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 Drake D Donners

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Drake D Donners

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PostSubject: Drake D Donners   Drake D Donners I_icon_minitimeMon May 26, 2014 7:40 pm

Character Name: Drake D Donners
Species: Human
Age: Appears to be in 20's but not truly definable
Occupation:Unemployed, former agent of time
Status: Vagabond, gypsy, former Agent of TIME

Hair:Neck length tousled and black
Eyes:Blue, green or grey, as it switches
Height: 6' 2"
Figure: thin but tough like a track runners build
Other: no
Clothing: dresses in casual jeans and a grey hoodie, but when given even the slightest reason goes all out with black-tux and bow-tie

Family: He has no real family having lost track of when they are through many years time traveling
Personality: Slightly sarcastic, with hints of depression, but is often goofy, and always wanting to help people in need, but is short tempered.
Strengths: Is very, very strong for his build but can be overpowered by large aliens and bulky humans. His real strength is in his speed, as he's very quick and agile.
Weakness: He is still human, so just about every human weakness, also he has a slight temper, and can be headstrong when he doesn't take the time to think clearly.
Likes: music, time travel, eggnog
Dislikes: robots, pacifists
Dream: He has no dream, he runs on the fact that he will keep living and keep moving forward, as he refuses to be brought down.

History: Drake was once a Captain/Agent from TIME but left the agency, not liking the way they handled issues, having heard of the legendary "Doctor". He now travels the universe with his Time-Vortex manipulator, helping the innocent, and having fun in a party-boy style the whole while.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I Googled Doctor Who roleplay

Drake sees the doctor under the streetlamp on the other side of the street. "Damn it doctor, why must you always get yourself into these messes?" he thinks to himself as he searches his pack for a way to help him. Quickly formulating a plan he grabs the flashlight and the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. "Let's hope I can do this right," he thinks as he points the screwdriver at the flashlight, sending a signal that amplifies the flashlight for a bright clear stream across the road and sets the flashlight on the ground. Grabbing the chicken leg and the carrot, he tosses one to each side of the of the light stream to temporarily distract the creatures with food. Drake runs across as quickly as he can at the center of the light stream using the Sonic Screwdriver to lighten and disturb any suspiciously jutting, or darker shadows until he gets across. He then lifts the streetlamp off of the doctor allowing him to get out. then returns the Doctor's screwdriver.
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PostSubject: Re: Drake D Donners   Drake D Donners I_icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2014 8:29 am

Not Approved

1). Your characters age needs to be specifically set at a number. It sets up his personal experiences and how much impact they have on him and much more.

2). Family. If you character is 20, as you have stated, he would have remembered his family members. Despite his age, 200 or 5000, his family would still have names. Whether he knows where they are or not.

3). Someone with a past with the Time Agency has to have more of a history then the one you have given. Childhood. Teenage years. Experiences in the Time Agency. MORE DETAIL

Detail matters here and you need a lot more to get approved. The more the better. Don't ever think that you have too many details or your application is too long. Any questions just feel free to ask

~10th Doctor
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Drake D Donners
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