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 Artemis Kaligaris (Ryarya's Secondary)

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Ryarya Black/Artemis K.
Ryarya Black/Artemis K.

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Artemis Kaligaris (Ryarya's Secondary) Empty
PostSubject: Artemis Kaligaris (Ryarya's Secondary)   Artemis Kaligaris (Ryarya's Secondary) I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 13, 2014 10:16 pm

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Artemis Kaligaris

Species: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Status: Rogue

Hair: Short and raven, cropped at the nape of his neck in a mixture of natural waves and curls. He has bangs that fall over his eyes in short wisps, but he keeps them smoothed back out of his eyesight.

Eyes: Crimson

Height: 6’2”

Figure: Artemis has a naturally strong and lean physique with broad, square shoulders and a large muscle mass that isn’t obvious to the naked eye. His face is round with high cheekbones and a broad forehead. He also has the barest hint of facial hair on his chin and above his upper lip.

Other: He has one scar running  from the top left corner of his forehead down across his nose and ending at the inside tip of his right eye.  There is also a scar, that is less visible due to the attention typically being drawn to the scar on his face, running horizontally across his throat where his voice box and vocal chords are.

Clothing: Artemis has an extensive collection of expensive silk, button-down, collared shirts in a variety of colors. With these, he wears only black trousers and black dress boots. His other outfits are an assortment of graphic T-shirts that he wears beneath plaid, casual Oxford style shirts and a pair of dark blue denim jeans with pirate style boots. He will sometimes wear a black or grey trench coat with his more casual style, but it depends on the climate. These coats he will usually wear with his more dressy clothes.

Family: Aaron Kaligaris (older brother, deceased), Minerva Kaligaris (younger sister, lost yet assumed alive)

Personality: Artemis has a very blunt and abrasive personality that often comes across as temperamental and exceptionally harsh. He is quick to anger and will lash out at anything when that happens, even if what/whoever he’s lashing out at isn’t the cause of his anguish. His loyalty is never certain, and he goes wherever the wind takes him, so to speak. He doesn’t take kindly to strangers and sees them as an obstruction that stands in the way of his purpose; therefore, they must be removed by any means necessary. He is not trusting at all; his only voice of reason being that of his own mind. All other opinions are not necessary and will, inevitably, lead him down the wrong path. He is very set in his ways and will not take to change well at all. He is a man who knows what he wants and will chase down every avenue there is until he gets it. Anything that stands in his way usually ends up dead.

There is a small shred of hope in him, however. He is not completely solid on the inside. He has room for love, which if sparked, can be given the chance to grow considerably.  This capacity is well hidden beneath his multiple layers of anger and ruthlessness. It comes out during times when he feels lost or lonely. His usual demeanor is replaced by a calmer, more reasonable attitude that anyone can use just to get him to open up and talk about whatever may be on his mind.

Strengths: Quick reflexes, Observant, Photographic Memory, Resourceful

Weakness: Slight difficulty of speech, High sensitivity to extremely bright lights, slight sensitivity to high pitched frequencies [all weaknesses explained in history section]

Likes: Danger, Violins, Torture

Dislikes: Strobe lights, Guns of any kind

Dream: Artemis’s main goal has and always will be to locate his only living sibling, his younger sister, as well as keep to the vows he made as a Universal Bounty Hunter (explained in the History section). These ideals, however, have become so twisted and warped that they’ve turned into a full scale war over the universe and time itself so that he may learn to master the Time Vortex and freely control it.

History: Artemis was an albino child, with a very acute sense of hearing, born in the year 5001 to an All-American family with a long line tracing back to the 21st century Californians. His father was a technician and his mother was a doctor, and he was the middle child of three. He was never truly close with his older brother, Aaron, but was extremely close and protective of his younger sister, Minerva. Both brothers shared that interest in common. They took very good care of their sickly little sister. Minerva was found to have a rare genetic anomaly known as ring chromosome 20 disorder with the supernumerary ring 20, meaning that she had an extra ring chromosome in addition to the two normal chromosomes. Unlike most with the normal version of this disorder, she did not suffer from epilepsy, but instead, was plagued with a variety of severe lung infections that kept her health extremely low and her life expectancy short. She was confined to bed most of the time.

