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 The Lostrangians

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PostSubject: Re: The Lostrangians   Thu Jan 29, 2015 5:25 pm

Name: Lostrangians

Appearance: Have furry cat ears on the sides of their head. They have a long tail with fuzz on the end. They have dark hair and have thin pupils. They have fangs in their mouth, to hunt their prey. They have whiskers, and claws.

Attitude: They rule in Democracy and are monotheistic. They are smart, and make good technological advances. They can get wrapped up in whatever they love and forget about the world around them, even in times of panic.

Technology: Completely different from Earth. Their top speed is 45 miles per hour on all fours, but they can only sprint for a little burst. They use plasma knives as weapons, and always cook their food. They can have their body heat rise to incredible amount, letting them not need heating.

Backstory: They started out as simple animals, but they evolved to become humanoid creatures of high intellect. The Great War wiped out 9.9/10ths of the species and stole their goods and technology. They spent most of their life as a calm species, trying to make the world better, but only to irradiated. Their species is older than humans, but they started off as weak animals, who died with the slightest twitch. They have a varied lifespan.

Present: They spend most of their time looking for somewhere different to live, for their home planet is dying.

Their planet is blue with highlights of bright red. The size is about 1/2 the size of Earth. It is almost completely flat, and is very cold. I am comparing it to a smaller Uranus.

This species has been around for 100789 years.

The Great War was what caused my char's family to die. They were attacked by something you couldn't see, like a Kakafrayis. They were ripped apart. The screaming agony of everyone was ear piercing. Lostrangians have no army, so most of them died.

Well, it is a gas planet. They have grow so high in technology that they can survive on one. They have filters on the back of their throat.

Backstory: They started out as simple animals, but they evolved to become humanoid creatures of high intellect. They just LOOK humanoid because, that's how they developed. They have cat ears, and one tail, because it he tail helps them keep balance. The ears are for being able to hear, very well. They can retract their ears if they want to.  The Great War wiped out 3/4ths of the species and stole their goods and technology.
Most Lostangians have gone hobo, due to the lack resources. They are a peaceful race, and don't take part in war. They have a cat like nature with a tail and cat ears. They have had run ins with Daleks, Sontarans and the Silence. They are a slave race, but more resistant than the Oods. All the good scientists were killed by different species, due to the threat. Lostrangians are usually maids, or slaves of different types.

The Great War took place 449 years ago, and the people of the planet  were enslaved and taken to different planets. Some were taken to be used as weapons, but they were attacked by something like a Kakafrayis.
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The Lostrangians
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