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 Alice luss

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PostSubject: Alice luss   Alice luss I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2014 10:53 am


Character Name: Alice Luss

Species: Human
Occupation:she runs a shop
Status: she's is only a citizen of London.

Hair: long wavy dark red hair.
Eyes: green
Figure: she is average body around 120 pounds. She is slightly paler than average because of spending most of her time inside her shop. She has fairly well developed breasts that she inherited from her mother.  
Other: she has a small tattoo that says fearless on her chest that is mostly always covered with a shirt or hoodie. She got it right after her parents died. She also has a scar on her back that she got the day of her parents death.
Clothing: She dresses for comfort. You would rarely see her in dresses or heels. She loves her blue high tops that her mother gave her. She always where them with a pair of jeans and either a tank top or t shirt. It never really matters what the type of shirt she has on because she is wearing because she has a zipper hoodie on at all times. Her hair is always tied up unless she is sleeping.

Family: she really has no family. She came from two only children, Jessica phones and Daniel Luss, who died in a robbery  gone wrong when she was 17. She faked her age so not to go into the system.
Personality: Alice has a punk rocker attitude at times but when she is running her shop she is a proper young lady. She is quick on her feet and kindhearted. She feels bad when she sees orphans on the street so she would cook them a nice hot meal. She has slight trust issues so when she first meets someone she tends to be a little rough around the edges. As soon as she gets to know you and know you aren't going to hurt her she considers you a friend for life. She tends to keep to herself really unless you give her a reason to fight back then she won't hesitate to break your nose.
Strengths: she is mature for her age and very kind. She also is clever and easily can see through most human trickery and lies. Plus because of her size she is fast when needed.
Weakness: she can sometimes be too kind and trusting. At the same time she has trust issues and is afraid to let too many people into her life.
Likes: adventure, music, reading, and cooking
Dislikes: bullies, guns, and being alone.
Dream: her dream is to meet someone special and to go on adventures. She wants to live a life she never knew like in some of the books she has read.

History: Alice grew up like any normal child. Loving family a nice home anything a child would want. Her mother taught her to cook and her father taught her how to run their shop. It was a simple book store that if things were tough sold baked good too. Around the time of her 17th birthday she had met a man named Justin who she thought was the love of her life. Her parents disagreed. He was abusive and a horrible influence on the young girl. Even when he would put her down or even hit her she felt that he was the love she deserved. One day she invited him to her home to meet her parents and Justin saw how nicely the family lived. He was hard for cash at the time and decided to come back that night and rob the place. Alice had woke to her father yelling at someone which wasn't like him. She got up and tiptoed down the stairs just in time to see her father shot down by her boyfriend. She covered her mouth to stop a scream. Justin heard this and slowly crept over the bodies of her mother and father to get to her. He smiled at her when she came into view. "Sorry babe no witnesses" he had said before pointing the gun at her. She panicked and tried to run but he had pulled the trigger. She was lucky he only shot once and the bullet had missed her heart by a few inches. She had woken in the hospital where she was told the news. They asked her, her age and afraid of being put into a group home she lied and the agents didn't think twice. The one knew the family and knew of the girls fears.the other saw she was almost 18 and didn't feel like making the already crowded orphanages more crowded. When she got out of the hospital she decided to take the money her parents left her and build a apartment above her family's shop. She took over for her parents and has been living there ever since.


The Doctor is stuck under a flickering streetlamp, you are on the opposite side of the street. It's midnight, no moon or stars, the only lights around are the lamp the Doctor is under, and the light in front of a closed store you stand under

The only way to the Doctor is to cross the dark street, easy, right? Wrong. This planet is well-known for being infested with Vashta Nerada. Any shadow anywhere could be infested with them. You have a small pack on your back with several items in it that you could use to get to him.
A carrot
The Doctor's Sonic screwdriver
A chicken leg
A flashlight
Book of matches
A rubber duck
a raincoat

  Alice looks through her bag nervously checking on the Doctor ever few moments. "Doctor are you alright!" She yells over remembering how he was attacked an hour ago. She had woken on this side of the street and wasn't really sure how she got there. She finds a flashlight and the sonic screwdriver. "Yes thank you doctor for teaching me how to use this" Alice cheers to herself. She turns on the flashlight and uses the sonic screw driver to amplify the power of the light so it covers more ground. She pulls out the rubber duck and throws it into the shadows to see what would happen if she herself were to step even a toe in. As she thought the duck was destroyed. She took a deep breath and shined the light onto the road in front of her. It seemed to work as the ground was lit up like the Fourth of July. "I'm coming doctor" she called out as she started a crossed. Half way a crossed the light seemed to be growing dimmer. "Dammit" she cursed. The power from the so nice screw driver was proving too much for the little flashlight. She started to sprint a crossed praying the light would hold. Just as the light was going out she jumped the threshold and jumped into the doctors arms.
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PostSubject: Re: Alice luss   Alice luss I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2014 9:49 pm

Just a few spelling errors here and there but nothing too big. Like commas and apostrophes. It just makes the reading a little more understandable.

Few pointers/tips:

When wanting to convey thoughts and not actual words, use Italicized ,using the curved I in the top left hand corner of the reply box, instead of quotation marks. Only use quotation marks when your character is verbally saying those words.

Make sure to put commas and use apostrophes when you write. It's not a huge thing but, like i stated previously, it just makes it easier to read and understand.

Details. They are immensely important when RP'ing. It helps fellow members and readers understand and imagination exactly how you envision it. Think of RP'ing like a book, type it how you think it would look in a book. If you need any help with this, just let me know. More details and bigger replies, the better.

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Alice luss
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