Admin Romana, i need you to follow Nat's training to the best of your ability and keep the site monitored. Myself and Sonya (Tyra) will aid you to the best of our abilities. But you have to, in a way, replace her.

Second, Moderators. I need you guys to be more active as much as possible. Character Creations are a major thing that Nat covered during her time here and we need someone to pick that up. Instead of slamming it on one person, i am asking that all of you Mods, help Romana out the best you can.

Third, a possible new election. There needs to be more than one active Administrator on the site at all times. Although Sonya and I are considered this, i feel much better having someone else move up. This thread will be posted shortly.

Replacing Natty will be tough for us all, both Admin & Mod staff but we have to do it. We all will miss her dearly, she was a great RP'er and Administrator and an even better friend. But now is the time to honor her in moderating this site to the best of our ability.

~10th Doctor
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Admin's + Mods MUST READ
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