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 Indeela Danlarteen

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Indeela Danlarteen
Indeela Danlarteen

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PostSubject: Indeela Danlarteen   Indeela Danlarteen I_icon_minitimeWed May 28, 2014 6:20 pm

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Indeela Danlarteen

Species: Alpha Centauran
Age: 43
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Occupation: Detective
Status: Relatively unknown, but with a small collection of grateful clients.


Hair: None
Eye: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Figure: Indeela Danlarteen is relatively fit and trim for an Alpha Centauran, standing tall and proud at all times, refusing to let their posture fall into a slouch even in the most dire situations. Their six clawed tendrils are all in perfect working order, and (if they do say so themselves) perfectly flexible and nimble.
Clothing: Indeela dresses in the style synonymous with their people; a long, brightly coloured cloak (A deep shade of orange approaching burnt sienna) with decorative patterns and an ornate frilled neckline that surrounds the base of their large head. Compared to many other races within the Galactic Federation, the Alpha Centaurans are relatively 'naked' in their approach to clothing.


Family: Indeela's lack of contact with their family is one of their greatest regrets, but one that they are loathe to rectify. Their parent Daanei is a solitary, conservative sort and still hasn't forgiven Indeela for refusing a perfectly good, stable galactic banking position that they managed to secure for them. Despite this, Indeela attempts to reconnect with their parent every other year, but is frequently met with disappointment and arguments.

Personality: Indeela Danlarteen, by human standards, would be considered an extremely polite individual with a deep need to help others, pacifist tendencies and an inquisitive personality. It is a testament to their own people's standards that, amongst the Alpha Centaurans, Indeela is generally viewed as a scandalous rebel with unorthodox tastes and a penchant for violence. Despite this reputation, to any outside eye Indeela would certainly at first appear to be not so dissimilar to the stereotypes that surround their species. Their extremely polite and diplomatic demeanour holds during most situations, but when desperate times call for less polite or peaceful actions, Indeela does not back away or shriek until the problem resolves itself. Indeed, they have an almost uncontrollable itch to solve every problem they come across. Indeela simply believes that, if you try hard enough, most issues can be solved without too much violence.

Indeela is also unusual in their approach to other species. Far from the usual degree of polite distaste and worried panicking that accompanies most of their species' reaction to learning about new species' habits, Indeela is fascinated. In particular, Indeela has made a very active and deliberate effort to train their ability to properly identify the gender of other species' where possible. Coming from a species where gender is an alien concept, this is no small feat.

Strengths: - Indeela has an expert eye for detail, and has learnt how to carefully analyse and pick up on the body-language of a variety of species' common to the Galactic Federation.

- A life-time of careful diplomatic courtesy and a constant mantra of respect and peace was not lost on Indeela during their formative years. Indeela is very good at calming down heated situations through diplomacy. They also make a surprisingly good cup of tea.

- Indeela combines a good eye for detail with the other great asset in their line of work, an excellent memory for names, faces and small details.

Weakness: - Despite their ability to actually entertain the concept of a small degree of violence (such as possibly raising ones voice in anger, or lightly flicking a dog on the nose) Indeela is all brain and no brawn. Their six clawed appendages are capable enough, but Indeela isn't about to win any arm wrestles any time soon.

- Indeela's inquisitive nature and strong sense of morality often gets the better of them. Because of this, despite their seemingly gentile nature, Indeela often ends up biting off far more than they can chew. If Indeela were to come across a planet wide conspiracy or corrupt governing body, they would throw themselves right into the issue as if it were their latest case... finding themselves way out of their depth.

- Indeela has not escaped their race's tendency towards degrees of hypochondria and is fittingly unsure of their health and well being when surrounded by the strange environs that they love to frequent.

Likes: -Travelling
- Seeing others happy
- Solving mysteries

Dislikes: - Unnecessary violence
- Being referred to as 'it'.
- Rude or unclean behaviour.
- Being interrupted.
- Getting ill

Dream: Indeela Danlarteen wishes only to continue travelling, meeting new people and solving new mysteries. At heart, they are quite content with their lot in life... They consider themselves very lucky to be good enough at what they do to afford to be able to travel, eat and help others along the way. If there is any end goal in sight for Indeela, it would be to retire having written a half-decent book of memoirs.

History: Indeela was born, as most Alpha Centaurans are, when their parent Daanei simply decided that the urge was there and it was a convenient time. They left home to begin their travels in much the same fashion.

