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 Snap Out Of It

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PostSubject: Snap Out Of It   Snap Out Of It I_icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2015 3:19 pm

Closed For Richard Lancaster.

A pale hand pushed against the swinging door. She entered. Night's footstep echoed in the nearly empty café. The barista jolted awake from what seemed like a nap on the job. It was a small shop nestled in a cute corner. The shop smelled heavily of fresh baked bread, which only made her press on into the store. She stopped to inhale the pleasing fragrance that permeated through the room. She walked up to the glass counter, which had different desserts in the case.

"Hello- My name is Francis, welcome to Carter's Café. How may I help you today." They said, drool still lingering on the corners of their mouth. Night didn't really notice. She looked in the cashier's eyes, they were an odd color of orange; but Night wasn't all that skeptical.

"What is your special of the day?" She asked, staring at the menu. The cashier sighed. "Chocolate Éclair Cake." He said, groaning. Night's eyes widened.

How can something that god-like exist with out me knowing?"

Night quickly made her decision. "I'll have that then! With a mocha, vanilla flavoring please!" She said, rather excited.

She went to take a seat. The sun was beaming on the wooden chair she was sitting in. Night ogled at the people passing the café, not noticing it.

The cashier gave Night her cake and coffee, and Night's eyes glimmered with happiness.
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Snap Out Of It
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