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 The 6th Master

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PostSubject: The 6th Master   The 6th Master I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 16, 2015 10:44 pm

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The Master

Species: Time Lord
Age: Unknown (somewhere around the Doctor's)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prime Minister / Cannibal
Status: Renegade Time Lord

Hair: Short, brown
Eyes: Whiskey brown
Height: 5'9"
Figure: Athletic
Other: None
Clothing: Black suit and a signet ring / Black jeans and a red shirt protruding from underneath a black hoodie

Family: Unknown
Personality: The Master is both a sociopath and a psychopath. He is manipulative and needs to be in control. He is rather charming. He is quirky and hyperactive, and he can make light of tense situations.
Strengths: He is very intelligent. He has a lack of empathy which allows him to use people as tools and weapons without feeling remorse.
Weakness: He needs someone to hate, and he frequently underestimates his opponents.
Likes: The never-ending drums, domination, causing his enemies to suffer, and Teletubbies
Dislikes: The never-ending drums, defeat, the human race
Dream: His goal is to own all matter in the universe and to become the Master of all things.

History: The day when he was eight years old and taken for his initiation in which he would be forced to look into the Time Vortex was the day he began hearing the drums – a sound that had not ceased since. It would be assumed that looking into the Vortex had caused him to go mad, but he wouldn't truly learn the purpose of the drums for about nine centuries. Back on Gallifrey, he'd been the Doctor's friend, but they would soon become rivals. Over the Master's many different lives, he's used many different plans to try and take over the universe, but the Doctor always stopped him.
Prior to the Last Great Time War, he was sucked into the Eye of Harmony – presumably killed – but the Time Lords revived him because they knew he'd be the perfect warrior. Once the Dalek Emporer took control of the Cruciform, the Master fled and made himself human so no one would find him. In doing so, he made himself ignorant of the results of the Time War. When he met the Doctor, Martha, and Jack, all their talk of time travel helped him to regain his memory enough that he could see the fob watch that he'd thought broken for the longest time.
Upon opening it, his memories returned to him, and he disposed of his companion/tool Chantho, who shoots him just as she's dying. Before regenerating, he staggers into the TARDIS and locks the door behind him. He then regenerates and leaves the Doctor and his companions trapped at the end of the universe with the quickly-advancing Futurekind.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Not sure this is strictly relevant, but okay. I like irrelevant things anyway. My friend had to work, and nobody else was online on Xbox LIVE at the time, so I got bored and got on my computer. I talked to a different friend for a bit, but he left to go do a Homestuck RP. So I was bored again. I hadn't done an RP in a while, so I decided to give it another go. And what better subject than Doctor Who? After all, it's probably the thing I know the most about. Then I sat around confused for a bit, then I started to leave, but received a message. I proceeded to join the chat, and the rest is history.


The Doctor is stuck under a flickering streetlamp, you are on the opposite side of the street. It's midnight, no moon or stars, the only lights around are the lamp the Doctor is under, and the light in front of a closed store you stand under.

The only way to the Doctor is to cross the dark street, easy, right? Wrong. This planet is well-known for being infested with Vashta Nerada. Any shadow anywhere could be infested with them. You have a small pack on your back with several items in it that you could use to get to him.

  A carrot
  The Doctor's Sonic screwdriver
  A chicken leg
  A flashlight
  Book of matches
  A rubber duck
  a raincoat

The Master stepped into the light and scanned the area, shutting the doors of the stolen TARDIS behind him. Somehow, he'd ended up in front of some shop in the middle of a night, a backpack sitting by the door. A moonless, starless night at that. Why would the TARDIS bring him here? He looked a bit more and found his answer. Across the street, he noticed the Doctor on the ground leaning against the pole of a street lamp, weak for reasons unknown to the Master. A grin appeared on the Master's face, and he started towards the Doctor.

Then he stopped. This all seemed wrong. It seemed entirely too easy. He picked up the backpack and looked inside it. There was a random assortment of items which didn't seem to have any relation to the others. Some seemed slightly similar. A carrot and a chicken leg, a flashlight and a book of matches, a rubber duck and a raincoat. He didn't understand what the purpose was. The only thing there he initially thought was particularly useful was the sonic screwdriver.

He tossed the chicken leg into the darkness separating him and the Doctor. As the meat disappeared, leaving only the bone, the Master realized what he was dealing with. The Vashta Nerada. He still wasn't sure what to do with the duck or the raincoat, but the rest of the object suddenly became incredibly useful.

The Master retrieved the sonic screwdriver from the bag and aimed it at the light outside the store. He used it to enhance the light, extending the reach of it closer to the Doctor. There was still a bit of space in which the Vashta Nerada might be waiting. With a sigh, he used the screwdriver on the flashlight and turned it on. He crossed over to the Doctor's side of the street and helped him up, “There you go, Doctor.” He allowed the Doctor to use him for support, and he helped him cross the street and get to the safety of the TARDIS.
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The 6th Master
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