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 Ryarya's Thief Tools

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Ryarya Black/Artemis K.

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PostSubject: Ryarya's Thief Tools   Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:20 pm

"Renegade:" A basic pistol design with a taller and wider barrel equipped to handle large shots of intense energy. It shoots large, round bursts of electrical energy that are super charged into a stable form by means of the electrically charged metal plates lining the inside of the barrel. The charged plates correspond to one of the three settings the pistol has. Setting one is a low intensity level shot that emits a powerful jolting sensation upon impact with the target. It acts similar to that of a taser charge. The only damage a setting one shot may create is a second degree burn on skin or blackened areas on objects where the shot hit. A setting two charge is designed to incapacitate the target, rendering them unconscious. This charge has a thirty five percent chance of causing slight temporal brain damage as well as a temporary inability to recall events for up to an hour in the past. A setting three charge is designed to annihilate the target. This charge contains such a high voltage that impact with the target has a certain probability of stopping the heart, killing the target. It leaves severe burns in its wake and is very lethal.

This pistol is capable of holding four ammunition clips at the same time that hold enough charge for eight shots each. The clips can be recharged by placing them into the charging socket at the back end of the pistol, which is run by solar energy. The socket can charge two clips at once, taking about ten minutes to fully charge both. It takes less time to charge one clip at a time than it does to charge two at a time.

"Wrist Display Imager:" This device may look like an ordinary smart watch, but it is actually a thermal imaging device that also doubles as a digital scanner. The screen can also be used to project small, digital maps of the surrounding area within a two mile radius. The knobs on the sides are used to select the different miniature tools that reside in separate small pockets on the underside of the screen, hidden out of sight. It contains gadgets like screwdrivers, lock picks, throwing stars, and miniature knives.

The WDI is rechargeable and only needs to be hooked up to a regular wall outlet in order to recharge, which takes about half an hour.

"Reflection Coat:" This trench coat is a reversible article of clothing that comes in a variety of colors. The outside, which is the side you wear everyday, is made of a mixture of leather and cotton. The reversible side is completely lined with clear, reflective material. It blends in easily with the surroundings and will go completely unnoticed aside from a slight haze when moving around. Simply pull the hood over your head and scrunch down into the tightest ball you can make, and you will be invisible.

"Comm Set:" This device is a standard communication channel capable of picking up signals within a 100 mile radius. It has three main channels that it can link to with a couple seconds, the rest take up to a few minutes to reach. Once a link has been established, it's very difficult to cut it off. Every channel is completely secure. The ear piece has a button on the outside that determines the status of a channel, whether it's linked or not. To establish a link, press the button once. Click it twice to end an established comm channel.

The comm set is a set life of ten years before it dies and must be replaced.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryarya's Thief Tools   Thu Aug 14, 2014 7:39 pm


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Ryarya's Thief Tools
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