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 The Truth in Dreams

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The Truth in Dreams Empty
PostSubject: The Truth in Dreams   The Truth in Dreams I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 11:33 pm

Ever since her run in,with The Doctor,Syra has been experiencing weird dreams involving him. It was interesting at first,and Syra decided to document the dreams. The evil side did it to torment the Syra locked within,and the good side to remember a good friend. She looked at the piles of books,and decided to research her dreams. She looked over the names,and realized while most never died  but some had.

She took some of the most recent ones,as she had labeled them,the four she took,were Rose,Donna,Amy,and an odd one labeled River. The dreams had been very vivid. She put the books,in a briefcase,and left her study in the castle. She went into a coffee shop,and borrowed one of their laptops,as she started researching the names from her books.

" They all existed,does this mean the other dreams all happened as well?" she said surprised. She did not know why,she had a connection with the companions this whole time. This was something that should not be possible,she needed answers. She looked troubled,as she kept reading the real bios of the people she already knew. There was not much about the River woman,but she was linked to Amy she knew that much from her dreams.

(( this thread idea would not leave me alone))
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The Truth in Dreams
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