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 Nomades stellarum

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PostSubject: Nomades stellarum   Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:53 pm

19:47:26(NOTICE: While I did fill out the template, I'm not "done". I plan on consistently working on this species throughout its existence, attempting to get all its available info on here. This is just the start!)

Name: (Human taxonomy:Nomades stellarum)(Commonly known as The Nomas)

Appearance: I will give a physical description by differentiating the sexes.

First, there is the Virilis (more masculine oriented, but could vary). They stands between 5'11'' and 6'1'', weighs on average 205 Ibs, is usually rather muscular in his body type, and has no nipples on his upper body. They are bipedal and humanoid looking. They have slightly tapered ears, and slightly stronger bodies then the other two sexes. Skin tone ranges from scarlet red to hot pink, but can also be dark brown/tan. They are born with unique blue markings over their body that shine a rather luminous blue at night, and have larger canines then the other two sexes. They have traditional male genitalia, and are usually the hairier of the two sexes, but that can vary greatly among themselves.

Then there is the Apis (more feminine oriented, but could vary). They also stands between 5'11'' and 6'1'', but usually weighs a tad bit more at 240Ibs(they have a higher bone density), and tends to be more lithe (at least comparatively to Pene), more lean in musculature, and has more prominent breasts for breastfeeding. They are bipedal and humanoid looking. They have rather pointed ears, and are more dexterous then the other sexes. Their skin colour ranges from scarlet red to light pink, but could also be certain shades of light blue, and the tips of their ears, nose, fingertips, and toes shine luminously blue at night, but at different intensities as they age. She has an ovipositor (an egg transferring appendage) in place of her genitalia (separate from her urinary tract), and tends to be rather hairless, or has very little bodily hair.

Then finally we have the Ortus. They stands between 5'4''-5'6'', weigh around 250 Ibs (naturally accumulating body fat and denser bodies), and tend to be very broad but rather pudgy, and, like the Pene, nipple-less. They are bipedal and humanoid. They have roundish ears, their skin colour is usually a royal blue or purple, but they can also be born alabaster white. They have a fully prehensile tail, which glows, along with their pupils, a luminous blue at night. They have a vaginal tract, which takes in both the egg from the Abelle and the sperm from the Pene as the carrier of the children, and are genetically hairless except for hair on the head, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

Two things the three sexes have in common are that they have white pupils, varying shades of irises(usually blue or green), and a black sclera, and their hair colour is generally black, purple, or blonde.

-They have a chemical within the hollows of their canine teeth, that, while on others of their species is just a way to increase intimacy, and on themselves as an aphrodisiac, on others puts them in a catatonic state anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days.
-They have a remarkable sense of smell and taste. They can differentiate between two different things with these senses. With taste, they can tell composition, age, general location where said object was made, and whether they have licked the object before. Smell-wise, they can smell individuals, and able to identify them in the future, and tell the composition of the air. So, you'll usually find a Nomas smelling and licking unlikely things!

Attitude: The Nomas are a species of natural grace, of science, of learning, and of traveling. They react to everything with intrigue and curiosity, constantly tinkering with what they find, passing stories and information along to the next person, and always moving from one place to another, with family and friends or solitary, city to city, planet to planet, star to star. They communicate through multiple means: pheromone release, changing the intensity of luminescent light on their markings, sign language, and vocal speech. They do not, however, have a form of written language.

On their home star system, they have an interesting society. The Nomas are a species of nomads, constantly moving around their planet, and in between the colonized planets. They have no centralized government, and instead have a form of socialized volunteerism mindset. The only form of representation they have is the Consello da Ciencia, technocratic councils in different regions of elected officials. They are held responsible for the distribution of certain technologies (communication, transportation, and medicinal), working with other councils for the benefits of Nomas society, and dealing with foreign parties.
 The Nomas consider themselves all one big family, and usually travel in large packs (known as Grupo de Apoio), though a smaller pack of just immediate family is not unheard of (known as Grupo Nutrir). Thi children are the centre of a family unit, followed by the Ortus, then the Apis, and finally the Virilis. However, on society as a whole, it is quite egalitarian.
 They are very culturally aware, and have a thriving central culture, dominated by music(especially using a special form of harp, that, when played, allows for a magnetic dissonance and the creation of brilliant light shows), art(especially sculpting), the environment(conservationism), body modifications, and science/technology(and its integration into all aspects of life).
 The Nomas live a life of exploration, travel, and adventure from birth. They are inherently nomadic, and very rarely settle down, shown by there very, very few cities. With the advent of inter-galactic travel, The Nomas  generally will take a ship and fly randomly into some unknown location, there curious nature compelling them to see the unseen. With the creation and advancement of the cybernet, some have uploaded their consciousness into avatars, traversing the data links.
 The Maxestoso Festival is a festival that happens every five years on the Nomas origin planet. It happens in the city of Pacem, and ancient city, and one of the very few on the planet. It is a festival that brings together all the information, stories, and wares to one place, and is a time of joy, to astound, to cry, to meet old friends, and to share wondrous stories of adventure.

