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 Eric Tempore's Equipment

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Rassilon/Eric Tempore

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PostSubject: Eric Tempore's Equipment   Fri May 30, 2014 12:02 pm

Name: Vortex Manipulator

Abilities (what does it do): A device used to catapult the user backwards or forwards and sometimes even sideways in time. Eric's more up-to-date version of The Vortex Manipulator can also detect and isolate Space-Time anomalies and abnormalities, it also possesses limited life-form scanning and pheromone detection/isolation systems. It can also act as a teleportation device across not only time, but space. Eric's Vortex Manipulator, unlike Jack Harkness' is in perfect working order, Eric having kept it along with the rest of his Time-agency Equipment when The Agency itself went under.


For covert ops purposes Eric's Vortex Manipulator is disguised as a watch, it's interface being purely touch-based in nature; it resembles and is used in somewhat the same way as early 21st century "Smart Watches" were, it features a wood-grain base to it, with metal alloys making up the majority of the main body and the interface resembling plate glass used on the "Smart Watches" The Manipulator is disguised as.


Name: Alpha Meson Blaster

Abilities (what does it do): This fairly compact standard issue Time-Agency weapon has always been a favourite of Eric's, The Blaster when used emits Alpha-Meson energy in a controlled pulse; this weapon is also a favourite of individuals such as Professor River Song, who's use of one of these resulted in a destroyed dalek and a disintegrated wooden cabinet and fez.


The weapon is made of several lightweight and protective alloys and materials designed to make the blaster both lightweight and protected simultaneously. The barrel features multiple hazard stripes running the length of the barrel itself. While the entire surface of the blaster can be coated in a white colouring, Eric's is instead Black.


Name: Eric's Overcoat

Abilities (what does it do): Made from special microfibres grown in a Time-Agency R&D Lab, this overcoat resembles a 21st century suit overcoat but offers some protection due to it's microfibre amour plating woven into the very fabric of the coat itself. This feature should protect Eric from most 21st century small arms fire. However, anything more advanced than that cannot be guaranteed to save Eric from injury or even death.


The Overcoat resembles any standard 21st century Men's suit overcoat, it's black with 3 buttons in case it needs to be done up for any reason; it would roughly reach to Eric's knees and it's sleeves are long enough to make this article of clothing/armour perfect for winter months.
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10th Doctor/Eric Jason
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PostSubject: Re: Eric Tempore's Equipment   Fri May 30, 2014 1:11 pm

Can't wait to RP with him Smile. Great job on both the character creation and this weapon creation. This is the kind of detail we want


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Eric Tempore's Equipment
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