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 Just One Dance (Open)

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Ryarya Black/Artemis K.

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PostSubject: Just One Dance (Open)   Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:20 pm

The streets of London were busy tonight. People were hustling about just as they had all day, carrying food, drinks, and extra lights. Trucks drove by filled with kegs and sound systems. Singing accompanied by laughter filled what would have been a silent evening had it been any other night than this.

Everyone was making their way over to the park where food stands had been set up along with two enormous stages and dance floors. Despite the seasonably chilly air, blankets had been laid out on the grass where families, friends, and couples sat enjoying themselves and listening to the live bands play their sets throughout the night. Brilliant displays of lights had been set up to illuminate the park pathways and light up the whole area. The atmosphere was inviting and serene.

For once in what felt like eons, Ryarya felt at home. She'd been so busy dealing with the psychotic military commander that had now taken up permanent residence in her home that she hadn't been able to just live. She felt a little blessed to be herself, at least. The feeling had been strong enough for her to hit the streets for a bit of fresh air. A breather was definitely in order. Tonight, she wasn't a master thief, a minion, or the heir to the Eternal throne. She was simply Ryarya Black.

Most wouldn't even recognize her unless they were up close. She had changed from her usual attire to a pair of baggy, forest green cargo pants and a black, sleeveless top with a graphic design on it. The green and black flannel shirt she'd been wearing for warmth had been removed almost immediately after she'd stepped outside and was now tied around her waist. Her shoes were a pair of black hi-tops. Her long, brunette hair was straightened out and left down for the slight breeze to brush behind her shoulders. She just looked like a young woman.

The music was starting to get to her as she made her way down one of the less traveled pathways. It was close enough to still hear the music quite clearly, but there weren't as many people to stare at you as you walked by. Ryarya hummed along to the tune and was dancing slightly without a care that people could still see her. She didn't care; it put her at ease, and that's exactly what she needed. A little dose of home and familiarity.

(OOC: This is basically just a fun RP. I wasn't planning on having any danger or anything happen, but I'm not opposed to going along with it if it comes up. If your character can make it to a music festival in present day London, feel free to join!)
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PostSubject: Re: Just One Dance (Open)   Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:46 pm

As it so happened, the doctor, at least this incarnation, was one of the performers at the event. He was clutching a saxophone in pristine shape and standing with the other members of the band he was a part of, at least for this performance. The doctor usually played a recorder whenever he got the chance, but the manager of had asked him to learn the saxophone. He'd obliged, even took lessons with John Coltrane, only it was quite a long time before he'd gotten the TARDIS to materialize in the right place and time.  He hated to admit it, but he generally wasn't the best pilot of a TARDIS.

The call came for his band to go up and the doctor took a position at the back, though he could still barely be seen. The band performed some band covers, and the doctor expertly handled the brass instrument. They finished a third and left to a rapturous applause. The doctor beamed and waved at the audience, thankful for the ecstatic feedback, before descending from the stage. He made some small talk with the other members of the band, before slinging the saxophone by a strap to around his shoulder and sauntering over to the food tables.
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Just One Dance (Open)
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