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 Clara Oswald

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PostSubject: Clara Oswald   Clara Oswald I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2014 10:17 pm

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Character Name: Clara Oswin Oswald

Species: Human
Age: 24
Birthday: November 23, 1989
Gender: female
Occupation: Clara Oswald was a nanny and later a secondary school teacher. Victorian Clara was a governess, and Oswin served as "Junior Entertainment Manager."
Status: companion

Face: Clara has a face that is the shape of a slightly wide oval, with her chin slightly pointed and angles upward, making her jawline making her jawline appear slightly squared. She has a straight nose that turns up just a little at the end, a mouth that is just a little wider than some, and slightly high, wide cheekbones that give the impression of apple cheeks and, thus, a lingering smile. Faint dimples can be seen when she smiles, and she smiles often.
Hair: Her pretty brown hair is mostly straight, and comes just past her shoulders, curling a little at the ends. She often wears it down, tied up in a ponytail or up in a bun. She usually has it parted, slightly offset from the middle, and has one side of her hair swept across her forehead to the side, sometimes tucked behind her ear.
Eyes: She has big, round eyes that are usually filled with curiosity. Her chocolate-brown eyes are framed by long lashes that accentuate her look of curiosity and make her appear open and trustworthy, sometimes also giving her an innocent look. Her eyebrows arch gently over her eyes, with the inner half of each slanting downward slightly, giving a somewhat mischievous look.
Height: 5'2"
Figure: She has a petite hourglass type figure, with well-shaped legs seeming slightly long in comparison with the rest of her body. She has small feet to go with her petite frame, and slender, nimble fingers.
Other: none
Clothing: She wears very little makeup, if any. She sometimes wears a variety of jewelry including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Dresses are her usual choice of clothing, along with tights, jackets and skirts. She regularly carries around a red bag with a strap over her shoulder, which usually holds her keepsake book that used to belong to her mother.

Dave Oswald
Ellie Oswald - deceased
Personality:Clara is sharp and quick-witted, exceptionally intelligent, and somewhat feisty. She is also brave can be selfless, but also strong willed. She has a slightly flirtatious nature and is a talented actress, being able to pretend convincingly that she was at ease with her situation by making cheeky and flirty remarks. She can also change the sound of her voice easily, adding further to her ability to hide her true feelings. While she is a little wary of strangers, she also has a bit of a reckless streak, and she has a very strong sense of curiosity and adventure. She is also a good strategist, and she can use anything around her to her advantage, and she has a dedication to helping children and anyone else in need.
Strengths: good with children, good strategist, can use anything around her to her advantage, good with computers/hacking(gained this ability after being uploaded by a Spoonhead in the Bells of St John, these skills were also demonstrated by her echo Oswin in Asylum of the Daleks).
Weakness: Not very good at cooking/baking(she often attempted to bake souffles but was unsuccessful, also had difficulty baking a Christmas dinner), She is also afraid of being lost(she  told Merry Galel that she used to be afraid of getting lost and she kept repeating the phrase "I don't know where I am" while falling through the Doctor's timeline, she also repeated it when she was uploaded and when she faced the truth of having become a Dalek, as Oswin)
Likes: Clara enjoys Soufflés, reading(One of her favorite books was 101 Places to See, and  Summer Falls by Amelia Williams ), she also loves Sunday School, and children
Dislikes: Snakes, not knowing where she is, being called small(The Doctor referred to her as being small although she disproved him by saying that she was average height and that the Doctor was long and stringy. She also commented that she may be small on the outside but she was not small on the inside)
Dream: She had a keen interest to travel, which was what she intended to do after her brief visit to the Maitlands, although when the children's mother died, she decided to stay and help look after the children instead, foregoing her plans to travel.

History: A long time ago, a man named Dave Oswald was walking along the sidewalk. Suddenly, a leaf became loose from its tree and blew into the man's face and nearly caused him to be hit by a car. A woman named Ellie Ravenswood quickly pushed him out of the way of the car, saving his life. They began to talk, and in time Dave and Ellie got married and had a baby girl, who they named Clara.

Clara was born on November 23rd, 1989 in Lancashire, England. She had a pleasant childhood, and as a child she loved to attend Sunday School. She was taught by a nice lady teacher in a small church room that she remembered as smelling of oak polish, and had felt-tip coloring on the walls. Once as a very small child, she was playing in the park with her parents and kicked a ball which accidentally hit a stranger on the head. This stranger turned out to be the eleventh Doctor, and he didn't seem to mind getting kicked in the head with a ball.

Later, when Clara was a little older, she spoke to him again but didn't realize that she had met him before. She was on the swings and noticed the man on the swings seemed sad, so she talked to him and asked why he was sad. They had a brief conversation about finding things that had been lost, and young Clara gave him advice on how to find his lost friend. Her mother scolded her slightly for speaking to a stranger, and she waved to the Doctor as she left with her mother.

