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 The Planet of Dulara

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Trei the Nietsal

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PostSubject: The Planet of Dulara   Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:21 pm

Area it's in- Never really thought of that. Somewhere way outside of Earth's solar system, I guess.

Species- Nietsals, mainly. Some Inatsu. Any other species which happen to be visiting the planet. Most of the actual "animals" on the planet stay away from the cities and towns, so few besides the Nietsals know what they are.

Plants- Beautiful, florescent flowers that range from many colors. Certain flowers, berries, fungi, etc. on the planet are quite deadly to Nietsals, but harmless to species like the Inatsu. What is harmful to one species is often not to another, but most Nietsals advise not to eat/touch them. Certain plants are carnivorous, and the areas where they grow are avoided typically.

Moons, Rings: No rings. Moon is Argentum ("Silver" in Latin)

Suns: Igneus ("Fiery")

Atmosphere: Very similar to Earth.

Civilization: Nietsal civilization. Normally peaceful and passive, but quickly becomes extremely hostile upon meeting threats. Several aspects seem very similar to human culture, whereas others are not.

Trade: Trading occurs with many species- if it's on Dulara, there's likely trade between the species and Nietsals.

Other: Because of it's location, not only can Aeglara be viewed at night (And quite clearly, as the two planets are not terribly far apart), but the gases and other particles in space make a very pretty, "rainbow-like" look in certain parts of the sky. It would make for a nice vacation planet.
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The Planet of Dulara
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