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 Flesh Doctor Switch to 11th Doctor App

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PostSubject: Flesh Doctor Switch to 11th Doctor App   Flesh Doctor Switch to 11th Doctor App I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2014 11:27 am

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Character Name 11th Doctor

Species: Timelord
Age: over 1000
Gender: male
Occupation: Saving the Universe!
Status: Renegade Timelord.

Hair: Wavy Brown Hair, Long bangs that like to get into his eyes
Eyes: Blue-green
Height: 5'11"
Figure: slim, tall and lanky
Other: none
Clothing: He wears a purple-brown cashmere frock coat and a variety of waistcoats, and generally more sober colours of shirt and a red, brown, or blue bow tie because Bow Ties are cool. He also sometimes wears reading glasses that belonged to Amy Pond.

Granddaughter: Susan Foreman
Daughter: Jenny
Wife: River Song
Mother in Law: Amy Pond/Williams
Father in Law: Rory Williams/Pond
Personality:The Eleventh Doctor seems to bounce off the walls sometimes. He is adventurous and funny, and sometimes acts childlike. He has some troubles focusing on one thing, although he is also capable of putting his mind to one thing. He is very clever, but sometimes totally oblivious to certain things, such as when Amy was coming onto him very strongly and he didn't understand what she was saying. He enjoys helping people even though they sometimes don’t realize they need help, or don't want his help. If you hurt someone he cares about, he will show a darker side and come after you with all his being. He is also a little depressed about losing his best friends, Amy and Rory Pond/Williams. After this, he became a somewhat secretive person, sometimes guileful, for the sake of himself and those he held close, because he didn't want to let anyone else get close to him where they might get hurt because of him. However, his intense curiosity led him to investigate the 'Impossible girl' and he began to come out of his shell again, and after finding Clara for the third time, and getting her to join him, he his happiness began to return.
Strengths: Clever, Smart, ability to think on my feet when my first or tenth plan fails.
Weakness: I can care too much which can lead me into trouble. I try to help everyone. I am always running away from things that I don’t want to deal with.
Likes: Finding new things, helping people in need, Bow Ties, Fezzes.
Dislikes: Violence and losing people that I care about.
Dream: Bringing Gallifrey back

The Doctor was born on Gallifrey, home planet of the Time Lords, "the oldest and most mighty race in the universe." The Doctor wanted to be an explorer since the time he was very young. When he was eight, the Doctor was taken from his family and made to stare into the Untempered Schism as part of a Time Lord initiation rite, and reacted by running away. During his first year at the Academy, the Doctor gained a troublesome reputation by trapping his teacher in a time-loop for a day. Bullied at school, the Doctor was for a time forced to to do the bully's navigational homework as he was too stupid to do it himself. Later, the Doctor deliberately scraped through the Academy with the bare minimum marks on the last permitted attempt, passing his qualifying exams to become a Time Lord with only 51% — the lowest possible pass mark — on the second attempt. This was so as not to draw undue attention to himself, so he could eventually have the freedom to leave Gallifrey because he realised that with one unofficial ambassador already out in the universe, the Time Lords would not allow anyone else to go. The Doctor left the Gallifreyan equivalent of primary school aged forty-five. At the age of ninety, he visited the Medusa Cascade.

Eventually the Doctor left Gallifrey with his granddaughter Susan. They stole a Mark 40 Tardis, on the advice from a variation of Clara Oswald, and went on many adventures together before Susan enrolled in Coal Hill school in London, in the year 1963 on Earth. One day two of her teachers, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, became concerned about her, and followed her home where they were abducted by the Doctor when they went into the Tardis. They soon came to be good friends with the Doctor through their many adventures together. Eventually, however, Susan met a young man named David. She fell in love with him, but she was torn between staying and marrying him and staying with the Doctor. It was very difficult for him to do it, but the Doctor locked her out of the Tardis and told her to build a life there with David. After several more adventures with Ian and Barbara, along with a few other companions, the Doctor finally ended up using one of the Dalek's time machines to return Ian and Barbara to their proper time. He took on a few more companions, and then after facing Cybermen for the first time, He was forced to regenerate into his second body.

