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 Inatsu Species

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Trei the Nietsal

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PostSubject: Inatsu Species   Tue Jan 27, 2015 7:29 pm

Temperament- Inatsu are energetic and cheerful- they love to play and are very curious. This curiosity gets them into trouble and mischief. It takes a lot to wear them out, but once you manage, they fall asleep almost immediately. They don't like to sit still, and they require some patience, as they have kind of short attention spans. They seem quite childish.

Looks- They are bright in color (With exceptions). They look like a cross between a cat (Body/face), dragon (Tail), and bird (Wings). Not all have wings or tufty tails, but most do. The males are usually slightly bigger, but the females have a more innocent look, and can get away with more than a male can.

They are naturally drawn to good and kind-hearted people. If they stay around bad people too long, they get corrupted, and turn dark in color- usually black and/or darker shades of their original colors. The normal ones generate positive energy, the corrupted ones generate negative energy.

Diet- Inatsu have very sharp front teeth, but like humans, the ones at the back are flat. They eat small animals and insects, as well as fruits and vegetables. They love cherries.

Size- Sizes vary. They range from the size of an adult's hand, to the size of a house cat. Newborns are about the size of a person's thumb.

Abilities- Depends on the Inatsu. No two have exactly the same set of abilities.

Extras- Most Inatsu hate taking baths. They clean themselves the same way cats do. Because of exceptionally acute hearing, they don't like loud noises much, either. They don't particularly like being ignored, and tend to nip people to get attention. They hate being mistreated, and most are afraid of corrupted Inatsu (With a few exceptions). Shiny things are quite appealing to them. They are also highly intelligent, and properly trained Inatsu can take on a full-grown human and win with ease, despite size.

Speech- Unless an Inatsu has the ability to make others understand them or is telepathic, they cannot "speak" instead making catlike noises. All Inatsu have a natural empathetic connection with each other, and thus can sense each other's emotions/pain, but they can switch it off if they want to. They make a purring sound when content/happy, and a high-pitched "Rrr" sound normally, like a cat purring and meowing. Even though most can't "talk" they can understand each other no problem, and their actions can be interpreted to understand what they want.

It is difficult to tell an Inatsu no because of their cuteness, which they use to get away with things and get what they want. They are masters at manipulation. It's not hard for them to convince someone to do something. They have a "weak point" under their chins, and if you scratch that spot, they just melt (figuratively).

Inatsu are originally from a planet called Aeglara, though they are spread across many planets, including Earth, though few know of them there.

Special Ability: Inatsu can change to a human form.
Limits: it takes a lot of energy to maintain, and thus can only last about 3-4 hours max.

It contributes to their stealth among humanoids, as they prefer to be seen when they chose to reveal themselves.
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Inatsu Species
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