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 losses vs tosses

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PostSubject: losses vs tosses   losses vs tosses I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2015 1:43 pm

jen thought. thats it. thats all she felt.

jen recounted her thoughts, but the foggy feeling in her head would not dissipate.

'my name is jen, I'm a human and I'm 16-ish years old. I'm an artist who used to work at a newspaper stand and i just almost died' thats all she could make out after that fall.

she fell over again, fainting.

earlier that day jen had gone into town with her bag to collect some things from a nearby store. but a small patch of water made her slip flip and trip. as she fell her head made a loud smack! sound that would make anyone cringe with second hand pain. she lay there dazed for a few seconds and then blanked. thats all she remembered and thats all people would tell her.

no one had called the police, nor the medics. and that concerned her.

she felt the back of her head when she got up the second time, hopefully the last. the grogginess had cleared so she got to self exam. she scrambled to a bench and sat down, her leg hurting more than ever before.

"unf" she muttered and propped it on the bench, then she grabbed her head again and felt something dry and crusty. she picked at a little and drew her hand back to look at it.

burgundy blood stared back up at her reminding her of the fall.

"oh boy" she muttered and rested her head on the bench. her hand crawled up to her collar bone and traced the vine tattoo.
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losses vs tosses
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