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 The hospital of terrors (Demonduckling/nightpire, me and Robin terrel)

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The hospital of terrors (Demonduckling/nightpire, me and Robin terrel) Empty
PostSubject: The hospital of terrors (Demonduckling/nightpire, me and Robin terrel)   The hospital of terrors (Demonduckling/nightpire, me and Robin terrel) I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2015 10:08 pm

Zarak flipped switchs and ran around the console while pressing buttons and activating dohickys and such, breathing laboredly all the while, her face was pale as she had inhaled some toxic air fueling her LTTS, she could feel her lungs burning, she opened the door to find a hospital, she stumbled inside and collasped near the desk, "Inhaled... Poisoned air... Help!" she said with gasps inbetween, she got herself cloned with a cloning machine as seen in the DW episode "The doctor's daughter" and the two went into the operating room, hours later she lay in a recovory room bed, recovering
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The hospital of terrors (Demonduckling/nightpire, me and Robin terrel) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The hospital of terrors (Demonduckling/nightpire, me and Robin terrel)   The hospital of terrors (Demonduckling/nightpire, me and Robin terrel) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 13, 2015 3:51 pm

Glaug grumbled under his breath, searching around the maintenance room with a flashlight for what would most likely be the alarm systems. He figured with a job like this, he'd want to stay quiet for as long as possible. It wasn't difficult for them to fix what he was about to destroy, if they knew about it fast enough. Some grungle-headed "rights activist" hired him to take out some clones. Said it was inhumane, and that they were people, too. They couldn't just be harvested. He couldn't see how genocide was the answer, but boy did they offer a good buck for this one. Who would turn it down?

Glaug finally found something labeled, from what he could translate, "Bell system". He figured that probably meant alarm. Only thing is, this was going to be like diffusing a bomb. Cut the wrong wire, it'd probably go off. Except you know. This wouldn't actually explode. Just make some loud noises and rob him of his promised earnings. He just shrugged, though, seeing as there weren't many wires and he could probably yank them out in one go if he pulled hard enough. Grabbing them in his hand, he jerked them out of their box with a grunt of effort, earning a spark which he found promising. Good enough for him, he supposed. He'd be getting paid whether or not they found out.

A while later, and he was strolling through their inventory of sponsored clones, whatever that meant. It was just a big stockpile of people who probably found themselves injury prone. Couldn't be hard to cut off the life supports or something. Right?

It took him about 30 minutes to find what he assumed were connected to the vitals. Not smart, having all your stock connected to one, easily self-destructible thing. Glaug was just here to help the self-destructing. He kicked at the large tank of fluids until the glass broke, grumbling angrily at the cut he'd now earned on his boot. Still wearable, good enough for him, he supposed. And the job was done without a whole fuss of alarms, too. That was simple. 

Glaug strode out towards the front of the building, a smug grin on his face as he went to tell his partners in crime the good news.

The hospital of terrors (Demonduckling/nightpire, me and Robin terrel) A_roob14
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The hospital of terrors (Demonduckling/nightpire, me and Robin terrel)
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