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 Katrana: Night's Ship

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Night Pyre

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PostSubject: Katrana: Night's Ship   Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:00 pm

Name: Katrana

Abilities: It is a ship, around the size of a house or so. It was Night's escape ship when she was about to be force bred. It has a cloaking device it which it can turn transparent using tiny little micro thingies in the metal, and harbors a bedroom, kitchen, library, and relatively large weapon storage room. It has a holograph room, in which Night can plan, or simply relax. It can go light speed, with the engine it has. It is, alive per say. The Triscope's have an interesting, to say the least, way of dealing with people they don't enjoy they take their conscious, and put it in an object, making it have a particular quality. The ship's conscious, was Lora McTrami. She was a relatively mean person. She was a Triscope fugitive, and Night's captors took her soul into the ship. Every person as a quality, Lora's was electricity. The ship's ammunition have a wide range of big to small, electricity and fire. The ship has taken a rather, strong bond to Night. The control system is simple. You put your body in a socket, and a latch closes on you. If the ship doesn't see you as her pilot, she would send spikes into your body, letting you die, and disposing of the corpse, and bleaching the inside. If Night was to go in the socket, she would be able to control the ship with her mind, if she wanted to go straight, or even thought about it, the ship would go in that direction.

Katrana is rather snarky towards anyone who enters her and isn't Night, and her voice is rather- English Londony. I guess? She can manifest herself into a hologram, in which she has short hazel hair, is shorter than Night, but still tall. She has tan skin, and her eyes are blue. She has no memory of what happened to her, due to huge impact that blew Night and her memory away. As Night was walking away, she cloaked her self, and saw Night being cared for. She hid in the wood, until recently, Night found her ship, when trying to retrace her steps and figure out who she is. Night has no pertinent feelings towards her ship, and sees her as an acquaintance.

Katrana's weaknesses are water, plasma, good looking men, waffles, and bananas.

The ship get's irritated when Waffles or Bananas, because she has an irrational fear of them. (Don't ask.)
She hits on good looking men, making it look like Night is, basically embarrassing her. Water and Plasma cause damage to the ship in battle.


It is completely black, and is really slim, giving it speed.
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PostSubject: Re: Katrana: Night's Ship   Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:10 pm

Perfect, to be honest. This is great. I'm really really loving this design. 

/so much/


/also is this the someone?????/

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Katrana: Night's Ship
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