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 Treela the teenage Zygon

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PostSubject: Treela the teenage Zygon   Treela the teenage Zygon I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2014 2:04 pm

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Species: Zygon (in human form of course)

Age: 114 (still adolescent in Zygon years)

Gender: Female

Occupation: Adventurer/Thief

Status: Runaway Earth-born Zygon


(Zygon Form)

Hair: None

Eyes: Purple

Height: 6' 7

Figure: Large pointed head, covered in suckers and scales, somewhat muscular. Orange-purple-ish skin coloring.

(Human Form)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’ 10”

Figure: Slim, young, Asian-American teenager

Other: N/A

Clothing: Usually, in her human form, she wears black pants and shirts while wearing a long yellow coat. The one thing she always sports is a pair of pink sunglasses and a digital timer watch.


Family: Krelik (Father) Jubla (Mother) Oladar (Brother)

She enjoys exploring and partying but hates when she stays around in one place for too long, usually over a month. She'll follow orders if she feels they're important but tends to do as she wants at the same time. Other times she's a little cocky or arrogant towards authority. She also, in some cases, gives people her own personal nicknames to remember them.

Superior strength against humans
Shape shifting
Can use poison barbs on hands when in Zygon form
Venom sacks in tongue

Fear of fire
Easily hypnotized
Needs to revert back to zygon form every three hours for at least 15 minutes

Cracking jokes

Changing into male forms
Being told what to do
Staying in one place for too long
People seeing her as Zygon

To explore beyond Earth and see everything there is in the Galaxy while enjoying her long Zygon life

During the 16th century a Zygon party had landed on Earth with the intent of claiming it for the wandering Zygon people after losing their home world Zygor. While these Zygon plotted and formed their plan to destroy the human race, other Zygon ships wandered throughout the galaxy in search of a new home. Word has spread to these other ships of what was going on the planet Earth, leading some to travel and relocate there in advance for when the humans would be wiped out. Others stayed behind, either to continue their own searches or to await final word of the Zygon’s victory.

Among these groups to come to Earth in hiding were a small family of Zygons. They were eager to see Earth become the next Zygor and finally have a home for their people, but for the time being they required disguises and identities to live among the humans. The original group consisted of five Zygons, three of which were older relatives of the younger forth, Krelik, and his lover, Jubla.

Over the years the five remained in hiding as a wealthy family in 16th century England. As the years progressed the Zygons needed to change their identities and use new human hosts for body imprints, especially for the need of their memories. By the 18th century Krelik’s father, the second oldest of the group, died from old age and was dissolved so his body would not be discovered. 200 years later Krelik’s uncle, the eldest, was discovered by a human and nearly killed. After this event the Zygon family knew there was no chance at peace with the humans if they ever discovered them. By the 19th century the eldest uncle died of old age as well and the final uncle, the youngest of the three brothers, left Krelik and Jubla, believing whatever plan the Zygons had planned during the 16th century had failed. He agreed to either make his own plans for destroying the humans or die trying.

Krelik and Jubla continued to remain in hiding but soon felt the need to expand their family. This resulted in their first child, Oladar, being born. The three lived as a happily secret Zygon family for 300 years before the turn of the century. By 1900 they expanded their family further and had a second child, a daughter named Treela.

Over the years growing up, Treela had a far different attitude towards humanity. Over the years she learned much about their history, their cultures, seeing the advance of technology, the capacity for war, and even seeing how they enjoyed life. Her parents tried to satisfy her curiosity about the humans by telling of what was out in the galaxy, but this did not hinder but enhance her want to see more. With this curiosity for actually befriending humanity came a cautionary attitude from her family, all of them warning her about how Zygons could not befriend humans.

Come 2009 the Zygon family had taken the place of another living in California. During this time Treela, taking the form of the human’s daughter, went back to school in order to keep with the illusion she was still the same girl. There she began to develop a different sense of humans, befriending some in school. When her parents discovered this, after they caught her sneaking back home after attending a human party, they were angered and threatened to have her kept at home for the rest of her life.

Hating that her family didn’t understand humans like she did Treela ran away, taking what money she could and making for the next bus out of the state. She wanted to explore Earth itself, wanting to see everything that this world had to offer, and explored. While she had to steal to survive and use what money she could, Treela only wanted the benefits of seeing all of the wonders of the world. However it had only taken her a little over two years before seeing everything, twice in some cases, which eventually bored her.

Interestingly at one point Treela had a hard time settling for just one human body. Often as she changed into different people, avoiding them as much as possible so no one would end up running into her or the real person, but always hated the memories that came with their forms. From older to young humans of different genders and so on she had trouble copping with some of their thought and memories; often finding them too boring, depressing or just not fitting to how she wanted to feel as a human. Eventually while traveling through New York she found the form of a young Asian American girl, her current form, and found it more to her liking. So free spirited and young and full of happier memories that Treela felt "more at home" with this form and has since kept it as her own; obviously not returning to New York for fear of running into the original.

Not wanting to return home and with nowhere else to travel, Treela now simply does what she can to enjoy herself. Currently she’s been hiding in Great Britain and enjoying what Earth still has to offer. She hopes that one day, if the Zygon’s finally master Earth or another alien race comes around, that she can leave Earth and explore the galaxy on her own.

(Only posting now so I know this profile is up and to make whatever fixes I need to before it can be officially approved)
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Treela the teenage Zygon
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