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 Pounding of hooves

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PostSubject: Re: Pounding of hooves   Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:44 am

The sound of the knife clattering to the knife was relieving, but that did not take the tension out of Jack's shoulders. He could do it now, go back on his word and put a bullet in between the man's eyes. It would be so easy and he would wipe the world of the criminal's presence and the children wouldn't ever have to have nightmares of what has happened to them. The itch in his fingers to pull the trigger increased at the mention of the alien name. As an agent of Torchwood- hell, as the Captain- he had the sense of duty to rid Earth of any extra terrestrial life that could and would bring harm to the human race. But perhaps seeing more blood wasn't what his companions needed. When did children make him so soft?

The gun clicked as he pulled it back, returning it to its place at his side. There was no doubt that Jack would get his team on Seb's case the moment he returned to HQ. He'd be damned if he let this man get away. "The devil's henchmen. Yes, I know the race. The children won't say a thing, I can promise you that." And to keep his promise, he would be dragging their butts to Torchwood with him. The last thing anyone needed was kids running around and announcing there was an alien living in their midst. To those who actually believe a child's word, they would be panicked and Jack would have failed one of his duties which was to keep everyone ignorant of alien's on Earth.

Jack untied Eric's bound hands, silently instructing him to stay by putting a firm hand on his shoulder before he moved away to free Ellie of her restraints. Once completing that, he pulled the girl up and led her back over to Eric. "We're going. Stay close and keep quiet."

The captain nudged the kids to get them to walk to the door as Jack walked as a barrier between Sebastian and the kids. He watched the criminal with distrust and distaste but said nothing nor made any threatening move. The only thing he was worried about was getting out and to a safe distance.

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Pounding of hooves
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