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 Alice Robinson

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Alice Robinson
Alice Robinson

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PostSubject: Alice Robinson   Alice Robinson I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2015 5:45 pm

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Alice Robinson

Species: Human

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Occupation: N/A

Status: Upper-middle class citizen of the United Kingdom.

Hair: A slightly dark brown that goes just past her shoulders, with bangs that are kept somewhat short, and are swept sideways to the left.

Eyes: Bright green, with no secondary colors.

Height: 4'10"

Figure: Very thin. Her growth is a bit stunted, and she has a very flat chest, and very little body fat. Her ribs and collarbone are quiet visible, as are the bones of her arms, knees, and hands.

Other: No tattoos, scars, etc.

Clothing: Alice wears rather loose, concealing clothing. Her most noticeable, consistent habit is wearing a coat that's at least a size or two too large for her. It's long, near-black in color, and is almost always buttoned up. She does not wear shorts, and on the occasion where she is not wearing her coat, she wears shirts with long sleeves. In warmer weather, she still keeps herself covered, but simply uses lighter fabrics instead of showing more skin.

Family: Alice is an only child, having a brain surgeon for a father and a pediatrician for a mother (Andrew Robinson and Lydia Robinson, respectively). They are in the upper portion of the middle class, and live comfortably.

Personality: 'Mature' has often been used to describe Alice, even in her childhood. She is quiet and introverted, often simply watching and thinking without saying much. If left to her own devices, Alice will lose herself in thought, and in conversations with Pisca. Due to the fact that she was never very playful or energetic as a child, Alice was often alone, and she has a very similar attitude now. It doesn't take much to make her either snappy or cold, the biggest triggers being incessant questioning and being faced with a problem that doesn't follow the rules that she's used to.

Strengths: Alice is extraordinarily intelligent for any human, and unnaturally so for one her age (though some of it is due to Pisca's own knowledge mixing with her). She is rather dexterous, having small, nimble fingers that are able to manipulate things and reach into places that most other hands would be unable to. Alice also has a photographic memory (can also be classified as weakness, due to unpleasant and/or traumatic images stubbornly refusing to be forgotten.)

Weakness: Anything that can tamper with psychic energy or fields is extremely psychologically damaging, due to her close psychic bond with Pisca. Some are even capable of causing her mental and physical pain. Alice herself is quite weak, with little physical strength or endurance. She also has no knowledge of self-defense, so it's quite easy to physically overpower her. Alice is quite antisocial as well (see more in History), so she often tends to both drift away from and push away people that could have been her friend.

Likes: Reading is a passion for Alice, especially non-fiction. She loves books about the brain and its functions, as she does wish to be a neurologist some day. She also enjoys conversations and 'debates' with Pisca, as he is very intelligent, and they get along very well. Travelling is also something Alice quite enjoys, finding the same environments to be too boring and underwhelming after having lived there for years.

Dislikes: Being introverted, Alice does not enjoy large groups of people, and strongly dislikes not having an hour or two of alone time a day. However, she does accept that sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice being alone, though that doesn't mean she enjoys it. Small children and babies annoy Alice, as she finds them to be loud, sticky, and generally unpleasant to be around. She prefers to avoid them, though she will tolerate them if necessary.

Dream: Alice is somewhat following in her father's footsteps, though instead of a brain surgeon, she wants to become a neurologist. The thought of operating on a living person is too frightening to her, though blood and such doesn't bother her. Aside from that, she has very few plans, and has recently begun to lose her motivation, due to school being all too easy for her.

History: Alice was born on July 18th to Lydia and Andrew Robinson. She was a healthy baby, and an oddly quiet one, too. However, as there was nothing wrong with her, it was simply accepted as her temperament. She was brought home the next day to her current home in the ever-busy city of London, where she still lives to this day.

