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 Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek

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Dalek Ik

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PostSubject: Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek   Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2014 1:57 pm

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Character Name: Dalek Ik

Species: Dalek
Age: At least a century
Gender: Uncertain, but presumed male
Occupation: Unemployed/space transient
Status: Escaped prisoner, renegade

Hair: None
Eyes: Dalek
Height: Dalek-sized
Figure: Dalek
Other: Has a green dot on the top of the dome of his casing.
Clothing: Standard Dalek casing

Family: None

Personality: Dalek Ik is quite glum, self-loathing, and can be rather abrasive towards anybody who tries to cheer him up. Intensely curious, Dalek Ik loves observing and learning about other life forms. However, because of the Daleks' reputation as terrifying murderers, Dalek Ik tends to keep to himself to avoid upsetting others, and he is obsessively considerate of others' personal space and comfort zones. He does not value his own life.

Strengths: Due to his status as a Dalek, Dalek Ik is often able to work as a double agent against the Daleks. Dalek Ik is also often noted for his intelligence and his willingness to make sacrifices or put himself in harm's way.

Weaknesses: As with all Daleks, Dalek Ik's driving force is hatred - except that in Dalek Ik's case, that hatred is directed towards himself and all those like him. Unable to comprehend that others might feel differently about him, he isolates himself, acting as a lone wolf while refusing the help of others. He's spineless, awkward, and repeatedly puts himself in dangerous situations (sometimes deliberately).

Likes: Dalek Ik loves to learn. However, since he downloaded the internets of multiple galaxies, he already knows everything - except for the thoughts and feelings of others, the only things that still interest him (as they are the epitome of all that is not Dalek). He's also fond of slides, and an avid student of Third Wave Feminism.

Dislikes: As discussed already, Dalek Ik hates anything Dalek, including himself. War and aggression disgust him, and he is scarred by the fear that he evokes in others.

Dream: Dalek Ik originally dreamed of destroying all of Dalek-kind, himself along with it. As that dream has proved elusive, though, Dalek Ik has begun to dream of someday being something other than a Dalek...if that could even be possible.

History: Dalek Ik was created just like any other Dalek in the build-up to the Time War. However, Dalek Ik's programming went haywire, creating an inversion that would shape the foundation for the rest of Dalek Ik's life: unlike a healthy Dalek that hates everything non-Dalek, Dalek Ik hates everything that is Dalek - including himself.

Dalek Ik kept his faulty programming a secret, turning in secret against the Dalek empire early in the Time War. He had a difficult time establishing any sort of contacts outside his species, so he began sending transmissions at random, en masse, towards Gallifrey regarding Dalek plans. Whether these transmissions were ever picked up by anybody, let alone the Time Lord council, is very uncertain, and it is hard to say whether his work had any impact on the Time War whatsoever.

He was found out by the Dalek high command, however, and imprisoned in the Dalek asylum indefinitely until a star liner crashed, creating a hole in the force field around the asylum planet. Dalek Ik managed to go free, and - using a time vortex manipulator that he engineered himself - went back in time to witness the fall of the Daleks.

After that, Dalek Ik spent an indefinite period as a galactic time transient of a sort: he would stay at one point in space, but using his time vortex manipulator, he could simply wait for other stars, planets and systems to orbit and rotate into that particular point in space. His time vortex manipulator broke down, however, stranding him on Earth where he has since taken to hiding out in landfills and avoiding personal contact of any sort.

To distinguish himself from other Daleks, Dalek Ik has donned a green dot on the top of the dome of his casing.

RP Sample

Dalek Ik found a backpack on the sidewalk. Lacking hands, he could not open it, so instead he scanned it with his eyestalk, and found - much to his surprise - a sonic screwdriver, presumably belonging to the Doctor. "Sonic screwdriver has been detected! Where is the Doc-tor? Explain! Explain!"

Eventually Dalek Ik found the Doctor under a streetlamp on the other side of the street. "The Doc-tor has been lo-cated! The Doc-tor must be given his sonic screwdriver, or he will perish!" Since he wasn't able to open the backpack to retrieve the screwdriver, Dalek Ik did the next-best thing: he aimed the laser at the backpack to incinerate it, allowing him to use his suction device to grasp the sonic screwdriver.

Dalek Ik began to cross the street, when his internal systems picked up on the presence of Vashta Nerada. "Hostile lifeforms detected!" Using the scanner built into his eyestalk, Dalek Ik searched for pockets of heaviest Vashta Nerada infestation, aiming at several points in the dark with his laser set to stun. "Im-mo-bil-ize! IMMOBILIZE!" he cried out into the cold night.

Unfortunately, this plan was only partly successful. About a quarter of the Vashta Nerada were stunned, but the rest simply scattered. Killing them would probably have gotten the job done, but that would just be such a...well, Dalek thing to do.

Processing his personal records on the Vashta Nerada, Dalek Ik realized that they would want flesh of some sort.

Turning around to face the light pole shining over him, Dalek Ik fired his laser to burn a hole, exposing the electric cabling. Adjusting the intensity of his laser, Dalek Ik began feeding energy into the light, quickly illuminating the entire street - save for several rather large, conspicuous, misplaced shadows on the ground to stop anyone from crossing.

Dropping the screwdriver, Dalek Ik suctioned up the chicken leg, propelling it onto the street. The Vashta Nerada swarmed around these tasty morsels, and - in the bright light, with Dalek scanning technology - it was easy to plot a clear path around the Vashta Nerada.

Dalek Ik suctioned the screwdriver back off the ground. "E-le-vaaaaaaate," he instructed himself as he made his way across. "Doc-tor! I a-po-lo-gize for disturbing you in this manner! I have come with your sonic screwdriver! I come in peace but cannot blame you should you choose to exterminate me!"
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Romana II
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Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek   Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2014 6:54 pm

I like it, but since it's obviously such an unusual creation I'll defer to our site owners to weigh in on it. But as it is, I see no problems and if they want a rogue Dalek then I do believe you're approved!
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10th Doctor/Eric Jason
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Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek   Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2014 9:12 pm

Romana doesn't need my approval. It's approved by her Smile

Good job on the creation template!


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Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek   Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek I_icon_minitime

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Dalek Ik, the Renegade Dalek
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