For six years, Artemis and his siblings were well looked after by their parents. Their lifestyle wasn’t high due to Minerva’s bad health, but they managed to scrape by with both parents working long hours, often calling for babysitters to watch the children at night. Their mother was a very kind soul who dealt with more hardship than most mothers would. Her husband was an abusive drunk. He would drink nearly every night after he returned home from work and an argument soon followed, which ended with her crying herself to sleep with fresh bruises and cuts all over her body. She was once beaten to the point where she could only open one eye and move her left arm. Her husband would then take out his anger on the boys, who accepted this torture with reluctant silence. Aaron remained indifferent while Artemis became rebellious and vengeful towards their father, often retaliating and making the situation far worse than it would have been had he kept still and silent.

Aaron and Artemis passed the time of their parents’ work hours by play fighting with wooden swords out on the beach that was near their home, treasure hunting, and watching over Minerva. One day, when the family had ventured out onto the beach during one of Minerva’s more energetic periods, the two boys came across a broken, dusty, and old Dalek. It wasn’t operational, but they pleaded with their father to take it back home and re-build it. Of course, they were unaware of what it was and what it was capable of at the time, but they soon learned. It took several months of tinkering before their father was able to activate the Dalek, and by complete accident since he didn’t understand the complex workings of the Dalek’s mechanical interior components. He was only attempting to reconnect the Dalek’s navigational systems, but he brought it to life again by touching its battle armor with his hand. However, they failed to realize that this Dalek was a survivor of the Time War, having spiraled through time after keeping in one the hidden Dalek ships that was destroyed soon after entering the time vortex. The Dalek destroyed everything in its path. All that remained of the Kaligaris family was their three children.

The children were placed into a foster home that soon returned them once the couple had children of their own. This was when the chain of foster homes began. They never spent more than a month in one home, often being sent back due to Minerva’s poor health. No one wished to spend the large sums of money on her medications to keep her from being hospitalized. Only her brothers cared for her. As they grew, Aaron and Artemis began to fight much more often. They had differing views on everything, including how to protect their sister. Aaron believed in a much more legal and practical approach. He wanted to admit her into a hospital where she would be in the capable hands of the doctors who could monitor her all the time. Artemis disagreed, saying that they should procure all the medications they could now and just find another place to live, someplace they could create together. He knew it was a risky plan for his sister, but in his view, it was the only way to ensure they would all stick together. There had been recent talk from the Social Services agent that the three of them couldn’t maintain a home together much longer. One day, they would have to be split up.

That day came much sooner than they expected when their foster family decided to give them back and adopt a child of their own from the children’s shelter. Aaron and Minerva were taken by a middle aged couple who were constantly at each other’s throats, literally. Aaron swore that he would protect Minerva from all the violence as his goodbye to his younger brother. Artemis was taken in at age 11 by a younger man, about in his mid-30s. The man was part of a secret government organization known as the Bounty Hunters. Their job was to hunt down any being that was committing any crime and bring them to justice by means of death. They obtained their missions directly from the government and were not authorized to carry out an execution without official permission first. This man was more on a recruiting job than taking care of a child, but he seemed to understand that Artemis still had much to learn.

He focused on Artemis’s mental education in the basic studies (i.e. mathematics, english, history, and science) until the boy had reached his fifteenth birthday. At that time, he began conditioning Artemis to fight like a trained soldier by means of rigorous physical conditioning and extensive training in multiple forms of martial arts including Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Judo, and Wing Chun. Artemis was a good student. He learned quickly and became a very strong, determined Bounty Hunter. The only problem was his personality. Artemis had always marched to the beat of his own drum, therefore, always doing what he believed was right at the time he believed it was right. It came with consequences, but he was never reprimanded harshly seeing as how his actions always helped rather than hurt.