Indeela was always aware that they didn't quite fit in amongst their peers. While they certainly shared a number of common interests and mannerisms, where their friends wanted to discuss galactic economics or the state of affairs in the management of public transport, Indeela was far more interested in discussing what they had just read about the way other races lived. This xeno-focused attitude, combined with an uncanny ability to look straight through their fellow Alpha-Centaurans lies, soon left Indeela with little to no close friends to speak of. At first, Indeela was rather put out by this turn of events. It seemed incredibly rude, to them, that such actions were being taken. Enough for Indeela to frequently display their feelings publicly with changes of skin tone and colour that would be considered outrageously forward and dramatic amongst their people.

By the time they reached the age of 24, Indeela knew enough was enough. It was time to leave. Twenty years of education, development and preparation for a career in banking were abandoned on the spot, and they booked the first flight off their home planet and out to the nearest space colony. Suffice to say, their parent was less than pleased. But Indeela was certain that this was the only reasonable thing left that they could do.

Finding themselves packed in a melting pot of alien languages, culture and social cues, Indeela was at once both bewildered and enthralled. Nothing, they thought, could compare to this. They would prove this thought wrong multiple time in the future, but the first came in the form of their first case.

Indeela hadn't planned to become a detective, it just sort of... happened. There was a lost looking human male, searching for his wife who had mysteriously disappeared, with only a cryptic last message and a set of footprint left in spilt flour that lead through a door that had somehow been locked from the inside, despite the occupant having left. The police were baffled, and had found no evidence of any foul play or trans-mat beams. Indeela couldn't help but ask the (rather startled) man if they could try and assist. They couldn't just stand by, after all. And something about the man troubled them...

It was with a heavy heart that Indeela would later come to report the exact method to the police with which that very man had organised his wife's demise, faked a final message and used a stolen piece of faulty warp shunt technology to remotely transport the poor woman into a nearby sun. It was ingenious, in an odd way. The police had been so busy searching for the small details and telltale signs of a recent trans-mat transmission that they hadn't through to check for something as brutal and blunt as that.

Despite the grizzly details, Indeela found themselves revelling in the experience. Justice had been served, and beyond some restraints, not a single extra drop of blood had to be dropped. Through careful observation, thought and explanation, Indeela had solved their first mystery. There would be far bigger ones, and much smaller and more mundane ones to come... But the first was, in many ways, the most important. It was when Indeela began to realise what they wanted to do with their life, and what some people might pay for when they needed help.

They kept the Warp Shunt device around from that day onwards, keeping it nearby. It was faulty, even if Indeela knew how to accurately use it in the first place, but a part of Indeela was always curious. They were aware that such technology could, theoretically, be used to travel through rifts and therefore, time. And a small part of Indeela itched at the prospect of testing the theory. Although it is perhaps telling that, after almost twenty years of travelling and detective work, the urge has yet to be fully investigated.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Through the magical portal known as 'goo-gal'.


Indeela Danlarteen's eyelid flapped up and down in an erratic manner as they watched the strange doctor man from across the street. They'd met in a frenzied hurry on this remote planet and, from the looks of things, it was entirely possible that they might say goodbye in the same place. The very thought was causing a shrill, desperate panic to rise up through Indeela's stomach, causing their arms to twitch and twirl.

No... No that was no good. Panic wasn't going to help anyone. Think. Assess the situation and think.

"Mr Doctor sir, don't worry. Just stay right there under the light and you should be safe for now..."

Indeela's brain began flashing rapidly through the information they had stored away about the Vashta Nerada. There wasn't much. The piranhas of the shadows weren't exactly known for the conversational skills so there wasn't much here to be reasoned with. Not for the first time in their life, Indeela found themselves beginning to realise just how stupid coming here had been in the first place.

No. Bright side Indeela. Look on the bright side. If you weren't here, who would save this poor man?

Indeela stopped for a few moments to look at the six items held aloft in their claws. They had managed to gather up matches... Not that matches were of huge use to a race with digits like Indeela. There was also some kind of odd, cylindrical device that seemed rather primitive and...

"Oh! Goodness!"

Indeela's shrill, high pitched voice let out a gasp as they accidentally gripped the switch on the side of the torch, causing it to come to life and spread light directly into their eye. Blinking mightily to try and recover from the shock, Indeela turned the torch towards the ground, watching as it started to show a path through the natural and not-so-natural dark. Indeela stopped and looked at the torch in its upper left digit, and the chicken leg in its middle right.

"Almost there Mr Doctor sir... Don't worry! I think I have a plan..."
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PostSubject: Re: Indeela Danlarteen   Indeela Danlarteen I_icon_minitimeWed May 28, 2014 6:43 pm

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Brilliant! Love it! Can't wait to Rp with you! Very Happy


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Indeela Danlarteen
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