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 St. Patricks Day (Party Hats)

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Sayo/9Th Doctor
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PostSubject: St. Patricks Day (Party Hats)   Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:06 pm

Glensbrow, Ireland
The day before St. Patricks Day

Flannigan McHawty adjusted his tie and looked over the plans set out in front of him with a deep sigh. "And you promise if I do this... My family will be fine?" He glanced up at the silver man in front of him with a deep crease between his eyebrows, an obvious sign of stress. The silver man raised a hand and pointed at the documents in front of him. "They will be safe." It said simply, it's metallic voice sending a chill down Flannigan's spine.

"Alright... I'll put it into action." He sighed again and reached for his phone to order his secretary to send the plans to his factories, making them stop production on the items they were making and all began to make the items he was ordered to have them make. "It's done."

"Your family will be returned once the plan is complete." The silver man commented then turned and walked out the door set off to the side that lead to a set of stairs taking it to the basement. Casting a final glance over at the door, Flannigan dropped his head into his hands, his eyes closing as he let the regret wash over him. This is for his family, he repeated to himself. To keep them safe from those things.

This is for his family...

Glensbrow, Ireland
St. Patricks day

A dull clunk could be heard in the silence of a dawning morning, followed by a string of colorful curses in several different languages. "What the hell!" Sonya shouted in frustration at the manipulator strapped to her wrist. "You stupid thing, what is your problem lately? I mean seriously!" She shook her head with a grumble and shifted around in the cramped space she found herself in. "What is this? Glass? No, it's more like plastic. And it's freezing! What the hell did I end up in?"

Fumbling in the pocket of her jacket, she pulled out her sonic and set to work making a hole big enough for her to climb out. After several more curses and a dull 'thunk' later, Sonya found herself laying on the floor of a commercial freezer, the faint sounds of a busy area just outside of a big metal door. "Well.. This is a first." She muttered to herself, dusting off the front of her coat as she turned to glance back at the large tub of fries she just escaped from, spilling the frozen food out onto the floor behind her.

Straightening her jacket and bucket she had taken to wearing on her head, she squared her shoulders and marched out of the freezer, ignoring the shocked looks and confused whispers she heard erupting around her as only someone who had dealt with this sort of thing for years could. Granted it wasn't as bad as landing in the men's stall in the mall or pub. But it came in a close second.

Pausing in the doorway, she glanced back at the fully staffed kitchen, tipped her bucket hat to them and stepped out into a busy dining room to once again, ignore and confused stares as she made her way outside.

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PostSubject: Re: St. Patricks Day (Party Hats)   Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:17 pm

This was a bad plan.

Sure, it sounded good on the surface. Great in fact. When someone offers a world travelling experience, you don't just shrug it off. Out of all the culture Rudy expected to be exposed to today, however, this was not something she was looking forward to.

Now, she was warned. The guides had said to watch out for oddballs, because perhaps they were drunk, and you never knew how dangerous they could be. Judging by the fry left in the lip of the bucket, not to mention the fact that there was a bucket, she was coming to the conclusion that this woman was plastered and scooted uncomfortably close to the wall. 

Burying her nose in a menu, despite the fact she had already decided on a meal, she sneaked glances at the display now and then, unsure if she should be frightened or amused. Then again, why not both? She hid a chuckle under her breath and set down the barrier, taking comfort in her phone instead. This was something worth sharing with Jen - shame she couldn't come along.

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PostSubject: Re: St. Patricks Day (Party Hats)   Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:05 am

Jennifer smiled to herself in amusement, as she watched the woman with the bucket on her head exit. She was enjoying a quiet meal as she fiddled with a bright green St. Patrick's hat, she accidently ripped it revealing fine circuitry inside.
Jennifer's eyes widened, wishing she could contact her friends The Doctor and Theta this could only mean trouble. She noticed the name of the company written in small print it was time to investigate. Jennifer got up to follow the strange woman her curiosity overwhelming her.
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Night Pyre

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PostSubject: Re: St. Patricks Day (Party Hats)   Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:39 pm

Night was dressed in a Lon green dress that wrapped around her feet, and golden high heels that were very un comfortable. She sipped on a glass of warm milk as it slithered down her pallet. She finished the sip and glanced up from her drink. In her hair threaded through for four leaf clovers. She turned her head towards a articular person, who had just come out of the chefs room, though not looking like an employee at all, especially with that atrocious hat. Night swallowed some more milk as contemplated what the woman was wearing. She had finally exited, so Night decided to leave as well. Exiting the building, she climbed on the roof, and started walking at the same place she was. Lacerating the dress she was wearing wasn't really a problem, just the fact that's he needed tossed what kind of person would be so un dignified to wear such an atrocious hat.

Night stretched for a bit, and claimed it to be a lost cause and too much of hard work, and jumped off the rooftops, and landed witha loud crash the front of a pottery shop. Standing up, she sped the proven pottery bits off of her as she curled up in an embryo form, and dozed off.
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PostSubject: Re: St. Patricks Day (Party Hats)   Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:36 pm

A short man in a battered frock coat walked down one of Dublin's many sidewalks. As he did so he observed the passerby, seeing all the revelers on their way to a pub or drunkenly slogging their way home. Then he noticed the woman with a bucket on her head. He was behind her, so e didn't see her face, but remarked to himself "so that's what the kids are wearing these days." A quick stop at a convenience store soon fixed him up with a wonderful hat. It had a pink rubber cap that was inserted onto the head and held there by suction. A tall wooden shaft extended from the top of the cap into the air. It was painted a green color. "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" The doctor jubilantly declared to all the passerby as he wandered back down the street, following the woman, and proud to be wearing something so festive.
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PostSubject: Re: St. Patricks Day (Party Hats)   

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St. Patricks Day (Party Hats)
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