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 Ellanor Phillips (The Waitress)

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PostSubject: Ellanor Phillips (The Waitress)   Ellanor Phillips (The Waitress) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2015 8:53 pm

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ᴇʟʟᴀɴᴏʀ ᴠɪᴏʟᴇᴛ ᴘʜɪʟʟɪᴘs

Species: Human
Age: 23
Occupation: 3rd shift waitress at The Hop Stop (50′s diner)
Status: Minimum wage slave
Location: 2015 London

Hair: Dark chocolate brown, medium length
Eyes: Green/Hazel
Height: 5′4″
Figure: Slim, small bust, bigger thighs
Other: Light freckles on the bridge of the nose
Clothing: Girly jumpers, wellies, secondhand shop clothing

Family: Kenneth Phillips (Father), Joann Johnson Phillips (Mother),
Dr. Prof. Daniel Johnson (Grandfather), Rita Johnson † (Grandmother)
Personality: Friendly, sweet, comes off as a bit of a
wallflower until given the opportunity to open up, silly, loyal,
incredibly observant and understanding. Non-judgemental.
Naive. More than meets the eye.
Strengths: Trust, openness, numbers,
remembering & balancing things, making tea,
energetic, patience.
Weakness: Saying no, having good judgment,
speaking up about personal matters.
Likes: Traveling, cultures, people, wellies,
plants, rainy days, smiling at babies, standing on trains,
washing dishes.
Dislikes: Repetitive schedules, holes in socks,
silverware scraping together.
Dream: Saving tips to basically go backpacking
around the globe.

нιѕтory: Born and raised in Carmarthen in your average four bedroom
home with her stay at home mother, father who owns a country-wide
landscaping business, and grandfather who is a retired psychologist at
the local university. Nothing very notably exiting has ever happened to
Ellanor Phillips, besides the one time she broke her arm when she
was twelve. But maybe that would soon change.

Ellanor thought so as well. How dull and boring was her life? And so it
would remain if she went off to school and stayed home her entire life.
She wanted to get up and get out of here. So in her final year of schooling,
Ella did all sorts of odd jobs. Walking dogs, babysitting, helping the
neighbor with her flowers at a cheaper price since she wasn’t exactly
her father; You name it,  she probably did it. And when she finally had
enough money, she dropped her plans to her parents like a bomb.
Her father certainly wasn’t up for it. And frankly, was a bit disappointed.
But there was nothing he  could do if she had already made the plans and
had the money. And having such a close relationship with her family,
especially with her grandfather, Ella left off to London with a heavy heart.
But she was excited no less.

She lives in a tiny flat (which if you visited, you would note
that she has really done well with decorating and sprucing it up a bit.)
a few blocks  from where she works. A 1950’s style diner called
The Hop Stop that was hiring by chance when she was taking her first
stroll about the city. The last woman who had her position was very old
and had passed away. They were reluctant to hire someone with such
little waitressing experience at the diner. But desperate for staff and
feeling a bit sorry for her, they decided to pick young  Ellanor up.
And it was well worth it. Ellanor Phillips practically runs the show on
night shift. She is very loved. She is everyone’s friend. Gentle and
patient with each and every customer. And there she has remained
for five years, saving up and  remaining in her fish bowl, wishing on a
miracle that something exciting might happen.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I googled 'Doctor Who Roleplay'
because the website I was on wasn't giving me much to go on.
Really interested in partners here.


Ҭhe waitress scrunched her nose, arms crossed as she leaned
over the sink with a buck tooth grin. “Wonderful!” She enthused,
a chuckle following. Really she was glad. For a moment there,
it looked like the boss wanted to fire him completely.

"I really don’t doubt that. Ants can survive anything. Especially
when the head waitress at the diner used to pour boiling hot
coffee over them.”

Oh she should of known.. Resting a hand on his shoulder, Ellanor
moved closer, giving a long drawn out sigh, (Crap..) “It means he
wants to fire you…But hey—Don’t let it make you feel bad. No one
can be good at everything. People are built for different things
. That’s what makes us unique. You wanna know something,
though? I think those are the cleanest dishes I’ve ever seen.”

Ellanor looked up at him proudly, giving his back a pat. Although
it would kind of be a major inconvenience if he got fired..What
were they going to do?

The sparkle held in her eye until he suddenly turned his
expression, Ellanor quick to recoil her neck and tighten her
lips, her posture straightening.

What was he going to say? Was it something bad?


Taken back by his question for a brief second, Ellanor blinked,
suddenly overcome with spurts of hearty laughter as she threw
her head back.

                 “Me? Really?”

She cleared her nose, running the back of her hand under her
nose as she cleared her throat, “Yeah, of course I’ll help you,
Doctor. By the time we’re through, you’ll almost be as good as

      No one ever asked for her help.

But it went so well. Few nights after their shift they worked at it.
He was a fast learner, really. He just needed a bit of guiding and
a firm hand. And he was steady off from there. The boss seemed
relieved about it as well.

Slipping a big tip in her pocket, Ellanor collected the dishes
from the empty table, promptly making her way to the back
to dump them into the sink, the Doctor whipping behind her,
making her jump a bit.

“—Oh! It’s you--Scared me..” She said breathlessly, hand
over her heart as she listened, glancing out from the kitchen and
then looking back at him. So she just had to take someone’s
apron? Didn’t seem so hard if she had her own to replace it with.
“Alright." Ellanor quickly declared, giving a nod.

“Don’t see why you ‘hate to ask’ since
               I’m the only one who can get it.”

 Ellanor placed her hands on her hips,
    giving him a wink as she poked his nose,
                     “Be back in a second.”

Shuffling back to the tables, Ellanor weaved around,
making her way to the drink station when she spotted an
abandoned apron under a chair like someone was attempting
to make it go unnoticed. Shifting her head around, Ellanor
crouched down, untying hers as quickly as she could, throwing
it in the place of the opposite apron as she put it on.

Licking her lips, she fled as casually as she could, hand brushing
over the pocket when she felt a small vial. Stopping in her tracks,
Ella gasped, picking up the pace once more right back to
the Doctor.

Spotting him, Ellanor grabbed his hand, rushing him to the
broom closet as she looked around for any onlookers before
shutting the door, pulling the string hanging from the wall to
turn on the light.

“Look—!" Ellanor whispered harshly,
                      holding out the tiny bottle of green goo.

 “Found it in the pocket.
   Do you think this is the slug
    stuff they’re putting in the food?!”

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PostSubject: Re: Ellanor Phillips (The Waitress)   Ellanor Phillips (The Waitress) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 26, 2015 5:17 pm

Just to say, as much as the RP sample is good, please could you use the prompt provided please? Other than that, your character would be ready to go! Very Happy

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Ellanor Phillips (The Waitress)
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