As the Second Doctor, he was different than his first incarnation. While he was fairly nice on the outside, he had a darker side that he hid from most people. He travelled with a number of companions. He had several adventures with his previous incarnation's last companions, Ben Jackson and Polly Wright, before he met Jamie McCrimmon, who joined him for the remainder of his time as the Second Doctor. After a while, Ben and Polly left, to be replaced by Victoria Waterfield, a woman who was orphaned by the Daleks. Before long, she left as well, and the Doctor made a new friend in the mentally gifted Zoe Heriot. At some point he also travelled with his grandchildren, John and Gillian. Eventually, he called on the Timelords to help him defeat the War Lord. Although they helped him, they also forced him to regenerate and then exhiled him to Earth, for breaking their non-interference policy so many times.

As the Third Doctor, he was exiled on Earth for most his incarnation this left him frustrated and bitter. Though, he continued to have compassion toward his human companions. The Doctor worked for UNIT as their unpaid scientific advisor. He remained in their service even after his exile was ended. Unlike his earlier incarnations, he was eager to engage others physically. The Doctor was aided by Sergeant John Benton, Captain Michael Yates and Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. He was also assisted by Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, but she eventually left to pursue her own work.  After Liz left, Jo Grant became his next assistant. The Doctor found her a most useful companion in his adventures during and after his exile. She eventually left UNIT to marry Clifford Jones, and in the Doctor's final year with UNIT, the Doctor was joined by inquisitive newswoman Sarah Jane Smith. His greatest enemy during this time was a fellow Time Lord called the Master. Although the Master intentions were mostly evil, the Doctor thought of relationship as a friendly rivalry. They sometimes even teamed up but in the end the Master always went back to his evil self. The Third Doctor regenerated after being exposed to large amounts of radiation.

The Fourth Doctor was filled with wanderlust and a renewed curiosity towards exploring time and space. He was anxious to get away from his exhile on Earth, and set out with his companion Sarah Jane Smith. However, when the Doctor was summoned to Gallifrey, he had to leave Sarah behind due to humans not being allowed on Gallifrey at that time. After leaving Gallifrey, he met and travelled with Leela of the Sevateem. Shortly after that, a robot dog called K-9 joined the Doctor on his travels, and they had a few adventures before the Doctor had to go back to Gallifrey, where he began looking for the Key to Time with fellow Time Lady Romana and K9 Mark II. After that, the Doctor, Romana, and K-9 had to run from the Black Guardian. Shortly after that, Romana regenerated and they continued to travel with the Doctor. After some time, they met Adric, then Nyssa and Tegan. They successfully prevented the destruction of the universe by the Master, which caused the Doctor to have to regenerate again.

The regeneration for the Fifth Doctor was a very difficult one, and it came close to failing. To help him, his companions took him to the Zero Room to stabilise. Like his first two incarnations, the Fifth Doctor often travelled with multiple companions. However, this usually provided a lot of conflict, and the Doctor was usually caught in the middle between his companion's various personalities and arguments. The Fifth Doctor traveled with Adric, Tegan Jovanka, Turlough, Nyssa, Peri Brown, and an Egyption Pharoah named Erimem. Nyssa was with this Doctor longest, but when he finally regenerated, it was Peri who was traveling with him. The Doctor gave his fifth life for Peri, after they were both poisoned with spectrox toxaemia, and he gave the only dose of antidote to Peri. To save his own life, he regenerated.

The Sixth Doctor started his life out by nearly strangling his companion, Peri Brown, due to the regenerative process causing him to temporarily lose his mind. It took a long while before he and Peri returned to being friends, but evenually they became close again, with Peri turning to the Doctor for comfort after her mother's death. The Sixth Doctor was rather arrogant, careless, dramatic, self-absorbed, driven and stubborn, but he also had a gentler side, with a large amount of compassion, and warmth. He would often use his sharp wit to intimidate others into submission and believed himself superior to almost anyone he encountered. Long after a Timelord trial in which the Doctor prosecuted The Valeyard, the Rani attacked the Tardis and caused him to regenerate into his next body.

