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 Go make me a promise

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PostSubject: Go make me a promise   Go make me a promise I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2015 2:21 am

We're coming after you...

There's no escape, Flannagan...

Why don't you be a good boy and come back to us?

"NO!" Flannagan shot up, sitting straight out of bed, eyes wide. Hertz had thought that the nightmares would have stopped. He didn't belong to the government, they could chase him till he died of old age, but he would never think about heading back to the 34th century.

Rubbing his brow, Flannagan sighed, grabbing his shoulder holster and putting his coat over them. He might as well get on with his job, or what someone would have labeled as 'illegal activities'.

He was glad that he had escaped his worries for the time being, but what still followed him was that he should have taken his brother and sister with him. Hertz sighed, before heading down to the nearest cafe.

Did he want English Breakfast or...a simple coffee?

Those were the choices that he never really understood, but he always went for the largest portion of E.B.

"Good morning, sir. How can we help you?"

"English breakfast, please."

"Yes sir, anything else?"

He shook his head, and went to take a seat. His eyes narrowed when he saw two people looking rather uncomfortable in their own skin. Presumably, three would not be a crowd.

Flannagan took the opportunity to take a seat with them. "Right, so, tell me your problems." A grin spread across his face as he looked from one to the other. It did not last long until a hand punched him across the face. His facial expression was a mix between a grimace and a smile. "I see, that's how it is..."

He would have usually started a fight by now, but when breakfast was concerned, he grumbled before walking to a seat at the back, rubbing his jaw. "Ow."

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"Look forwards into life, not backwards...otherwise you may find your face planted into the back of a lamp-post." -Flannagan
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Go make me a promise
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