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 Cannon Connection

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PostSubject: Cannon Connection   Sat Nov 01, 2014 5:20 pm

Hello there, I am Faye Jones. I have just came out of a serious role play which I loved dearly but decided I wanted to start a fresh. Due to previous role experience, I believe I play better as a companion or villain.

When I role play I am very versatile when it comes to specific characters. I can play a deep villain which has gone through a traumatic experience or I can switch to a dolly blonde that isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer in a matter of seconds.

My personality is kind and caring but I am a bit prickly as I don't back down from a fight and can give a good sass off. My main attribute I would say is friendship and loyalty, I admire them the most. I have flaws as I can not bite my tongue for long and I wouldn't go down without a few words.

I hope you have a fun time deciding who I am most suitable to be, I have played Donna, Sarah Jane, Luke Smith, The master/The Trickster/Andravax
(Sorry, I did a few roleplays, my latest being Donna)

My role play sample: (Not doctor who related)

This RP sample is taken from a role play I did, it was a self para.

It was late, the sky was just getting dark with the fog starting to set in. Faye was just grabbing a coffee from the brew as she was heading over to the 24/7 library to print of the last batch of the tickets for her Fall party, she and Hanna ha planned. While walking out of the brew, she felt her pocket vibrate to the ringtone of ‘Timber’ by Pit Bull. She whipped it out and read the text,

07738637951: Hey Faye, its Lucas. I lost my phone and I think we have to talk about the other night, can we meet up at the Whippy Land fair ground, its just outside Rosewood.

Faye’s eyebrows furrowed into a ‘V’ shape, she had never been to the Whippy Land fair ground, but Lucas and Faye had to talk about the night they shared together. Faye walked over to her car, pressed the unlock button and the lights flashed. She opened the door, placed the coffee in the cup holder, turned the ignition on, got her satnav to take her to her destination and off she went.

It took her a good half an hour to find, with the satnav not helping in the slightest. The sign “Whippy Land - 900 yards” down a old overgrown gravel path appeared in the headlights. Faye got to the end of the road, Whippy Land wasn’t so ‘Whippy’ it was a rundown, abandoned fair ground. She stopped the car in front of the huge iron gates which was ajar. Faye got out the car and walked over to the gates.. The gates had a pad lock around them, but was cut so it was accessible to get in. “Lucas?”Faye shouted into the darkness of the fairground.

Faye walked through the gates. Her only source of light was the moon. Still shouting “Lucas” Every couple of steps, she began to shout “Hello?” or “Lucas, you there?” but still no answer. Faye continued to walk until she saw the control room of ‘the family drop’ had some light shining out the boarded up windows. She walked over-feeling relieved she found him. “Lucas, im so glad I found you-” she said, walking in to the empty room, with a single candle lit in the middle. Faye walks over to it, looking down in wonder, until the door slams behind her. She spins round, a dark silhouette can be seen through the holes in the boarded up window. “Hello?!” Faye shouts. “Lucas! This isn’t funny anymore!”. A loud roar echo’s the surroundings. “What is that?!” She asks, the dark figure now gone. “Hello?”. Faye bangs on the door, its locked from the outside. “What’s that noise?” Faye asks to the emptiness. The light got bright, flames started to fill under the door, the ground around the door was moist with petrol, as the flame touched the it, the door was engulfed in flames. Faye jumped back and screamed. “Help! Help me!!” she screeched against the back wall. A spark of flame jumped out and hit her bare arm, she screamed in agony.

She grabbed the candle holder, it was long and black, with greek gods carved into it, praising Neptune, the god of water. Ironic. She smashed it against the back window, shattering the glass. She striked again, hitting out one of three of the wooden planks. She continued, hitting each of the planks before throwing herself out of the window. She scraped herself, down the left of her body. She ran as fast as she could-injured- to her car before speeding away down the gravel road, frightened and scared. she looked over to her coffee, which was cold. Faye’s arm was still burning, She had to go see a doctor…
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Cannon Connection
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