At some point in her childhood the Oswald family went on vacation to Blackpool beach, during a bank holiday. During their vacation, Clara became separated from her parents and got lost. She was terrified, as this was her worst fear. But eventually her mother found her, much to Clara's relief. Ellie comforted Clara by telling her that she would always find her, wherever she was. The rest of their vacation went without incident, and the family had a good time at the beach.

However, tragedy came when Clara was 15. In early March, 2005 Ellie Oswald was shopping in London when all of the manikins in the shop windows started coming to life and killing people. Fortunately, they were soon stopped by Rose and the Doctor, but not before Ellie was killed. Clara was devastated by her mother's death. Clara and her father attended the funeral, and Clara was comforted by her father Dave.
(source: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Rose was reported missing probably the day after she left with the Doctor, after dealing with the autons. Ellie Oswald's gravestone shows her death being the day before rose was reported missing)

She occasionally visited her mother's grave, and at one point in her adult life she visited the graveyard with her friend, and in reply to something her friend said, she stated, "I don't believe in ghosts." This was an ironic statement, because unknown to her, she had just passed a gravestone for her 19th century self.

Later, after she had finished University, she was planning to travel. Just before setting off on her travels she spent a week with a family friend in Chiswick, London to help look after the children. Sadly, while she was visiting the Maitlands, the children's mother died. Clara felt obliged to stay and remain nanny for the family, because she didn't want to abandon the family when they needed her.

She remained there for about a year, before something strange happened. She was trying to connect to the internet, despite having little knowledge of it. It didn't seem to be working, so she called the number that was given to her by a woman in the shop. This caused the phone in the Tardis to ring, and she spoke with the Doctor for tech support. Despite him trying to help her with connecting, she clicked on a wrong link and started getting uploaded by the minions of the Great Intelligence. The Doctor showed up and stopped them from fully uploading her, and after this, Clara possessed extensive knowledge of computers and hacking, which surpassed even what the Doctor was capable of.

She then went with the Doctor and helped stop a plane crash that was a result of the pilot and others having been uploaded as well, and once that was safe they skipped through the night to the next morning, where she and the Doctor had breakfast. Unfortunately, just after locating the culprit in the Shard, she was uploaded again, fully this time, and began to panic when she didn't know where she was. The Doctor rescued her, and then she talked with him a little bit. He asked her to travel with him, and she surprised him by turning him down and asking him to come back the next day.

She had her things packed and ready to go when he came back the next day, and she agreed eagerly this time. When asked where she wanted to go, she blanked out for a moment before telling him she wanted to go 'somewhere awesome'. He took her to see the Rings of Ahkaten, where she met the young Queen of Years, Merry Galel, who was scared to sing. Clara comforted her and helped her not to feel so nervous, but then the girl was taken by the mummy. She and the Doctor hurried to rescue her, but to do so, Clara had to give up her mother's ring, which had extreme sentimental value to her. Afterwards, she was forced to sacrifice something even more precious: the leaf that brought her parents together, the 'most important leaf in human history'.

Next she traveled with him to a Soviet submarine called the Firebird, at the North Pole in 1983, where the Tardis vanished and stranded them there. They discovered that the Ice Warrior Grand Marshall, Skaldak, had been brought on board, frozen in ice for hundreds of years. The Doctor tried to convince the submarine's crew to be peaceful to him, but while he was trying to talk to them, Lieutenant Stepashin stunned Skaldak with a cattle prod. Knowing that this would cause the Ice Warrior to kill them all, the Doctor ordered the crew to imprison Skaldak. Then they tried to decide on someone who could go and try to talk to him and convince him that they meant him no harm. Clara volunteered, being the only one that wouldn't be seen as a warrior. Under the Doctor's guidance, she went in to talk to him, but then discovered that Skaldak had managed to escape by leaving his suit, and threatened to launch the submarine's nuclear missiles which would destroy the Earth. The Doctor and Clara managed to make him hesitate his decision, and Skaldak and the submarine were rescued by an Ice Warrior ship. Skaldak left and remotely disarmed the submarine. The Doctor then explained that he had activated the Tardis' Hostile Action Displacement System which had caused it to dematerialize and go to the South Pole.

Next Clara went with the Doctor to Caliburn House, where she met Major Alec Palmer and the psychic Emma Grayling, who were investigating the house being supposedly haunted by the "Witch of the Well" for many years. She went with the Doctor when he went from the beginning of Earth, to the End, taking pictures at various points. After the Doctor went to a pocket universe to rescue Hila Tacorien, Clara argued with the Tardis interface and convinced the Tardis to go into the pocket universe to rescue the Doctor, who was trapped there.