In her early childhood, Alice was placed in any 'gifted' or 'advanced' group of children there was. However, a concern sprung up: Alice was not socializing properly in school, when she socialized at all. She was alone more often than not, and was rather cold to the other children on the rare occasion they tried to talk to her. While she was not spiteful, showing little interest in toys or games, she would jealously guard any book she decided to read, becoming offended and moving away whenever someone attempted to sit down and read with her. Her father, having a minor in psychology (though with no license to practice such a field) wondered if she had some sort of antisocial disorder, and she was taken to a practicing psychologist. There she was diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASP). Because of her age, and due to her not showing any extremely aggressive tendencies, she was kept away from any medications, and was instead given therapy sessions. While Alice still does prefer to be alone, she was taken off therapy about a year ago, but not because she is no longer antisocial. She instead has developed a 'social mask' to wear when out and about, made up of curt politeness and cool, cordial small talk.

Being very uncomfortable in both a public and private school setting, and with her extremely self-sufficient way of learning, Alice convinced her parents to transfer her to online schooling. Of course, she sped through her semesters within the first month or two, and was often left bored. However, she does somewhat fear standing out, and often pretends to work on assignments when her parents are around, in order to convince them she's not abnormally smart, and does not process and recall information unusually quickly.

Having always been thin, and often forgetting to eat when not reminded, Alice's parents were none the wiser when her daughter, at around age 8, became host to what is known in certain parts of Andromeda and what is known as the M-74 galaxy in the Pisces constellation as a Neuroparasite (explained in Alien template). Being almost lonely at this stage in her life (still enrolled in a Private school), and finding that this creature was even more intelligent than her, and that they appeared to get along, she let him attach himself to the back of her neck, and over the next eight years, they appeared to help each other.

Alice came out of her iron shell a bit (though by no means pulled a 180 degree turnaround), and Pisca helped to remind her to eat (as, like a parasite, he did sap nutrients from her blood), socialize with her parents, and amplified her intelligence. In turn, she helped him to learn about humans and their culture, as he had been shaken off-course while heading to Andromeda. Having not had a name, Alice asked him where he was born. After he told her that he had been born in the Pisces constellation, she gave him a name derived from said constellation: Pisca. He is the only neuroparasite to ever enter the Milky Way Galaxy. Currently, the two still live with Alice's parents (as she is still technically a minor) in London. While Alice is trusted to go out on short excursions alone (never lasting more than an hour), she does not go too far from home, as she knows her own physical weakness quite well.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Our true lord and master, Google.

Vashta Nerada... one of Pisca's personal fears. He was not threatened by them, as he was far too small to be a worthy target. Alice, however thin she was, was still a food source to them. He knew better than to try communicating with these fierce little air piranhas, as he'd seen another being be devoured by them before. That wasn't going to happen to Alice... not if he could help it.

Alice herself stood quietly in the light, one hand lightly resting on the back of her neck. Her young mind having been in constant psychic contact for years on end had made her psi-sensitive. She had no psychic abilities to speak of, she was merely sensitive to psychic energy and the mental presences of other beings. She knew the Vashta Nerada were there. She didn't know what they were, or specifically where they were, but she knew they were there, and the man under the streetlight was in danger. The Sonic screwdriver was helpful, picking out the spots where they were and were not. Hopefully they were scared of Pisca as much as she was scared of them.

Damn, aside from the screwdriver, nothing here was useful enough to do anything! The flashlight only worked so much... a floodlight would have been far more useful. The chicken leg would be gone in a flash, so she had to make this count.

Of course, Pisca wasn't about to let her risk her life too much. This was a necessary evil, but she had no choice. Mentally clinging to each other, with Pisca praying that he wouldn't end up attached to a skeleton within the next few minutes, Alice heaved the chicken leg as high and far as she could. When the Sonic showed all-clear on all sides, the frightened teenager tossed out the rubber duck as well, only a little closer. Maybe it would distract them. The carrot ended up slipping out as well, though she didn't know it. Also a potential distraction. With the flashlight shining in front of her, she made a break for it, moving surprisingly fast, given her usual fatigue.

God, she hoped this worked...
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PostSubject: Re: Alice Robinson   Alice Robinson I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2015 8:34 pm

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Alice Robinson
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