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 The Sonic Device Of Rassilon

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PostSubject: The Sonic Device Of Rassilon   Fri May 30, 2014 6:43 am

Name: The Sonic Device Of Rassilon

Abilities (what does it do): This Device functions in largely the same ways that all other sonic devices of it's type do. It opens most kinds of doors both on Gallifrey and throughout the galaxy, as well as manipulating and activating machinery and when used in unison with another sonic device creates a rare feedback effect; temporarily incapacitating any and all life-forms in the area (provided they have ears). Unfortunately this model of The Sonic Device (or "Sonic Screwdriver as it is called by certain rogue Time-Lords) cannot influence wood in any way, shape or form being a device that utilises sonic waves.

Backstory (An extra section I made for this topic, considering Rassilon did not possess a sonic device of this kind in established canon): After many incidents involving Daleks infiltrating the presidential palace, a search for a certain Time-Lord's bio-data and the general damaged state the presidential palace and citadel are in after the conclusion of The Last Great Time War, Rassilon decided to craft a Sonic Device not unlike The Doctor's in order to help in opening damaged doors, activating necessary machinery and other tasks that are considered fairly mundane by Gallifreyan standards. Of course such devices are commonplace on Gallifrey and most children can craft one in mere minutes with the right materials. So after gathering the necessary components and spending roughly thirty minutes building it, Lord President Rassilon has a sonic device of his own to perform menial (and not so menial) tasks.


Possessing a carved, seemingly wooden look for it's handle, Rassilon's Sonic Device bears his own seal and a crimson red diode which, like it's brother and sister models; lights up or flashes when in use. A small portion of it's inner workings can be seen when it's see-through neck is extended to it's fullest.
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PostSubject: Re: The Sonic Device Of Rassilon   Fri May 30, 2014 8:38 am


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The Sonic Device Of Rassilon
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