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 The Stotians

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PostSubject: The Stotians   Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:44 pm

(I know I don't technically have to do this, as they are canon already...but I really wanted to expound on them)

Name: Stotians

Appearance/Biology: Stotians are humanoid creatures, and their outer appearance very much resembles them, and therefore can be quite varied and diverse in height, weight, skin colour, etc., and there is a small sexual dimorphism between the sexes, roughly the same as humans. However, comparably to humans, Stotians tend to be on the taller, bigger side, due to a stronger gravity. Their inner physiology is a bit different, however. They have two tail bones instead of one, as they evolved from two tailed primates. They have smaller lungs and more blood cells due to a larger presence of oxygen in the planet then on Earth. Their skeletal/muscular structures are denser due to having evolved on a higher gravity planet, especially around the legs. They have a fourth cone in their eye, allowing them to see a more variety of colour, and a small bit into the electromagnetic spectrum. They have a slightly larger frontal cortex than humans, and they do have more white matter connectivity in the frontal cortex, due to more oxygen reaching the brain. They have larger amygdala’s and hypothalamuses. Stotians have 26 pairs of chromosomes, and there Wait, what the hells a figgernet? is much like a humans which is determined by a Wait, what the hells a figgernet? pair chromosome XY. Stotians have slightly asymmetrical brains, with the right being slightly larger than the left. Males tend to be hairier the females, and males tend to be hairier than Earth males, and the same with females, as the planet tends to be slightly cooler than Earths.. Their blood is darker, more purple than red, and they have a more efficient enzyme for carrying O2. They have a longer, stronger digestion system, able to eat cellulose heavy plants and more of an animal then just the muscle, such as the bone. Naturally, they have shorter life spans the humans due to a lot more free radicals on the planet, however, life extensions has reached the point where they can live well beyond their natural limit. There ribs are closer together than that of humans, and have two less. Foods with a pH of 4 or lower like lemons or pineapples will cause their mouths to start bleeding. Sulfurous smells knock them out, lasting around an hour or so.. Flowery scents (especially lavender and roses) act as an aphrodisiac. Bodies respond in hives when in direct contact with rubber,

Attitude: They react in ways that are similar to humans, for the most part. They tend to be more creatively inclined than humans however. Politically speaking, they have a democratic republic, and have a decentralized governing system based in city states. Economically speaking, while it is regulated in some areas, it is very free for the most part, though careful social programs keep the people on a green economic plan all on their own. They are generally very accepting of other people coming into their planet, and does have some immigration. There are some hang-ups towards Cyborgs and Androids, however there is more social acceptance of them now, though problems still come around. Unemployment as is seeing a rather recent rise. They, as a society, have been very slow to change through the times, especially in their earlier history due to very short lifespans. Now, with

Technology: Technologically speaking, they are more advanced the Earth is. They have achieved trans-galactic flight, AI (through Androids), and cybernetic engineering (Cyborgs). One of their notable inventions is the vone, a highly efficient communication device that works trans-galactically (use is widespread), as well as having other functions through the application of apps, and is very flexibly customizable.


Present: The Stotians main goals: maintain economic prosperity and technological growth, keep the environment safe, deal with the issues of C&A’s, and issues being brought up between Vocci and Stotian. The majority of Stotians tend to work on the more creatistic values and careers, they plenty others go on to do other things. They do things similar to humans as well. There is a trend in the newest generation for travelling, the use of psychedelic drugs, and cyber enhancements.
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The Stotians
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