When the Doctor wasn't around, the TARDIS demonstrated her antagonism toward Clara by deleting her bedroom and creating a holographic leopard while she was in the bathroom. After this, Clara made an arrangement with the Doctor, that he would pick her up every Wednesday and they would have adventures, but she wouldn't travel aboard the TARDIS full-time because she had responsibilities on Earth.

Later, when the Doctor was trying to teach Clara how to fly the Tardis in an effort to help them get along, he took the shields down and the Tardis was caught in a magnetic hobble-field from a space salvage ship, operated by the Van Baalen Bros. Clara was trapped on board the Tardis, and had to run from time zombies, and eventually the Doctor rescued her and they went to the engine room, where the Doctor asked her about her past lives, having met her twice before, and witnessing her dying both times. Clara was confused, and frightened by the Doctor saying this, and the Doctor realized that she really didn't know what he was talking about. He fixed the problem with the Tardis by going back in time and giving himself a message that told him how to stop this from happening. Clara's memory of this event was altered, and it was as if this adventure didn't happen. The Doctor explained that two days had been compressed into the space of one, which was why she felt tired.

Next Clara went with the Doctor to 1833, where they investigated a new town called Sweetville. Unfortunately, while investigating the town, Clara and the Doctor were taken by the guards into a creepy dungeon, where they were lowered down into a strange red liquid known as "the Crimson Horror". Afterwards, Clara was hypnotized and became one of the servant girls in the town. After Jenny Flint rescued the Doctor from being held by the villain, Ada Gillyflower, they eventually found Clara's fossil as a porcelain doll inside a glass dome in one of the Sweetville houses. The Doctor broke the glass, took Clara out and pulled her out of her "puppet" condition.

After dealing with Mrs. Gillyflower and Mr. Sweet, the Doctor brought Clara back to the 21st century to the Maitland family house, where Clara discovered that Angie and Artie, the children she looked after, had seen some photos from her adventures with the Doctor on her laptop. As they were showing  her the photos, Clara saw a picture of one of her past lives, Clara Oswald, in Victorian London. She was confused because the person in the picture looked just like her, but she knew it couldn't have been her. Before she could think more about it, the kids begged her to take them to an adventure, or else they would tell their father that their nanny was a time traveler. Clara, gave in, feeling that she didn't have much of a choice.

The Doctor, trying to take them to someplace where they wouldn't be in danger, he took Clara, Artie and Angie to the abandoned theme park, Hedgewick's World of Wonders. Unfortunately, they didn't know that there were cybermen lurking in the park. They captured the children, and the Doctor put Clara in charge of the soldiers who were stationed on the planet as a punishment, and they began to fight the Cybermen the best the could while the Doctor worked on defeating them by playing a game of chess to stop the Cyber-Planner, Mr Clever, from taking over his mind. After they had rescued the children, they were transmatted onto a ship just before the planet was blown up to stop the cybermen. The Doctor returned Clara, Artie and Angie home, after Clara turned down the Emperor's offer of marriage.

One day while she was at home, Clara got a letter from Madame Vastra, which was laced with a soporific that took her into a "conference call". There, she met Vastra, Jenny, Strax, and River, who was a ghost. There, she learned that a murderer named Clarence DeMarco had said "The Doctor has a secret, you know. He has one he will take to the grave. And it is discovered." before showing Vastra the co-ordinates to where the Doctor's tomb was. The group's conference was interrupted by the Whisper Men attempting to murder Jenny, but River woke up Vastra and Strax before they could be killed as well. The Great Intelligence appeared and told Clara that the Doctor had to come to his grave on Trenzalore to save his friends.

When Clara woke up from the conference, River stayed connected and helped her show the Doctor a secret passage on Trenzalore, to get into the Tardis which had become the Doctor's tomb in the future. While inside, Clara began to remember the events of the deleted timeline, where the Doctor had told her about her multiple lives. It frightened her a little, but they eventually made it into the tomb. The Great Intelligence showed up again, and demanded that the Doctor say his true name or else all his friends would be killed. However, River spoke it instead, so that no one would hear it and the Doctor wouldn't have to say it.

Inside the tomb, the Intelligence entered the Doctor's timeline and began to rewrite history, changing all of the Doctor's victories into failures, and the Doctor started to die. To save him, and the rest of the universe, Clara went into the Doctor's timeline, which resulted in her being scattered across time and space. This action projected her across time, creating many other versions of her that saved the Doctor time and time again. However, she started to panic when she didn't know where she was, and the Doctor went in to save her and brought her out. After leaving the Doctor's timeline, Clara could only remember bits and pieces of her echoes' lives. Some memories were more vivid, others she only recalled as dreams.