The Seventh Doctor started out with Melanie Bush, but after several adventures with him she left. After Melanie had gone, the Doctor met Ace, a troubled teen girl from the 1980s. He became a mentor to her and tried to help her get over her fears and past deeds. He meant to take her home, but instead they ended up traveling together for many years. Sadly, their close friendship began to fall apart as secrets and death tore them apart, and eventually Ace left. After many more years, the Doctor landed in San Francisco in 1999, where he was shot by some gang members the moment he stepped out of the Tardis. He was taken to the hospital, and immediately put in the Operating Room for surgery. Despite him telling the doctors that he had two hearts, they ignored this and used Anesthesia on him, which nearly prevented the regenerative process. When his circulatory system was fatally damaged during the surgery, he was pronounced dead and put in the morgue. Due to the anaesthetic nearly destroying the regenerative process, his regeneration was delayed for several hours but he finally regenerated in the middle of the night after hours, scaring the young medical examiner who was working late. It is largely due to this experience that the Doctor very much dislikes hospitals, in his later regenerations.

The Eighth Doctor suffered from total amnesia on the first, but with the help of a temporary companion who was also the surgeon who accidentally killed his seventh body, he stopped the Master from accomplishing his evil scheme. The Eight Doctor's life was full of time paradoxes and parallel universes and bouts of amnesia. Sometimes he would live in one place for hundreds of years, but he was generally a happy adventurer, and made many friends over his adventures. Once he even made friends with an Ice Warrior named Ssard, who joined him in his travels for a time. He had such strong affections for humans that he claimed that his mother was a human, although it was really just a lie to trick the Master. He often showed human emotions, and adopted a daughter named Miranda Dawkins. He also fell in love with his companion Charlotte Pollard, but after another companion, C'rizz, sacrificed his life to save the Doctor, Charlotte parted ways with the Doctor. For a while the Doctor visited with his granddaughter Susan, but when he offered to take her along on his travels, she declined. After the death of his companion Lucy, the Doctor became a very angry and broken man. After many more adventures, the Doctor saw that the Last Great Time War was developing. Fearful he would lose everything he held dear in joining the war, the Doctor fled from the war and tried to have nothing to do with it. He avoided fighting in the Time War for many years, but eventually he couldn't stay away from it anymore. When he tried to help a young woman escape from her ship that was about to crash into the planet Karn, she refused to let him help her when she found out he was a Timelord, stating that they were as bad as Daleks. They were both killed in the crash, but the Sisterhood of Karn recovered his body and revived him long enough that he could regenerate.

The Ninth Doctor was the sole survivor of the Last Great Time War. He was somewhat tormented with the painful knowledge of what he had done to end the war, however. Emotionally haunted by this, he tended to brood on things and act crossly to those who rubbed him the wrong way. Despite this, he was usually cheery and quite friendly towards anyone he took a liking to, such as Rose Tyler, his most constant companion. He also shared several adventures with Jack Harkness, and during the Slitheen's attempt to destroy the Earth for profit, he was helped by Rose's mother Jackie, Rose's ex-boyfriend Mickey, and Harriet Jones who would later go on to become Prime Minister. In his last adventure as the Ninth Doctor, he sent Rose back home to her mother, against her will, to save her from what appeared like an unavoidable death for them all, she refused to accept that and was determined to help him. She opened the heart of the Tardis and looked into it, absorbing the time vortex energy which briefly turned her into the Bad Wolf entity. This enabled her to return to the future where the Doctor was facing two hundred Dalek ships, and she defeated the daleks by scattering all the Daleks and the Emperor's atoms into dust, and therefore ended the Time War. However, the Doctor knew that the vortex energy would kill rose, and so he drew the time vortex from her body and into his before sending it back into the heart of the TARDIS. In doing this, he saved Rose, but it caused massive damage to his body at the cellular level which forced him to have to regenerate.

The Tenth Doctor was generally outgoing, lively, and bold. He was also very protective of those he held dear, and mostly hid his guilt at what he did to stop the Time War. At the start of his tenth life, he fought a Sycorax leader andhis hand was severed during the sword fight but grew back because he was still in his first fifteen hours of regeneration. He travelled mainly with three companions: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble. All three of these relationships were shaped to some degree by romance. He genuinely loved Rose, the person who helped heal some of his emotional scars left from the Time War. Sadly, she was trapped in a parallel universe where he could never see her again. With Martha, he was completely oblivious to her obvious affections toward him, and she eventually left because she couldn't take it anymore, after spending a year traveling the world while he was held captive by the Master, and eventually saving the Doctor and helping him stop the Master. When Donna joined the Doctor as his new companion, they were both quick to rule out the possibility of a romantic involvement, making their companionship very different from that of the Doctor's most recent companions. He was happy to have just a friend, and they had several adventures together. In their last adventure together, she was locked inside the TARDIS, which was being sent to it's destruction in the Crucible's pit. When she touched the Doctor's severed hand that had been filled with regenerative energy, a new Doctor was born from it. The meta-crisis made Donna part-Time Lord, becoming the DoctorDonna. To save her life, the Doctor was forced to wipe her memories after this, and took her home to her family. After Donna, the Doctor traveled alone for a while, though he occassionally took on temporary companions. In the end the Doctor once again saved the Earth from the Master and also from the returning of the Timelords but to do so he took in radiation to his body causing him to regenerate.

