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 Angels and Demons (4 and Dakota)

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PostSubject: Angels and Demons (4 and Dakota)   Angels and Demons (4 and Dakota) I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 7:47 pm

The TARDIS sat peacefully in the middle of Central Park. It's dull shade of blue echoed of another time and place, only accented lightly by the fading orangeish-red of the setting sun. The trees surrounding the TARDIS were in full, healthy bloom, but shed it's flower petals like an aromatic snowstorm at the slightest hint of a breeze. Their vivid pinks and purples only shown through the dimmest of ways, being upstaged by the growing and stretching shadows cast by themselves.

The Doctor, a man of high ideals and perfect esteem (or at least he accredited himself to), sat on the park bench near a magnificent pond. Although it looked more like a lake, it's glimmering surface looked like a mirror: untouched, glistening with every sort of reflection imaginable.

His scarf hung lazily around his shoulders, taking a load off of his neck. The burgundy and oranges of his outfit faded into the glistening evening, only accented by the purple in his scarf that set the whole outfit off. His maroon fedora sat high on his head, protecting him from the annoying glimmer of sunlight in his eyes.

The Doctor felt the heaviness of depression weighing in on his soul. Romana was gone, Sarah Jane was gone, Leela was gone. K-9 was annoying. He felt alone, and for the first time in almost a millennium, he felt the sadness permeate his body. He was nearly 1,000 years old, or perhaps he was older. He had stopped counting ages ago. He couldn't seek out his old friends, they've moved on with their lives. He couldn't go back to his own people, they would incarcerate him or make him president. And neither one of those were chances he was willing to take.

Talking himself into getting up, lest he morph into the park bench, he walked towards a massive bridge where on the other side rested a massive fountain spurting water. The fountain seemed friendly, inviting even. The trinkling of the water grew louder as he approached, and the rather adorable looking cherubs began to show their faces, moist with mist.

The Doctor stared into the glimmering water pool, looking at all the spare change that rested at the bottom, giving some hint to the hopes and dreams of one who might have tossed some spare change into the pool would come true. The Doctor sighed audibly. He had no change to toss.

Looking up at the structure, he noticed that the cherubs were gleefully playing in the water near the base, and resting atop the fountain was a massively gray angel that didn't seem to match the decor, holding a bowl in one hand and covering her eyes with the other. Coming out of the bowl was water, pouring out like a macabre, yet peaceful waterfall. This was perfection.

The Doctor turned away from the fountain and took a seat on pool's wall. He could feel the chill of the stone through his giant wool coat, even tingling his spine. But something didn't seem right at all. Something in the back of his mind told him to look at the fountain again. And so he did.

The cherubs were still playing at the bottom of the pool, moist from the mist around the bottom of the pool. Atop the fountain was a massive spray that looked like a watery umbrella, trinkling down into the pond with a continuous splat.

The Doctor jumped up. The Angel was gone.
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Angels and Demons (4 and Dakota) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Angels and Demons (4 and Dakota)   Angels and Demons (4 and Dakota) I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 29, 2014 12:47 pm

Dakota had always wanted to go to New York. But the truth was, she never had enough money to make a living there. Even a day trip was too much. She had to travel there, and also pay for whatever she wanted to do for the day.

Recently, Dakota had turned twenty, and her friend Alexa had gotten her a lottery ticket. Now, Kota wasn't usually a lucky person, but this time she happened to win... one thousand dollars! Dakota immediately called Alexa and told her how much she'd won. Alexa had been really happy for her and suggested going to New York.


With her backpack on her back, Dakota walked through Central Park admiring the views. Walking over a large bridge, she came upon a fountain that took her breath away. Cherubs played in the fountain, with a larger, more out of place angel on top. A man with an odd scarf was sitting at the edge of the fountain, and Dakota moved to say hello. Bit as the man looked back at the fountain, Kota did as well.

She gasped when she realized the large angel statue was missing.

"Um, you saw that too, I suppose?" She asked, looking back at the man. How... where did the Angel go? And how did it move?
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Angels and Demons (4 and Dakota)
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