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 Planet Creation Template (OPTIONAL)

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PostSubject: Planet Creation Template (OPTIONAL)   Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:26 pm

-Image and/or description-

Area it's in- (Ex: Horse Head Nebula)

Species- (Ex: Animals, Natives to the planet)

Plants- (Ex: Describe some of the more prominent plant species, ones that stick out, like the silver trees on Gallifrey. Include if they are dangerous or not.)

Moons, Rings: (Ex: Describe how many moons/rings there are around the planet if there are any, what do they look like?)

Suns: (Ex: What kind of sun(s) does it orbit? Or is it a moon that orbits a planet?)

Atmosphere: (Ex: What does it look/smell/even taste like? Is it lethal to certain species? Or is there even one at all?)

Civilization: (Ex: IF there is a native species to the planet, what type of civilization do they have? Are they friendly? Is it futuristic, or simple?)

Trade: (Ex: Is it a leisure planet, trading planet ect. ect.)

Other: (Anything else that isn't listed on here but you want to add)

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Planet Creation Template (OPTIONAL)
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