In one of these alternate lives, she was Oswin, who traveled on the ship called the Alaska. It wrecked on the Dalek Asylum planet, and while the crew were turned into Dalek puppets because of the nanocloud, Oswin was fully converted due to her extreme intelligence. Unable to cope with being turned into a dalek, Oswin created a dreamworld in which she was the sole survivor of the Alaska crew, and had been surviving and passing the time by baking souffles and causing destruction to the Daleks. When the Doctor, Amy, and Rory arrived, she guided her would-be rescuers through the asylum. To save the Doctor from being exterminated in the 'Intensive Care Unit', she hacked into the Dalek's systems and deleted every memory they had of the Doctor. Unfortunately, when the Doctor arrived to save her, and saw that she was actually a Dalek, she began to remember. She nearly gave in to the mental conditioning, but then she broke into tears and stopped herself from killing him, and helped him to escape, putting the shields down so the Daleks could destroy the Asylum while the Doctor and his friends teleported back up to the Dalek ship and inside the Tardis.

In another of her alternate lives, she was Clara Oswin Oswald, a bar maid who was living a double life as a governess in Victorian London. She met the Doctor and they stopped some hostile snowmen from attacking, then she followed him to where he had hidden the Tardis. She then went back to where she worked as a governess, and convinced the Doctor to come investigate the pond that the former governess had drowned in and then rescued Clara and the children from the Ice Governess, who had been created from the frozen corpse of the drowned woman. Clara helped him fight her, and went with the Doctor up to where he had parked the Tardis on a cloud. She was killed when the Ice Governess followed them up and grabbed Clara, causing her to fall to the ground to her death.

In another alternate life, she met the first Doctor on Gallifrey, where he was about to steal a Tardis with his granddaughter Susan. She suggested that he steal a mark 40 Tardis instead of the one Susan had gone into, because she said it would be more fun.

In her original life, after the adventure which resulted in Clara entering the Doctor's timeline and creating the many echos of herself, she was celebrating Christmas with her family. She called the Doctor in to pose as her boyfriend, having told her family that she had a boyfriend. Then she got pulled into another adventure which put them on the planet Trenzalore, in the town called Christmas. The town was surrounded by a truth field, which caught both Clara and the Doctor off guard. When the Doctor realized that the message coming through the crack in time and space that he had gone to investigate was actually the Timelords asking him to speak his name so that they could come through, he discovered that all his enemies were gathered around waiting to start a war which would kill him and destroy the universe. Unwilling to leave the town defenseless, the Doctor sent Clara to the Tardis with instructions to insert a device in the console.

She didn't realize that he was sending her home, so when she stepped out of the Tardis and saw that she was back home, she quickly turned back and attempted to go back into the Tardis, but was frozen to the outside because the Tardis was already in the process of returning to the Doctor. 300 years after leaving, the Tardis returned to Trenzalore with Clara still hanging on to the outside. She found the Doctor had aged a lot, and had been defending the town for all that time. Clara begged him to let someone else take up the job of protecting the planet and change the future they saw where he died in battle on Trenzalore, but he refused. Clara watched the planet's brief sunrise with him, during which Handles died and the two were invited by Tasha to return to the Papal Mainframe, which turned out to be a trap. They found out that Tasha had already been turned into a Dalek puppet, and attempted to kill them but Clara and the Doctor managed to help her overcome the Dalek influence and regain control of herself.

After being teleported back onto Trenzalore, the Doctor took Clara home again. Although Clara made the Doctor promise not to leave her behind again, he did just that, leaving her devastated. At dinner, Clara had her grandmother repeat the story of how she fell for her grandfather. She was relieved to hear the TARDIS again, and rushed outside to find that it was Tasha piloting the TARDIS, not the Doctor. Tasha returned her to Trenzalore some time further into the future than she left, where Clara discovered that the Daleks had overrun most of the town's defenses. Tasha told Clara to go find the Doctor, as he shouldn't have to die alone, so she found him and was sad to see how old and weak he had become. When the Daleks demanded that the Doctor surrender, he agreed but asked Clara to stay behind so he could at least have one last victory by saving her. Clara, however, was desperate to change the future and save the Doctor. She went to the crack and through it, she begged the Time Lords to help him, saying that "the Doctor" was the only name of his that mattered, and that if they cared about him at all, they should save him. Because of Clara's pleading, the other Time Lords decided to help him, granting him a new regeneration cycle just in time to save him from the Daleks, which helped him to defeat them.

Unable to find the Doctor afterward, Clara ran to the Tardis and found him there, restored to youth. She watched in confusion as he hallucinated young Amelia Pond and adult Amy Pond, and she begged him to stay as he was, not understanding that he couldn't prevent it. After he regenerated, she was puzzled by his comment about having new kidneys, and then when he asked if she knew how to pilot the Tardis, she was quite worried because he had apparently forgotten how to fly it during his the hundreds of years he had spent living on Trenzalore.

The rest is her ongoing story..

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Google (also play Emma Morgan, and previously played Ellie Storms Smile )
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Great job M!!

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Great job Emma
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Clara Oswald
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