Being scarred by his father’s abuse and the tragic death of his parents from the Dalek as a child, Artemis was quite an angry and curious man. He had always wondered just how his father had revived the Dalek when he hadn’t been working on waking it up. It had been bothering him since the day the incident occurred; he had been watching his father work on it in his spare time. Through a large amount of research and some illegal searching through some old news archives, Artemis found the answer he was looking for. His father hadn’t been a technician, per say. He had been employed by a secret sector of Time Agents who had wiped a few years of his memory after finding out about his abusive tendencies and his tendencies to attempt to meddle in fixed points in time. That’s how he had awakened the Dalek. His DNA as a time traveler had supplied enough regenerative power to revive the Dalek. The discovery didn’t bring Artemis any closure. He blamed his father for everything then, and finding out who he truly was only made him blame his father even more. He had caused all of this.

By the time he hit 20, Artemis had earned a great title for himself and had the most accomplished missions out of all the Bounty Hunters in his age rank. This was also when he came face to face with the Cybermen. They invaded mercilessly and took any personnel they could find to be “upgraded.” The reports of the captured and dead poured in like a flowing river, Aaron Kaligaris being listed as one of the victims. Minerva was not on either list, but Artemis was determined to find her. He knew that the only way to find her would be to infiltrate the Cybermen’s base of operations, which he did by willing surrendering. They brought him to the holding cell where they were keeping all their prisoners, but Minerva was nowhere to be found. Before he could complete his search, however, he was taken to be upgraded. He fought against them so much that the blade which was used to cut out the brain created the scar on his face and sliced the surface of two of his vocal chords as his made his escape. The gash on his face healed, leaving only a scar as a reminder, but his vocal chords were permanently damaged. They would, occasionally, stop vibrating completely and created excruciating pain whenever he spoke. Upon further investigation of the situation, he came to realize that the Cybermen were taking captives through various time periods with them as slaves by means of stolen vortex manipulators they acquired through the Time Agency and had incorporated into their inner workings with a little upgrading of their own, their form of “evolving.”

He had never stolen anything in his life, but his views changed when he realized that his sister could have been taken as a slave. His mind was reeling with hate and rage towards all alien races as he thought back to all his missions. Those aliens had always tried to conquer human beings; they always saw them as lesser, defenseless creatures that were so easily forced into submission. He kept these thoughts in his head as he followed the Cybermen through time and dimensions, eventually landing at the battle of Canary Wharf. Seeing this battle only confirmed his feelings of rage and hatred, causing him to completely snap after seeing the Daleks kill so ruthlessly. It was then that he decided that the human race had to make a stand, even if it was just one. As he had grown up, he became less and less forgiving and compassionate. Now, all his anger warped his reason and sound thinking into a vicious monster that didn’t care who had to hurt or why.

He spent the next four years using the vortex manipulator he had stolen to build himself a powerful army full of obedient aliens (Sontarans, Ice Warriors,  and Silurians so far) that had become submissive to his rule by means of extensive torture and agony. They pleaded their loyalty to fight for his cause, and all who stood against him ended up dead only after being tortured first. Artemis had quite an extensive knowledge of alien technology, and he knew what he could use to achieve his goals. Most of his “loyal” subjects were controlled by neural control implants Artemis had stolen from the Sontarans. He used a stolen Chula warship as his vessel and kept all his stolen technology inside it as he traveled through time with the new mission of finding a way to freely control the Time Vortex as well as locate his sister. Nothing had turned up on that front, but he kept faith that she was still alive. He knew for a fact that the Cybermen had not converted her because her health was too weak to be compatible for their upgrading process, but he still didn’t know where she was or what happened to her. Despite his contradictions, Artemis had become an exact replica of his father minus the drinking problem. He attempted to meddle in fixed points of time (that never worked) and was not discreet in any of his actions. Those murdered by his hands were messy and usually left as a reminder to all species, including humans, that nothing would stand in his way of achieving his goal.

