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 The Azoth Zone WIP

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PostSubject: The Azoth Zone WIP   Fri Feb 13, 2015 9:00 am

Area it's in-The Constellation of Kasterborous

The Azoth Zone is an artificial solar system, made up of ten planets and a sun, and shaped like the sephirot of the kabbalah, with bridges connecting each of the planets. The of the planets are all hollowed out and the insides are used as storage for the library's many forms of media, archaic and modern. It has ten sections:

Aethersphere-rarely visited as the psychic barrier prevents most patrons from entering. Therefore, its contents are unknown to most. The select few who do refuse to say, even under threat of death. The head librarian is rumored to live here.

Day/Nightspheres-planet sized zoos for multiple non-sentient species from around the universe. The day sphere is for creatures that move by day, the night sphere is a haven for nocturnal creatures. The psychic barrier pacifies the animals and prevents them from attacking the patrons, unless provoked. The surface of the daysphere houses its immense zoo, and its inside contains a small collection of media pertaining to the secrets of life.

The nightsphere is hollowed out into a vast cave system. This system houses its nocturnal zoo, along with a collection of media pertaining to the dark.

The Azoth red giant sits in the center of the library, power is drawn from this sun to power the artificial ones inside the hollowed out spheres.

Scisphere-Contains all media pertaining to the science of the universe, from the quarks to multiverses, nothing is missing.

Civilsphere-Pertains to civilization across the stars. All civilizations, past and present are represented here. Languages, customs, anything can be found in the civilsphere.

Fictionsphere-For everything fictionwise, from all over the universe. All fiction is separated into many different genres. At the bottom sphere is the children's section.





head librarian-eldritch
psychic barrier-true name

No native species or plants.

Moons, Rings: (Ex: Describe how many moons/rings there are around the planet if there are any, what do they look like?)

Suns: One sun.

Atmosphere: (Ex: What does it look/smell/even taste like? Is it lethal to certain species? Or is there even one at all?)

Civilization: (Ex: IF there is a native species to the planet, what type of civilization do they have? Are they friendly? Is it futuristic, or simple?)

Trade: library

Other: Psychic barrier time locked
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The Azoth Zone WIP
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