 Due to their nomadic nature, they have spread throughout several galaxies of the universe as a species, and have come into contact with a variety of species. They treat other beings with respect, as well as with curiosity, going to lengths as to integrate into a society before flying off to another space, or possibly even staying.

Technology: Technology-wise, they are well beyond Earths 21st cemturies capabilities. They are capable of inter-galactic flight. Technology for them revolves around communication, transportation, medicine, and data sharing (data networks, the sharing of information, storing of information into the greater Nomas data networks, the internet). However, these are just central points, and other fields of scientific and technological prowess are quite outstanding as well. There technology is also very green, as they hold the environment and the universe to be, for lack of better words, sacred. Currently, one area that is gaining quick momentum is temporal travel.

 Some notable inventions: The Cithara Magnet (a special form of harp, that, when played, allows for a magnetic dissonance and the creation of brilliant light shows), The Notitia Input (a chip implant that connects you into the cyber networks), and the Nomadum Genus Delectabit (Also just known as the Delectabit, it is a form of inter-galactic, self-sustaining ship, that is fully integrated with other ships, is self-customizing and updating).

Backstory: -150,000 y.a.: The Nomas begin to appear near the equator of their planet.
-130,000 y.a.: Numbers are high enough to where the early tribes begin splitting into larger migratory tribes.
-90,000 y.a.: The Nomas species has entirely left tribal patterns in exghange for nomadic hunter/gatherer system.
-80,000 y.a.: Massive volcanic action on planet leaves all species, including Nomas, at low numbers.
-60,000 y.a.: Nomas become dominant species of the planet.
-25,500 y.a.: First Maxestoso Festival: Massive festival organized for exchanging of stories and selling of wares.
-18,990 y.a.: Virilis Xenocidio: Alien arrivals come, leading to a ten year genocide of the Virilis sex, until finally driven away.
-18,980 y.a.: Establishment of Consello da Paz (representative council) in the case of any further contact from the outside.
-14,000 y.a.: Establishment of Pacem(first major city) to hold the Consello da Paz and the Maxestose Festival.
-9,000 y.a.: A spiritual enlightenment ensued among the Nomas, leaning towards science as an answer to finding enlightenment.
-8,250 y.a.: A scientific revolution incurred, leading up to the advancements in medicine, astronomy, and simple machines.
-8,240 y.a.: The Consello da Paz is abolished and in place was put the Consello da Ciencia's(a series of technocratic council)
-6,300 y.a.: Technology comparable to modern day Earth is here, however most is converted for very nomadic lifestyles, with no adverse pollution (so think very green technology applied to constantly wandering people)
-6,200 y.a.: Massive meteorite crashes into the planet, leading to unstable climates for several hundred years.
-5,000 y.a.: Climate stabilizes back to pre-meteor conditions.
-4,500 y.a.: First probes are sent into space.
-4,350 y.a.: First touch down on one of the planets moons.
-4,000 y.a.: First colony sent to terraformed moon, continuing nomadic lifestyle.
-3,000 y.a.: Inter-stellar planetary travel happening. Most habital planets within the system habituated to some degree.
-2,000 y.a.: Has stayed rather constant for the past 1,000 years. Missions directed by the Consello da Ciencia has sent out ships and probes looking for other life.
-1,500 y.a.: A new fad among younger Nomas: Taking Delectabit ships out into space as a new form of nomadic travel, mapping it out and sending co-ordinates to major networking facilities back home.
-1,000 y.a.: Begins to make first contact with other alien life. (other then the previous)
-400 y.a.: The Consello de Comercio forms, working with other foreign leaders to make trading agreements, almost solely based on exchange of technology and research.
-380 y.a.: Massive influx of information burns out some major network nodes, first time this has happened.
-100 y.a.: Rising fad upon the Nomas youth: directly linking up into datalinks and the cybernet, joining as avatars and uploaded consciousness to explore the new realm.

Present: Presently, the Nomas have expanded across galaxies, and have control over there own solar empire in their origin system. They are technologically advanced, their communication, travel, and medical tech reaching some of the highest in the universe, their other tech, while not quite as  advanced, still supersedes, to an extent, Earth. Their main goal as a species is still to explore, catalog, discover, explain, and travel, to find out as much about the universe as possible. So this is what they do, mainly in the form of nomadic travel, from one star system to the next, and, with more advancements into temporal travel, they may one day reach time-travel technology as some other civilizations have done, and explore the reaches of time as well as space.
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PostSubject: Re: Nomades stellarum   Sat Aug 09, 2014 9:17 pm

oohh!! I love them! Awesome Alien application! This is what we expect and you have exceeded many of those expectations thanks to your great detail and length! Looking forward to RP'ing with one of them, having The Doctor meet them will be awesome!

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PostSubject: Re: Nomades stellarum   Sat Aug 09, 2014 9:42 pm

Ah, thank you so much, I am glad I surpasses expectation 10! I will now begin on my character.Can't wait to rp in the future!
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Nomades stellarum
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