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 The Planet Sto

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Alonso Frame

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PostSubject: The Planet Sto   Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:15 pm

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Area it's in- Casivanian Belt

Species- The natives of the planet are the humanoid Stotians and the Vocci, small red humanoids that also resemble cacti. Some notable fauna are: Avilom(Giant beasts of burden, they look similar to bison, and are known for their stubbornness. The smaller ones are the size of a car. They are not used as burden animals as much anymore) Poolt(Golden, two tailed primate that are a threatened species, but are returning in numbers due to conservation efforts, as they had been hunted for decades for their fur) Uaclons(large birds of prey, rainbow feathered, kept as pets by those on Sto) Irraq(A sea serpent, very large, has been known to capsize large yachts when disturbed, found in the open seas)

Plants- Banyans (large very leafy, trees, with roots that come off from the main body. Usually found in the centre of forests and jungles. Their large, thick roots go across the entire forest area, giving energy and nutrients to the rest of the forest) Yellow Hallemua (mangroves that  grow randomly in the shallows of the ocean, stay for a week, and then begin to dissipate, soon to be submerged in the water) Gig(A genetically altered form of lichen that grows under the ground, eating away at the foundation of places, causing them to collapse inward. Close to extermination). Mindights Envy (A black plant with light yellow berries, is extremely toxic. It is coated with a neurotoxin that seeps into the skin, eating the berries causes internal hemorrhaging, and, if burned, creates a noxious fume)

Moons, Rings: Sto has a ring that circles the planet. Its crystals reflect the red light that bounces of the sun, which makes the centre seem red, and, as you go outward, gives off a purple hue. Can be seen on the higher parts of Sto. They have one moon, called Vot, so named as the early natives thought that this moon was an incarnation of their God. It had a slight red tinge, and has a Stotian/Vocci colony on it.

Suns: A yellow main sequence star, class G, younger and brighter than Earths.s.

Atmosphere:It is thicker than Earth's. It has a lavender look to it, though, as the sun sets, it becomes a deep royal purple, with streaks of orange. It is composed of 25% Oxygen, 74% Nitrogen, 1% Other. If pears/bananas or pear/banana related fuir enter the atmosphere, the enzymes in the fruits disintegrate, ultimately destroying the fruit

Civilization: Future Earth-like. They have managed competent transgalactic travel, and have a variety of futuristic gadgets for wants and needs. Television is a big thing on Sto. They do have some social problems, especially surrounding the equality of Cyborgs & Androids.

Trade: Sto has a large tourist attraction sector. They’re forest retreats are known to be very rejuvenating, and their clubs and parties are known across galaxies. Ranked #13 by Stellar Time as a party central. They primarily export fauna and flora,and on the black market, the exchange of the poison derived from Midnights Envy runs quite high.

Other: Sto originally started as a rogue planet, but was caught in the sun’s gravitational pull. It’s electromagnetic force pushes away the asteroids in the belt. There are 26 hours in a day.
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The Planet Sto
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