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 9Th Doctor (Secondary)

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Sayo/9Th Doctor
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Time Lord
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PostSubject: 9Th Doctor (Secondary)   9Th Doctor (Secondary) I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 09, 2015 3:15 pm

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9Th Doctor

Species: Time Lord
Age: Over 900
Gender: Male
Occupation: Running, Saving the world
Status: Unique

Hair: Short, Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'3"
Figure: Athletic
Other: No, but I have been told my ears and nose are unforgettable
Clothing: Black leather jacket, Jumpers, either red, green, tan or blue

Family: After leaving Gallifrey, the Doctor only took along his granddaughter Susan. Leaving behind the rest of his family to be trapped on the planet during the Time War.
Personality: Rough around the edges, he has a sense of humor that some would lable as dry or sarcastic. While incredibly clever, he tends to miss the obvious from time to time. He loves to help people, but most of the time he simply helps them to help themselves.

He tended to be a loner until he met up with Rose and ended up travelling with her. Of course, he despises people with little common sense or intelligence, dubbing them 'Stupid Apes' is his way of telling them he doesn't even believe they should be catagorized as human.

He can't stand it when something is wrong and he can't stop it or fix it without causing any damage or harm to anyone around him at the same time. Example being the Game Station.

Strengths: Clever, Runs fast, carismatic and a bit childish
Weakness: Bananas, Daleks, his friends/companions, stupid people

Likes: (Again) Bananas, his TARDIS, clever people and puzzles
Dislikes: Stupid Apes, Being lied to, having his TARDIS stolen by a specific Time Lady (Cough*Sonya*Cough) and arguing with himself.

Dream: To find Gallifrey

History: (everyone knows his basic History so I'm gonna go with what happened to him while I was the ninth Doctor last time on here)

The Doctor first ran into a young girl called Robin, quickly becoming friends with her, they ended up travelling together for quite a while until he accidentally left her on Earth, several years ahead of the last time she had been there.

From there, he ran into Mal, whom he ended up travelling with, only to end up with her nearly attacking him after being dosed with a powerful drug that worked as an aphrodisiac. After that little episode, they decided to part ways.

Then came a woman named Rami that he couldn't ignore if he wanted to. Her latent psycic ability called to him in a way that he almost suspected she had been a Time Lady like Sonya but her single heart told him otherwise. After bribing and taunting her, he finally got her to travel with him for a quick trip to a planet he suspected she would like, only to end up being dangled ten feet above the floor of an empty courthouse by a rudimentary trap. After Rami 'saved' him, they left quickly once they realized why the city was empty of it's usual inhabitants. Once back in the TARDIS, she demanded to be left back where he found her, but he continued to go back and tempt her into several more trips afterwards, slowly turning their friendship into something more. Once he realized how he felt, the Doctor tried to explain to her only to have Rami deny and leave him completely.

After that it was a blur of jumping from place to place, running into several people that never lasted long.

(After this it sorta dwindled off and someone else took up nine for a while. Now I'm taking him back Very Happy)

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PostSubject: Re: 9Th Doctor (Secondary)   9Th Doctor (Secondary) I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2015 9:35 pm

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9Th Doctor (Secondary)
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