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 The Cerebex

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PostSubject: The Cerebex    Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:42 pm

Name: Cerebex
Appearance: Cerebex largely resemble their more docile cousin the Kantrofarri or dream crab, with five appendages that attach to the head. While feeding they resemble a giant hand clamped to  someone's face. However, while the Kantrofarri is blue, the Cerebex range in shades of red. Younger Cerebex tend to look more pink in color, and attain darker shades of red as they age. Mature Cerebex will have a crimson body. Additionally, hundreds of tiny needles line its underbelly. The needles serve a similar function as the proboscii of a mosquito. They can extend when the Cerebex attacks. Even the ones that pierce the chin can still reach the brain. Despite the thin nature of the "proboscii", they're incredibly tough, even penetrating bone within a second. Unlike the dream crab, the Cerebex doesn't have tendrils as they have no need to remain attached for more than a few seconds.

Attitude: Much like the Kantrofarri, the Cerebex are blind and deaf. They're attracted to the chemicals in the brain, and are drawn to their prey by extreme emotion. However, while its cousin prefers to put their host in dreamlike state before feeding, the Cerebex is more aggressive. It attacks from above, attaches itself to the face, inserts its needles, feeds, then releases within a minute. Victims will feel a rush of emotion as it feeding.

Backstory: Because of how fast they kill and how untraceable a Cerebex attack is, they've been used for countless murders over the centuries, often by assassins. They've also been eaten as a delicacy, preferably fried. Like the pufferfish, if not properly cooked, they can be poisonous.

Present: They're still being used as a weapon and eaten as a delicacy, despite the illegality of both acts on multiple planets and in multiple federations.
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The Cerebex
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