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 The Insane Mind (Closed to 10)

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The Insane Mind (Closed to 10) Empty
PostSubject: The Insane Mind (Closed to 10)   The Insane Mind (Closed to 10) I_icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2014 4:41 pm

Candalynne was at her limit. This regeneration of her was insane! She would imagine her old friends of Gallifrey being in her house and she would imagine the Daleks coming after her. She was afraid of everything that moved!

She was sat in a cafe in London, it was the year 2014 and a thunder storm was brewing. A large bang came from the clouds and Candalynne jumped and she began to shake as images ran through her mind. "No. Please. Go away!" She said loudly as she looked around and saw images of Daleks exterminating all of the people in the cafe and she curled up in a ball and screamed loudly in fear.

All of the people within the cafe looked at her as if she was crazy and some began to leave because of her screaming. A woman walked out and sighed loudly. "Who is that woman? She is completely insane!" She shouted to her friend.
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The Insane Mind (Closed to 10)
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