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 Anthony Edward Lantz III (To replace Dr. Chris Taylor and Vincent Archer) DONE

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Alex Becker/Finn O'Riley
Alex Becker/Finn O'Riley

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Anthony Edward Lantz III (To replace Dr. Chris Taylor and Vincent Archer) DONE Empty
PostSubject: Anthony Edward Lantz III (To replace Dr. Chris Taylor and Vincent Archer) DONE   Anthony Edward Lantz III (To replace Dr. Chris Taylor and Vincent Archer) DONE I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2015 6:13 pm

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Anthony Edward Lantz III

Species: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Occupation: Medical School Student
Status: Prodigy

Hair: Messy brown hair
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Figure: Lanky
Other: None
Clothing: Dress shirt, Jeans or Khakis, Glasses and, Converse

Family: Dr. Tony Lantz Jr. and Dr. Tony Lantz Sir.
Personality: Tony is a very reserved person and getting to know him is quite difficult. He can be really sarcastic at times and some people might take it as him being rude. Tony is extremely shy and takes a while to trust people. Many people say that Tony is a genius. If you do get to know Tony he can be really sassy and not just by his words. Tony tends to be socially awkward and he usually isn't the best with first impressions.
Strengths: Logical, Intelligent, Observant, Witty and, Adventurous.  
Weakness: Rude, Cynical, Impatient, Stubborn and, Reckless.
Likes: Medical Science, Animals, Comic Conventions, Iron Man and, Science Fiction.
Dislikes: His Mom, Sports, Being Late, People who take a while to understand things and, Mur's Death.
Dream: To make Mur proud.

History: Tony also grew up as a complete utter nerd and geek. He has gone to comic conventions with his Dad since he was a baby and was dubbed a "Con Baby". Tony is into Sci-Fi like Star Wars, Star Trek and, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. He's also into Marvel Comics. At the age of 3 Tony claimed that Iron Man was his favourite superhero and he hasn't ever changed his opinion just like his Dad. His Dad divorced his Mom when he was 5 years old. Tony flew through school as a honor roll student and was his class's valedictorian. Tony was bullied a lot in school though. He was often called a Smartass and was bullied for his age and being a nerd/geek. He had only one friend. Murray Murphy or Mur was his only friend. The two are the same age and were in the same class throughout school. They were dubbed the "Nerd Duo" and they are inseparable. The two now both went to to John Hopkins University and studied Pre Med to get into Med School. A few months Tony and Mur got into Med School at John Hopkins University Mur got into a fatal car accident. Mur is devastated and is still trying to get over Mur death.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Google/I was here a long time ago!


From In Humanity's Shadow as Hugh Hawkins

Hugh was messing with the receptionist when the woman that brought the boy came up to him. Hugh was still pretty smug about whole situation that was currently going on until the woman walked right up to him and slapped him. "How pathetic is it when a stranger shows more regard for an injured child than a medical doctor? You are unworthy of your title." She said as Hugh gently touched his tender cheek. He was shoved an ice pack by the woman and then she stormed off.

Hugh moved his jaw from side to side and looked back at the receptionist. "Don't get any ideas." Hugh muttered and set the icepack on the counter. Hugh was about to mention something about calling security when the boy started having a grand mal seizure. Despite the fact that Hugh used a cane within a few seconds Hugh was next to the boy and had moved everything out of the way that could potentially harm the boy from his convulsions. Once the boy's convulsions stopped Hugh grabbed a nearby oxygen mask and put it on the boy's mouth. Hugh looked at the boy's wallet to find out his name and birthdate but never took an eye off the boy. The boy started to stir. He looked dazed and confused. "Hey kid. Do you know where you are?" Hugh asked.

The boy sluggishly glanced around. "A hospital?"The boy answered.

Hugh rolled his eyes of course he could that that he was in a hospital. "What's your name and birthday then?" Hugh asked but hid that fact that he was slightly annoyed.

"Mike O'Connor. My birthday is December 5th." The boy answered.

So far so good. The boy didn't have any long term memory loss. "Last question what's today's date?" Hugh asked.

The boy blinked. "I don't know." He said.

Hugh looked around the room. Short term memory loss is common after a grand mal seizure so he wasn't too worried. "Do you remember why you're here?" Hugh asked and started to get up.

"No I don't." The boy said.

Hugh looked at one of the nurses. "The accident must have caused a Traumatic Brain Injury. Order an MRI." Hugh commanded. Hugh looked back at the boy. "You should be fine. You've already had at least 3 women on you by now." Hugh joked. The boy smirked at his comment. Hugh figured the nurses could handle the boy until the MRI was done. "Have you ever had a concussion before?" Hugh asked the boy.

"Yeah I've had two from football." The boy said and Hugh nodded.

Hugh looked over at the woman that brought the boy in. "I guess I don't deserve my title still?" Hugh asked.

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Anthony Edward Lantz III (To replace Dr. Chris Taylor and Vincent Archer) DONE Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anthony Edward Lantz III (To replace Dr. Chris Taylor and Vincent Archer) DONE   Anthony Edward Lantz III (To replace Dr. Chris Taylor and Vincent Archer) DONE I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 06, 2015 12:47 pm

For the RP Sample you're supposed to use the one provided, BUT you only need the rp sample for your first character and you've had a couple before this that were approved, right?

So basically the rest looks good. Approved.

The Master:
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Anthony Edward Lantz III (To replace Dr. Chris Taylor and Vincent Archer) DONE
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