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Species: Human
Gender: female
Status: citizen

Hair: black pixie cut
Eyes: light blue
Figure: thin
Other: Tattoos: wings on her back, anchor on her wrist. Scars: long pink scar on her collarbone, light scars on her wrists from self harm.
Clothing: punk rock.

Family: disowned
Personality: outgoing, confident, but hides behind walls.
Strengths: smart, good with weapons, singer, easily learns new languages.
Weakness: has hard time making friends, clams up easily, doesn't trust, and refuses to help others unless there is something in it for her.
Likes: reading, writing, singing, knives.
Dislikes: cleaning, crybabies, pity, pink.
Dream: music, and the hope that someday her songs help someone else not feel as alone as she felt all her life.

History: Abused physically and mentally by her mother, and sexually by her older brother until she was 15. A week before she ran away her father died and seeing as he was the only person who never hurt her, she was crushed and so she left in the night and has been on her own ever since.

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