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 Ashara (Fleshy's Secondary)

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PostSubject: Ashara (Fleshy's Secondary)   Ashara (Fleshy's Secondary) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2014 7:19 pm

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Species: Silurian
Age: 99
Gender: Female
Occupation: Mercenary
Status: Rogue

Hair: None but I have beautiful green scales.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’5”
Figure: Athletic
Other: None
Clothing: Green Cloth Shirt that goes to mid-thigh with grey cloth pants. Green Mesh covering both the pants and shirt. There are sliver colored armor pieces attached to the  shirt by leather straps, a red sash is wrapped around the midsection on top of everything. Ridged Metal arm bands on the bicep and each wrist and above the boots. There is also a ridged metal protective collar around her neck. She wears Black Leather gloves and Brown Leather Boots that go to mid shin. And finally she wears a Grey metal protective mask with large black eyes.

Family: Mother and Father both deceased. She has 5 sisters and 2 Brothers in her Gene Chain
Personality:  Ashara was different than the other Silurian’s that lived deep below Earth’s Crust. She wanted to go to the surface to get to know the humans not to kill them.  She was curious about how humans lived on the surface and didn’t like listening to the others who just called them apes. She was mostly nice unless she was in danger then she would fight with all her strength.
Strengths: Stubborn, Good Fighter
Weakness: Gullible, Caring too much
Likes: Humans, Fresh Air
Dislikes: Enclosed Spaces, Not being able to see the sun
Dream: Seeing a society that included both Silurian and Human

History: Ashara was born a few centuries after the Silurian’s had fled under Earth’s crust to escape what they felt was the end of the world. In reality it was just the Earth’s moon settling into orbit around the planet.

As she grew she taught by her mother how to fight. She became a formidable fighter but she was still unable to beat her mother and most of the best fighters that were left awake.  She felt proud of her skill and honed it at every opportunity.
When she was about 50 years old she was chosen from the group of warriors that were left awake to head to the surface to kill some animals for food for those awake. This was Ashara’s first mission to the surface of Earth but had heard the stories that were passed down through the ages. The group of four warriors was sent to the surface via the gravity bubbles.

As soon as they were on the surface they found themselves in a forest the leader of the group told them to spilt up so they could cover more ground. Ashara had quickly separated from the other three searching around for any animals such as apes to kill to bring back to her people. As she moved through the forest she came to the edge of it where she saw a farmer’s field and in the distance a small town.

She wondered what this was before she saw a middle aged human male walk into the field. She stayed into the forest to keep hidden by the shadows that the tree’s created. Ashara watched the man walk slowly through the field, he looked down at the ground every few steps.

She quickly realized that this was an ape but the man didn’t look like how the old stories had described them. The man looked civilized and able to walk upright with much difficulty. After a few more moments of watching she realized that she should quickly find and animal or two and get back. Moving quickly through the forest she found a large buck standing near a tree and she quickly killed him and dragged him back to where the gravity bubbles she noted that she was the last one back.

When she returned back to the colony there were a few others that were waiting and they looked her with curiosity and asked her what had taken her so long to get back. She quickly lied that she had to track the deer for a long time before she had finally found it. The others seemed to accept that explanation for which she was glad.

As she took her deer to where they stored the food she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw that one of the things that one of the other hunters had brought back. It was another man be didn’t look like the one that she saw in the field earlier.

She quickly threw the deer to cover the man up as she felt slightly sick wondering if she had eaten one of the supposed apes before. She went to the leader of the group that just came back from the surface to ask her if they had eaten apes from the surface before.

The other woman looked at her as if Ashara was crazy and answered that he had done it many times before.

That was when Ashara confessed to the woman the truth that she had saw one of the apes on the surface and noticed that they acted very similar to how the Silurian’s acted. The leader looked at Ashara in shock and asked why she hadn’t killed the ape to bring back. Ashara told the woman she did not feel that it was right thing to do. At that point the two women got into an argument about what should have been done which devolved into a fight which Ashara lost quickly.

The other woman called in two others and told them to put Ashara into a hibernation chamber and move it to one of the holding spaces nearer to the surface while she figured out what to with Ashara. One of the warriors slapped on the metal mask that Ashara had been wearing before they propped her up inside the hibernation chamber not including the gun that normally warriors held while in the chamber.

A few months later Ashara was still in the chamber as the others had seemingly forgot about her. The truth was the almost all of them had also went into their hibernation chambers as there had not been any threats to the colony for many years.
While Ashara was in the chamber one day the room shook violently as the wall behind Ashara’s chamber opened up and seemingly swallowed it as it started to travel up toward the surface it quickly moved through the crust due to the earthquake before it finally stopped moving as the top of the chamber pushed through the top soil.

A few days later the farmer whose field that Ashara’s chamber had come up into discovering it and quickly digging it about half way out before he found Ashara inside which scared him to no end as he ran away quickly from it to call the police.
A few hours later a truck from the agency called Torchwood and a few people came and talked to the the farmer who had found her and the local police before they quickly pulled the chamber out of the ground and put it on the truck and covered it with a tarp and drove away.

After five hours on the road the Torchwood truck stopped at Canary Bluff and unloaded the chamber and Ashara onto a lift. The lift carried her into a room where it was connected a power source to keep the chamber running.
Ashara sat in that chamber for a few more years as the scientists studied the chamber and her as well but they never allowed her to come out because they most likely figured she was dangerous. Though she never really understood why they didn’t just ask her for information instead.

Then one day no scientist’s came into the room and the lights in the room flickered slightly before plunging the room into darkness, which in turn made the power connected to the chamber fail as well. For the first time in years Ashara took a step outside of the chamber and breathed fresh air. She was curious as to what had happened but from the sounds there was a battle going on outside and inside the facility.

Ashara snuck out the room to find more darkness in the hallway and due the darkness she almost tripped over the body that was on the floor. It looked like a man in body armor but she wasn’t sure but she saw a small metal object with a button on it next to his hand. She picked it up and pushed the button as it quickly expanded into a staff. She was slightly shocked but thought this would do for a weapon for her as she pressed a button and the ends came in again and she tucked it into her sash as she quickly started to find a way out.

She thought that she should find something to cover herself as to not scare the people that were likely outside. As she searched rooms for something to wear over her current clothing she finally found a black cloak with a hood. Ashara put it on before putting the hood up and continuing to find a way out.

She eventually came to a door to the outside and she quickly opened it as she slipped out. She moved as fast as she could away from the building trying to lose herself in the shadows. She finally stopped nearby a large warehouse as she snuck inside she wondered what the surface world would bring her in the future.  

HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Blame Meta Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Ashara (Fleshy's Secondary)   Ashara (Fleshy's Secondary) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2014 9:07 pm

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Ashara (Fleshy's Secondary)
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