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Dalek Jacon
Dalek Jacon

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PostSubject: Dalek Jacon   Dalek Jacon I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2015 10:25 pm

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Species: Dalek
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Occupation: The (6th) Master's pet
Status: Pet

Hair: None
Eyes: Yellow
Height: About a foot or two out of suit.
Figure: Squid-like
Other: None
Clothing: Dalek metal suit and a little fedora on top

Family: Unknown
Personality: He is insane, but very loving towards his master(s). Unlike normal daleks, he has his feelings intact. He is usually happy, but he gets angry if someone hurts his master. Unless ordered to or angry, he doesn't kill.
Strengths: Airtight Dalek suit with Dalek antibodies, hacking, accidentally managing to reach his destination
Weakness: Vulnerable outside dalek suit, gullible (especially by the Doctor)
Likes: Candy, when senpai notices him, hats, kitties
Dislikes: People taking his hat, people messing with his senpai, being touched inappropriately, loud sounds outside his suit
Dream: Make senpai notice and love him

History: He used to work with the Daleks back on Skaro until he met the Master. The Master blew up his Dalek ship and it broke his suit, which cracked his head open. This caused him to be insane, and the Master took pity on him. The Master helped him get a new suit and kept him as a pet.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: MasterNoSix (aka senpai) showed me

This section is for you to show us your roleplaying skills. What is going to happen is you will read a standard problem for your character to react with. What we are looking for is a proper Roleplay reply, standard character, explaining what you would do in the situation.
Rules: Please make your response at least a six to nine sentance paragraph.
Please make your responses in 3rd person (ex: Sonya blinks her eyes.)
You need to explain your roleplay, use as many details as you possibly can to describe what you are doing and what is going on around you.

The Doctor is stuck under a flickering streetlamp, you are on the opposite side of the street. It's midnight, no moon or stars, the only lights around are the lamp the Doctor is under, and the light in front of a closed store you stand under.

The only way to the Doctor is to cross the dark street, easy, right? Wrong. This planet is well-known for being infested with Vashta Nerada. Any shadow anywhere could be infested with them. You have a small pack on your back with several items in it that you could use to get to him.
A carrot
The Doctor's Sonic screwdriver
A chicken leg
A flashlight
Book of matches
A rubber duck
a raincoat
Jacon rolls out of the stolen TARDIS from which the Master landed only moments ago. His mission was simple: save the Doctor. He holds a backpack in his suction cup hand. “HoW aM i SuPpOsEd To GeT aCrOsS wItH a BaG i CaNt OpEn?” Jacon asked with a scratchy voice, the microphone inside his suit malfunctioning. Still holding the bag, he rolled across the street. The antibodies and lights inside his suit prevented the Vashta Nerada from getting to his actual body. When he reaches the Doctor's body, he screams, “ArE yOu AwAkE, dOcToR?” Then he drops the bag onto to the Doctor's head before picking it up and repeating the process.
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Time Lord
Sayo/9Th Doctor

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PostSubject: Re: Dalek Jacon   Dalek Jacon I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2015 10:55 pm

oh good god, I normally wouldn't approve this because of my usual tendancy to demand minute details, but it's too damn cute to pass up or ruin with anything else added in.

Approved, because it made me giggle

~Site Owner

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Dalek Jacon
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