Upon his most recent return to the 51st century, he heard word from several of his supporters about a child prodigy that had been born with the extraordinary ability to use the entire power of her brain and, therefore, control matter itself. The rumors said she was a child of a noble family within the Time Agency, which after investigation, he found out was the noble house of Black. Lord Black was a widely known for his work as a Time Agent, but only his wife and daughter remained. According to the reports, the title of “Lady” was passed on to his daughter, Ryarya, after assuming that his wife was dead. There was a severe malfunction with his vortex manipulator that sent his daughter spiraling through time, but allegedly killed his wife. He knew that he had to find a way to get to his sister and finish his quest, and it sounded like Lady Ryarya was capable of making that happen. He could use someone of her talents. So, he began searching for her, and still is to current day. He plans to make her follow him regardless of the measures he must take.


The darkness was normally his ally; he welcomed it as an old friend would greet warm memories of the past. It was, traditionally, his cover and a good way to keep his more gruesome activities swept beneath the rhetorical rug, and he was quite alright with that idea despite the horrid visions that entered the minds of others once their brains processed the words themselves. The flickering light of the street lamp across the way from the lamp that he currently stood under was capturing his undivided attention, however. It was giving him an extremely severe migraine since his eyes could barely handle the fluorescent beam illuminating his figure in the otherwise complete darkness. He couldn’t help but welcome the old itch to shut it off simply because the light was too bright for him to handle. He groaned aloud, raising two fingers to his temple in a feeble attempt to soothe away the pounding ache growing behind his eyes.  Another look across the way confirmed what he had guessed all along, the Doctor was waiting.

Artemis wasn’t necessarily running from the Time Lord, but he wasn’t in a hurry to return the one item he had stolen from the Doctor either. It was buried somewhere in the pack he had slung over one shoulder. The pack, he knew was full of random items, most of which he was entirely sure how they had found their way inside, but he wasn’t complaining. He was sure they had their uses in the world; most things did at one point or another. He hadn’t found a use for the stolen sonic screwdriver yet, but he looked forward to taking it for a road test at least once before it returned to the Doctor. By his view, it always found its way back to its owner, so he had every reason to believe this time would be no different.  He really had no other use for it anyway.

A sudden tug at the back of his long coat made his swivel on his heel to face what he had originally believed to be the empty darkness. A moment passed without a hitch until he felt another pull at the hem of his pants. The answer came to him quickly though he wasn’t happy about it. These creatures would devour him in moments if he didn’t find a way to move through the darkness. He turned again to face the opposite street lamp where his foe stood. That was the only other light source close by, so he’d have to move quickly if he wanted to stay alive.

Fishing in the pack for a moment, Artemis removed a small box of matches along with a chicken leg. He paused, wanting to utterly annihilate whoever had placed an unpackaged chicken leg in the pack. Words could not describe how unsanitary he found that. He lit a match and with a good application of strength, threw both items out into the endless darkness. He could almost hear the creatures attacking the raw meat until the burning flames of the match touched them. It wasn’t entirely certain if that had had any effect on them at all, but he had only used the two items as a test anyway, or a warning at the very least. It was worth a shot, right?

Removing the flashlight and sonic screwdriver from the pack, he turned on the flashlight as well as simultaneously pointing the screwdriver up at the street lamp above. The light blinked once then responded by increasing its light radius around him by about ten percent. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to give him a little more breathing room between him and the creatures. Artemis then brought the end of the screwdriver up to meet the flashlight, increasing its beam as well. That would allow him to move with a little move ease.

He placed the flashlight sideways in his mouth with a slight tilt of his head to keep it pointed towards the ground as he started moving. Slowly, he began making his way across the street, careful to keep his entire body within the ray of light. For his last trick, Artemis tossed the carrot from the pack as far as he could out into the darkness to, hopefully, keep the creatures occupied as he made his way across. He took off at a sprint the second his ears registered the collision of the carrot with the ground. In a moment, he had reached the sidewalk where he let out a slow breath of relief that he hadn’t realized he’d been holding in. The cool rush of oxygen into his lungs told him that. Straightening himself back into his usual cold manner, he tossed the sonic screwdriver to the Doctor and took off without so much as a word.
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PostSubject: Re: Artemis Kaligaris (Ryarya's Secondary)   Artemis Kaligaris (Ryarya's Secondary) I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 16, 2014 10:56 pm

approved Ry! Hope you have fun with him Very Happy


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Artemis Kaligaris (Ryarya's Secondary)
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