The Eleventh Doctor started his life in a burning and crashing TARDIS that had happened due to regeneration of his previous form. He crashed the TARDIS into the front yard of a young girl named Amelia Pond.  He learned that there was a crack in her bedroom wall that he soon found out was not a normal crack; it was a crack in the fabric of Space and Time. When he opened it he unwittingly let out a prisoner that escaped into a nearby bedroom. Around the same time the TARDIS had rebuilt itself and The Doctor decided he wanted to take the TARDIS for a test drive to make sure everything was working. Though he told Pond that he would be right back he actually didn’t return until much later finding that Amelia had grown up and become very annoyed with him. He saved the Earth from the Prisoner that he let loose and decided to take Amy on a few adventures.

He brought Amy back to the night he took her and found it was the night before her wedding. He tracked down her fiancé, Rory, and brought him back to Amy where he decided to take both of them on adventures. During this time he once again met up with River Song, who had still refused to tell him who she was to him. Also during this time when The Doctor, Amy and Rory encountered a Silurian colony under Wales, after The Doctor had saved Earth from the threat one of the remaining awake Silurians tried to kill the Doctor but Rory jumped in front of him taking the shot. Another Crack in the Fabric of Time and Space had appeared nearby and the Doctor literally pulled Amy away from her fiancé and locking her in the TARDIS. Rory ended up being consumed by the crack erasing him from history and memory.

He continued travelling with Amy alone taking her on more adventures. As they adventured the cracks showed up more and more. In fact in one instance a crack showed up in the TARDIS and the Doctor reached in and pulled out a piece of the TARDIS which made him more worried. The Doctor took Amy to the place that had the earliest known writing in the Universe. When they got there, the Doctor found that River had defaced it showing him coordinates. When the Doctor went there he found himself confronted by Roman soilders who took him to see River who explained that she had found something called the Pandorica. The Doctor explained to Amy about how he had only thought that it was a myth, soon after they found that a bunch of former enemies of the Doctor had shown up as the Pandorica started opening up. Soon after that a group of Roman soilders showed up to help the Doctor’s group, it turned out that they were led by none other than Rory Williams but Amy still did not remember him. The Doctor sent River with the TARDIS to investigate a theory that he had, she found out that the Roman soliders including Rory were robots and Pandorica was a trap for the Doctor. Rory finally got Amy to remember him but his programing was activated and he ended up killing her, thankfully the Doctor came back from the future and gave him his Sonic and gave him instructions on how to save Amy. In the end the Doctor saved the Universe once again but creating a second Big Bang. It was also thanks to Amy that she got her parents back and in the end it was her who brought the Doctor back into existence on her wedding day.

