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 Audrey Mae Hunter

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Audrey/Amy Pond
Audrey/Amy Pond

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PostSubject: Audrey Mae Hunter    Audrey Mae Hunter  I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 29, 2014 6:17 pm

Image: (my profile pic)
Name: Audrey Hunter
Species: human
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: part-time musician/ poet
Status: Student


Hair: Audrey's hair is curly and brown, falling just past her shoulders.
Eyes: Her eyes are a startling green, the shade of the lightest green leaves on a tree.
Height: 5'5"
Figure: Audrey is slightly underweight, a bit too skinny for her age.
Other: none
Clothing: Audrey likes flowy tops, accompanied by tight jeans and black flats. On the other hand, she also loves big hoodies to curl up in.


Family: Audrey has a very good relationship with her mother, Jenny. Her father Steven died when she was seven, to a heart attack. Audrey is also very close to her two siblings, Piper and Asher. Asher, her brother, is 19, and her sister Piper is ten.
All three of the siblings helped each other to mend the whole family after their father's death.
Personality: Audrey is a shy and reserved girl, never straying far from her guitar or a notebook. She's the kind of person who won't hurt a fly,  ut isn't afraid of blood or death. She doesn't have very many fears, relying on her facts to soothe her wild thoughts. She also happens to daydream a LOT.
Strengths: strong-willed, great writer and musician, rarely scared.
Weaknesses: not good at making friends, shy, not strong.
Likes: Music, writing, family, apple pie, stars
Dislikes: gym class, rejection, summer
Dream: to see what frightens her, and to reach the stars she dreams about. Also to maybe become a singer/songwriter.

History: Audrey grew up as a normal child, going through her first years of school and immediately picking up a love for music.

When Audrey was seven, her dad had a sudden heart attack when she was home alone with him. Panic set in for the seven-year-old, and she ran for her house phone. Her parents had both drilled the emergency numbers into their kids' brains, so Audrey knew exactly who to call. Not five minutes later, her dad was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. He was dead before they arrived to the hospital.

Audrey had always been told that it wasn't her fault her dad was dead, it wasn't her fault. It was no one's fault, everyone said. Stuff happens. But Audrey knew that she could have done better. If she had reacted quicker, maybe... maybe he would still be here. Thoughts like these pushed her more into music and writing, these being outlets for her pain. Her and her two siblings were comforted by many, but Audrey felt her dad's loss deeper than Piper or Asher.

Audrey used to be a happy, social, fun-loving kid. But after her father's death, Audrey became more reserved, her notebook being her main friend. Even her mom and siblings couldn't bring her out of her shell, no matter how hard they tried.

Years passed and Audrey grew in her musical abilities, playing her guitar in her school's talent show. When she won, she realized that she could make a living off of playing her guitar. Being a singer/songwriter is mainly what she focuses on now.

Audrey's dad's death made her shy, but it also made her stronger inside. After that terrible day, Audrey realized how stupid her fears were, compared to what she had went through with her dad. She never let anyone see her cry, and she learned to overcome her fears.

Birthday: September 14th

Where she lives: England

((Audrey is replacing Kota, who I am killing off))

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Romana II
Romana II

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PostSubject: Re: Audrey Mae Hunter    Audrey Mae Hunter  I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 29, 2014 7:39 pm

I approve of this application. Very well done, Kota!
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Audrey Mae Hunter
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