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 The Tenlarian Conflict

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The Tenlarian Conflict Empty
PostSubject: The Tenlarian Conflict   The Tenlarian Conflict I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 19, 2013 11:24 pm

Within the Andromeda galaxy lies a little planet,from a distant it looks like a purple marble with white swirls,this is the planet Tenlar. The planet is peaceful for the most part,and the protector of this world is a dragon called Mystic,his real name is erased when he is given this high honor. The dragon's main purpose is to protect the Orb of Time.

 The disturbances started when a defiant air dragon misused his human form and had a child with an elemental elleth. Nica was the pride of her people,the water element was hers,and she mastered her element. Zior needed an elemental with his blood,and used Nica for his selfish purpose. Nicali was an outcast the day she was born,why her mother had blue hair which was a representation of her element. Nicali was born with ice blue hair,one ice blue eye,and the other was a emerald green reptilian eye. The right side of Nicali's face where the dragon eye resided had black and purple scales around it. Zior was not heard from in years,and everything settled down.Years later,Zior returned and was determined to rule all of Tenlar,he was building an army,and he needed a base camp. He murdered the whole clan that Nica was a member of,and decided to use the ruins as his base. he had the vilest of beast on his side,Vampires,Minotaurs,Cyclops,and Gryphons.

 Mystic knew the world needed help,and he had used the Orb before to get The Rose clans off of Tenlar. A tear slid down his face,as smoke was a common occurrence as Zior and his followers pillaged the land. Mystic shifted from his dragon form to his humanoid form,as he closed his eyes,and sent a cal for help,and was bringing another draconic creature from another world to his.

  On Earth, Syra was  reading when she was astral projected into a void. She saw a man walk towards her,he had dark purple spiked hair,and wore black clothes from top to bottom. The feature that caught her eyes,was the dragon wings perched on his back.
"Drego chose you as his vessel,he was my brother before I received my title. Dragons are from my planet,and before the orb was stabilized traveled back and forth to this time. Drego choose earth as his home,but I ask you,to accept my plea for help. My home and my brother's home needs help to defeat Zior."

 She looked into the man's eyes,and answered," Drego has saved me countless times,and he is telling me your words are true,I will help you."

  "All you have to do is take my hand." the man said,"by the way I am Mystic."

 Syra took his hand,and when she opened her eyes she was standing in a cave,staring at the man,and she looked shocked. She looked at an orb,that swirled with blue and yellow energy inside it.

"my home is not as beautiful as it used to be,and it looks as if Zior has murdered his own," he said,as white dragon bodies,lay at the bottom of the mountain where the cave resided.

(( additional info: Zior and his goons can be used by anybody. Zior is usually in his humanoid appearance,which is a man with white hair. The only weakness of the vampires,is they lose their abilities in sunlight. You may use Sludge Rats, these beasts have the body of a dog,head and tail of a rat,and are the size of a miniature pony. ))
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The Tenlarian Conflict
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