After that happened a future version of the Doctor invited Amy, Rory and River to a place in America in the middle of nowhere for a picnic. While they were talking an astronaut came out of a lake nearby and the Doctor told all of them to not interfere as he walked over to and it and started talking when the Astronaut lifted its arm and shot the Doctor and as he started to regenerate it shot him again killing him. Amy was devastated and they burned the Doctor’s body and found out that there was meant to be one more person there. When they went in search of the person they found the present day Doctor. Amy wanted to tell him what they had just saw but River stopped her telling her it would be best not to. The Doctor decided to travel with Amy, Rory and River, their next stop was into the Oval office of President Nixon. It was during this time the group met a species called the Silence which you forgot about as soon as you looked away. They also ran into the Astronaut that had killed the Doctor, Amy tried to kill the Astronaut but failed. Amy found out that there was a little girl in the suit and she tried to get River to tell the Doctor about it but she still refused to tell them. In the end the Doctor planted a device into the Apollo rocket which made humans want to kill the Silence as soon as they see them ending their threat for the time being. The next adventure took The Doctor, Amy and Rory to an island that a being that was living Flesh. The Doctor and his companions were faced with Gangers of the works on the island after a solar storm had damaged the machinery causing the gangers to be able to move without the humans. Unknown to the Doctor the Flesh had created a created a Flesh copy of him. Amy did not like this Flesh copy but the Doctor switched places with him for a time and found out that he was going to get killed from Amy which made him angry. In the end the Doctor once again saved the day but at the cost of his own ganger. The Doctor also realized that the Amy Pond that was travelling with him was a Flesh copy as well, before he soniced it into goop he told her that they would find her.  The Doctor and Rory set out in a mission to save Amy and her baby which the Doctor found out about but didn’t tell Rory until then. They gathered up friends of the Doctor and set out and succeed in saving Amy but not her Daughter. At the end of the battle, River showed up and explained why she couldn’t be there, it was because she was Amy and Rory’s daughter. The Doctor and his two companions continued adventuring together including finding out that River was half Timelord and they witnessed her taking the form of River before saving the Doctor from certain death using the rest of her regenerative energy.  After a few more adventures it was time for the Doctor to face the day of his death but the Doctor had a plan but River had a different plan she changed history which made all of History to happen all in one time. The Doctor finally convinced River to let history happen as was after he married her he showed her that he was actually inside a robot and was safe. In the end River killed the Doctor just as she was trained to but the real Doctor was still alive he said he was going to lay low for a while.

After a Weeping Angel stole Amy and Rory from him, the Doctor attempted to retire from saving the universe, hiding in Victorian London. Despite several attempts from his friends to bring him out of his depression, he refused to come out of retirement. This changed, however, when he met a woman named Clara Oswald, who had supposedly died in the Asylum of the Daleks after being turned into a Dalek. Unfortunately, she once again died, and he returned to his depression. Later, when he received a call from the same woman, from somewhere in the future, he realized that she was alive somewhere in the universe, and so he set off to solve the mystery of her multiple lives, and asked her to join him as his latest travelling companion.

During his travels with Clara, he was forced to reveal to her his most dreaded secret: an incarnation he had kept hidden, and the one he felt had betrayed the name of "the Doctor". With Clara, he met his tenth incarnation as well as his secret incarnation. They re-entered the Time War on Gallifrey, where he found out that, because of Clara, he and his past incarnations had actually saved the Time Lords from destruction, rather than destroying them himself. He had lost his knowledge his happening, however, which was why he had thought for so long that he was responsible for destroying them. After learning that he had saved them, he was able to stop feeling the guilt of a genocide he never actually commited, and happily accepted the secret incarnation he once renounced.

In his last adventure, he was brought to Trenzalore, where he lived out the last years of his life fighting against the enemies who wanted to kill him and destroy the planet. He fought to protect the planet of Trenzalore for hundreds of years, while sending Clara home in the Tardis, though she tried to get the Tardis to take her back to him. His body grew old and weak during his time on Trenzalore, and at the point when he was dying of old age, Clara managed to come back to help him, and convinced the Time Lords help him. They granted him a new regeneration cycle just in time to save him as his enemies were about to kill him. To save himself, he regenerated into his next incarnation, and his eleventh life was over.

After he had regenerated he found that he was actually still alive standing in the TARDIS, which left him somewhat confused until he stepped out of the TARDIS and heard a man speaking. The Man was talking about how he had made it possible for past regenerations to continue on living and to eventually die. The rest of the Doctors and himself pushed the man into a black hole before walking back to the TARDIS to continue his journeys.

After a time the Doctor learned that his Flesh copy had survived and was on Earth basically acting like him. He decided to go and meet him and gain the memories from him about how he survived etc. It took him awhile but he finally tracked him down after talking to Fleshy he felt like it would be a good idea. So during the transfer of memories unknown to both of them there were massive sun flares happening again just like when Fleshy was made. Due to the activity the process was slightly affected when it ended the Doctor thought he was the Flesh Doctor instead of the real Doctor. He walked away from experience believing he was the Flesh Doctor and lived like he was.

(10 allowed me to attempt to apply for 11)
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