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 The Suncorcans

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PostSubject: The Suncorcans    Tue Jan 13, 2015 5:21 pm

The Suncorcans

The Suncorcans are actually amphibians, but they look like fish people. Their heads are like and angler-fish's, and the females have a larger light thing than the males. Their skin is like a frog's, varying between different shades of blue, green, or grey.

They have webbed, four toed feet, and their hands have four digits; one thumb, three other fingers. Their fingers are very long and bony, probably about twice the length of a human's. webbing runs between them, reaching about 2/3 the way to the tips of their fingers.

All have a flat voldemort-like nose, through which they inhale water, which is used both as their breathing source and their hydration source. When Suncorcans exhale, they don't exhale through their nose, but their whole body. In water there is no visible effect, but on land water will visibly secrete out of their skin.

When in their own culture Suncorcans don't wear anything rather than a type of waterproof tribal paint that has to do with their religion, but in other civilizations they will don things such as swimming trunks in order to exhibit decency. Both females and males have flat chests, so the females don't have to wear tops out in public or anything.

Suncorcans don't visibly age after they reach full maturity, which they reach at 10. The males' average life expectancy is 53, and the females', 60. The oldest ever Suncorcan was a female that reached the age of 72.

On average, Suncorcans are very rough and unrestrained. If they have a problem with something, or want something, they will not hesitate to say it right away. There are very few 'gentle' Suncorcans.

On the upside, they are also a fairly adventurous and ambitious race. They love to discover new places, as well as add them to the Suncorcan empire. They will sometimes take planets by force, but almost always try to negotiate something before that.

Suncorans aren't known for their tech; most of the time, they just use the tech of other races instead of inventing their own.

One notable thing they made were breathers for species that breathe water or other types of liquids. It's a tank that attaches to the back like a backpack; there is a filter on the back that takes a certain molecule from the air, then cools it till it's in a liquid form. A tube then runs from the tank to the species' breathing organ, wether it be a nose or gills. For Suncorcans, it leads into their nose; it looks almost like an oxygen tank humans sometimes use, just with water instead of air.

The Suncorcans originated on a water world called Bolara, a planet within the Perseus arm of the Milky Way.

Suncorcans evolved from a species on Bolara that looks like a frog with angler fish teeth and head light thing. The process of evolution from this creature to the sentient species of today is largely a mystery. Many Suncorcans choose to believe that a god evolved them; Linos, the water and life god, is widely worshipped by the Suncorcans. There are even a few holidays dedicated to him; one notable one, called Lubadach, occurs every thirty years, and involves the Suncorcans taking control of the prettiest water planet they can find and dedicating it to Linos. Once a planet has been dedicated, it becomes sacred ground that only priests can visit.

Before interstellar travel had come to them, an explorer had to emergency land on Bolara. However, since Bolara was completely water, the ship quickly sunk. This gave the race (which had been at the very start of its industrial age) a huge leap in their development; the ship and the explorer were valuable wells of knowledge. It was only a few centuries after that when they made the first tech that could take them off planet, as well as breath in non-water environments.

As said before, Suncorcans worship the god Linos. Even today they use worship practices devised when they were yet a young civilization; they dedicate children, planets, or personal items to Linos. When Suncorcans are three, they undergo a rite of passage that involves saying they will dedicate their life to Linos. During the passage, 6 Suncorcan children from the entire empire are chosen to be sacrificed to Linos. Numerous others are chosen to be priests, and start their religious training right away. Another rite of passage occurs when they are 10; they are accepted as full-fledged Suncorcans at that point. The ones that were chosen to be priests when they were 3 finally complete their training, and go on to train younger priests, or go out and do priest-y stuff.

The Suncorcans have a moderately sized empire that spans across the Milky Way. Some planets from the empire have gained independence, however, and are extremely hostile towards them. For example, Thresh is a planet that celebrates their independence every year by throwing and popping water balloons in a word-wide water wars, which would be considered an act against Linos in Suncorcan culture.

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The Suncorcans
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