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 The Beginning of the End

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PostSubject: Re: The Beginning of the End   The Beginning of the End I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2014 4:14 am

Sebastian was one happy alien. Or as happy as he could be. His race had given him most of his powers back, not enough to escape from earth but be able to turn into his true form. Oh, he had missed this…Seb walked through an alley, people running on either side, their screams intensified. That was the only problem, his hearing was enhanced, which made things sound really loud. He grimaced but continued walking through.

By the time he was out of the alleyway, his human form had disappeared and in it's place a red and black horned being, his jaw had extended to suit his body. Sebastian could see all the fleeing souls as a dark shadow was cast over the city. He was stood by a car but didn't look down. Sebastian was entranced by this appearance of a large foe. "Souls…" He uttered, it coming out in a hiss like manner as he spotted an ex-convict, grabbed him and sucked up his life force.

He was making the best of it, because he never knew when they would take away his power again. But someone's voice emitted from the car and finally looked, she looked scared and he quickly turned back into his human form, kept his gaze lingering for a second longer before dashing off, leaving behind a corpse and a quivering human. He was going to find whatever creature this was and destroy it.

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The Beginning of the End
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