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 The Planet of Aeglara

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Trei the Nietsal

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PostSubject: The Planet of Aeglara   Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:30 pm

Area it's in- Near Dulara.

Species- Inatsu are the only known species that has been mentioned to be on the planet.

Plants- Pretty, bright flowers that are both colorful and large- mainly used for homes and other buildings, as Inatsu are a small species in a normal form. Certain insect-drawing plants, often planted near homes so the Inatsu can catch food easily, as they eat plants and insects mainly while in their usual forms.

Moons, Rings: No rings, but it appears to have bands across it from a space-view. A small moon orbits the planet. The name has not been revealed as of yet by the species.

Suns: Igneus

Atmosphere: Very similar to Earth, apparently, as Inastu seem to be fine breathing Earth's atmosphere.

Civilization: Inatsu civilization. Peaceful and passive, but quickly hostile to threats. Somewhat resembles Nietsal culture, but also very different.

Trade: Trading mainly with Nietsals, and possibly humans (the ones aware of them)

Other: Dulara can easily be viewed due to distance. The two planets appear to be allied, responding quickly to give each other aid. Like Dulara, it is a pretty planet that would be ideal for a vacation- if the Inatsu let you land on their planet, of course.
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The Planet of Aeglara
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